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8 things to know about the spiritual meaning of Lammas

July 27, 2016ClareBlog

Lammas is such a beautiful festival of the summer bounty and harvest yet its not well known to many, so we thought we’d share a little more with you on the traditions, rituals and spiritual meaning of Lammas.

#1: What is the meaning of Lammas as a name?

Lammas, also known as Lughnasadh, is the cross quarter festival between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox and is traditionally celebrated on August 1st. The meaning of Lammas comes from the Saxon name for the ‘feast of bread’. Lughnasadh comes from the Celtic festival of midsummer when Lugh the Corn King was celebrated for the grain harvest at this time of year. Perhaps one of the most essential and central rituals of Lammas is to bake your own bread as a sacred practice.

meaning of Lammas

#2: The traditional meaning of Lammas was about tribal gathering and feast celebration

This time of the year celebrates the ‘first harvest’; when the grain has been filled with the light of the sun and is ready to be harvested for food. Traditionally this is a feast gathering – food is plentiful, the weather is warm – it was a time of tribes coming together dancing, having a bit of party and enjoying life after all the hard work of planting and tending to their crops earlier in the year.

meaing of lammas

#3: The inner celebration and spiritual meaning of Lammas – beyond the party!

The deeper meaning of Lammas is all about the abundance and fullness of a life well lived. It’s about taking time out from your hard work and taking stock of your harvest – all those goals, projects and loves you have been putting your energy into. Lammas is an opportunity to stop, celebrate and enjoy your own harvest. It’s also about getting in sync with your own cycles of creativity – some of your harvest (like the grain in the fields) will be ready to harvest and celebrate, others (like the apples and fruit on the trees) might need longer. At Lammas we learn the art of ‘ripe timing’, and that life does not work on project deadlines but on a flowing alive creativity that has its own perfect timing.

4#: The meaning of Lammas seen in key sacred symbolism

Lammas as a festival of abundance is also connected to the archetype of the pregnant mother, the full round belly mirroring the abundance of the land and all the potential that is just about to be birthed into the world. This is the Mother Goddess in the aspect of the great provider, the womb of creation. As part of our 7 Sacred Days program that follows the cross quarter festivals, Solstices and Equinoxes, we explore how we can connect to the deeper meaning of Lammas through working with the Mother and greater provider archetype so we can come to trust in our and the universes ability to be abundant and fertile, to let go and transform any places where we feel lack into fertile fullness.

meaning of lammas

5# The elemental meaning of Lammas – a time of sun and water alchemy!

As the point of equal distance between the Solstices and Equinoxes, the cross quarter festivals are also the time of transition between the fullness of one season to the newness of another season. At Lammas we are moving from the illuminating fire of Summer Solstice into the watery balance of Autumn Equinox. We still have the warmth of the summer sun and we’re starting to feel the subtle edges of the rising water element. So what do we get? Warm waters of course! If you have a hot springs near you this is the perfect time to visit and tap into its healing energy. Or, why not create your own luxurious Lammas bath spa experience, lighting candles, beautiful scented oils and reflecting with gratitude on your harvest for the year so far.

6# Gratitude is perhaps THE most potent spiritual meaning of Lammas

Having a gratitude practice is a beautiful ritual for Lammas. It’s so simple but when we bring a conscious, energized, harmonious relationship with what brings us joy and pleasure this naturally increases flow and synchronicity in our life. Gratitude is also a powerful force of healing and transformation; if you can enter into the mystery of ‘just for today, be grateful for everything’ then you elevate your consciousness to that of the highest potential of the universe. In this way you can shift your experience of outer challenges and make them inner gold and when you do, you will see opportunities that were not there and you will experience greater happiness and fulfilment.

2016-07 gratitude journal7#: Opening to the joy of giving and receiving this Lammas

One thing that an attitude of gratitude does is open you up to enjoy and get better at giving and receiving. Abundance and gratitude are the guiding meaning of Lammas, and when we truly ‘get’ them we learn to be part of the dance of life. Then we can really enjoy giving and being generous (trusting in our own and the universes ability to provide) and surrender into the sweetness of receiving (knowing that we will only receive what really nourishes us and we don’t need to ‘earn’ love and worthiness because life is a gift).

And that’s why Lammas is often a deeply healing and transformational journey – how many of us can say we are truly comfortable with this dance of abundance? Our 7 Sacred Days online program community from all over the world are currently travelling the Lammas Festival and discovering the sweetness and joy and this time of year for themselves. The next opportunity to join us is September 2016 and you can learn more about the program here. 

meaning of lammas

8# The spiritual meaning of Lammas – and why we chose to share Eight

At Lammas on August 1st, we move into the Eighth month of the year under the star sign of Leo. And the overall energetic imprint of Lammas really resonates with the energetic frequency of the number Eight.

Eight represents infinite possibility, personal power and abundance, generosity of spirit and equal actualisation into matter. At this time of year we are allowing inner possibilities to grow, even as the outer daylight lessens. Eight is the unbroken infinity loop constantly giving and receiving as one sustainable, abundant energy source. What a perfect symbol and numerology to work with for Lammas and a beautiful preparation into the 8.8. Lions gateway on August the 8th, but that’s a blog for another time.  🙂

meaning of lammas

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