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Lake District Stone Circles and Rainbow Waterfalls.

April 18, 2016Clare RussellBlog

We had such a gorgeous adventure last week in the lake district in the UK, we thought we would share it with you!   We visited perhaps one of the most majestically placed Stone circles and the 3rd largest in the UK an incredibly friendly and warm stone circle. We also visited the amazing Aria Force who shone rainbows for us the whole time!  So we thought we would share the magic!

CastleRigg Stone Circle, (5000 Year old – one of the earliest British Circles)

IMG_1672First up on our sacred location visits was Castle Rigg Stone Circle. It has a unique vantage point through the hills and mountain ranges of the Lake District and does indeed feel like the meeting place of the gods.   When we arrived at the circle, I was guided to one specific stone that seemed to be speaking and letting me know that it was through it that we could ‘meet’ the energy of the circle, (vs simply being a visitor and in awe of its majesty).  I introduced myself to the stone, anointed it with a sacred oil and simply listened and breathed with the stone.  Spontaneously Justin and I both circled the circle in opposite directions, meeting at the more obvious entrance to the circle that now felt activated and ready to enter for ceremony and honouring of the energies.

castle riggDancing with the energies:

I share a little of our experience here because, ‘meeting’ a stone circle is a dance of energy between you and it.  Its an intuitive, sensitive and flowing journey that opens your receptivity to the stone circle, and the stone circles receptivity to you.    Many stone circles ask that we as sacred visitors spend a little time attuning to the circle in order to enter into the mystery of the place.   When you arrive at sacred sites, maybe consider that for yourself:

  • Is there a place you feel drawn to start?
  • How might you introduce yourself to the circle and share your sacred intent?
  • How might you listen to the sacred space and hear its guidance?

Aria Force – Rainbow Magic!


Aria Force rainbow magic #sacredplaces #rainbowmagic #joyrituals so magical to be here with J

A video posted by Clare Russell (@innerleadership) on

Well the video says its all!  We stood and watched the rainbow in the waterfall for a good 30 minutes!  The late afternoon light falls perfectly on the waterfall and illuminated this very vibrant rainbow!

Waterfalls (as well as giving off tonnes of negative Ions leaving you feeling energised) are gateways between worlds.  They are doorways into a deeper wisdom of nature, of fairy, of the other realms.  Simply meditating with a waterfall is a powerful experience, listening to the water, feeling its power and purity.  You can take that a step deeper, by asking to be aware of the guardians of the waterfall, and opening an intuitive conversation with the guardian.  Each waterfall doorway is slightly different, a different river flowing, different codes in the land and water. Be curious as to how you experience it.

rainbow J&C

To also receive the rainbow light at the waterfall is like a doorway through the doorway of the doorway!  The ‘rainbow bridge’ is in many cultures the symbol of connecting the higher and lower mind, of transcending the old and creating the new earth.  The beauty of a rainbow can in itself takes us to that joy filled awareness that opens up new possibilities, awe at life and realising the gift of living.

So next time you are at a magical waterfall and/or see a rainbow, maybe ask: What is the doorway of consciousness I’m invited to go through?  And then give space to absorb the magic and beauty of the space!

Long Meg and Her Daughters (Neolithic Bronze Age circle)

long meg and JJPG

Finally the gorgeous warmth of Long Meg and her Daughters – the 3rd largest stone circle in the UK and incredibly friendly!   We were called first to the gorgeous Long Meg with her sacred spirals and circle markings of the sun cycles and of the feminine womb space.  We listened to the energy of her and then followed her direction to circle and greet each stone in turn, before coming into the centre for the completion of ceremony.    For this circle, I was working with a private intention for myself that had perfectly fallen on this day and this place!  If you arrive at a sacred space unexpectedly, do consider, why have I landed here today? What is the synchronicity and opportunity that is arising?

long meg stone circle panoMaybe you will be inspired and sneak away for half a day, a day or longer and immerse yourself in the magic of the land around you.  We’re planning many more of these mini adventures this year and encourage you to do the same – in fact we would love to hear about your local sacred places and what’s special about them for you.

As you might have guessed, after 5 years of facilitating and guiding sacred tours, in 2016 we are having a year break from offering the longer tours and retreat.  Instead this year, if you are local to us in the UK, we have some gorgeous workshops happening. PLUS, if you are anywhere in the northern hemisphere, you can still join us for our 7 Sacred Days Annual program, which is all about taking this sacred connection to ourselves, to the land and to the seasons into our everyday life.

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Ireland Goddess tour 2014 – Full Circle

November 12, 2014Clare RussellBlog

We began the Ireland Goddess tour 2014 on the day of the largest meteor shower in 10 years (e.g with the ‘fire letters of Heaven’), at the Fire Temple of St Brigit in Kildare,  with the heart opening blessing of the Sisters of Brigit who keep an eternal flame of Brigit and welcome all traditions to learn more about Brigid/Bride/St Brigit and the many faces of this ancient triple Goddess who has stayed with the people through many traditions. To read more about this year’s Goddess tour to Ireland, go here. Ireland141

Initiated with sacred fire, we went to the sacred waters of Brighid to offer our blessings to the land; at Brighid’s Well Head. In the energy of these sacred sites, and within the holding of sacred ceremony, we tap into the Souls purpose that perhaps might have been glimpsed before the journey, but now becomes felt, known and honoured.   Those who were strangers 3 hrs ago are now connecting with a deep sense of past knowing and heartful resonance of shared understanding of a greater force of love drawing us here….the magic begins and we open our eyes and hearts for the deeper journey to unfold…

Knowth ancient Goddess site

Knowth ancient Goddess site

The next day, with deepening trust, we arrive at Knowth – a sacred Cairn sites that holds much astrological wisdom.  1 central huge cairn – ( circular temple with ceremony chamber at its centre symbolic of the womb, the passageway from life to death to life) 19 satellite cairns creating the solar temple, based on the number 20, (ancient cycles counting of the Sun).  Carved symbols in the stones of the cairns showing the serpents, sun, spirals, crescent moons that represent the tracking of the creative force. Outside the front of the main cairn are 33 wooden posts with half moon niches in them tracking the moons in the 13, (luna number – 13 moons for a solar year of 365 days) + the 20 solar codes, becoming the unity of Sun and Moon…

Knowth energies run strong

Knowth energies run strong

Knowth ancient Goddess site

Knowth ancient Goddess site

Knowth serpent wisdom

Knowth serpent wisdom








Yet a ‘cosmic clock’ is just the surface of what these temples are, entering this beautiful sites, the group had a sense of returning home to the family of ancestors who worked with the stars and earth as priests and priestesses of the ‘old religions’.  There is a welcoming of remembrance of our rightful relations to the earth and cosmos, including those magical realms of devas, fairies, the animal spirits.  As I guided the group to open their intuitive antenna to the land, to whisper with the stones and ancestors, a natural harmony emerges, becoming both settled and deeply alive in our bodies, with the land, (not as innate matter but as alive consciousness) and with each other.  Spontaneous gathering of blessings with much joy and gratitude emerged.


Opening the way for New Grange – the great quartz star temple cairn and healing chamber.  We called on the great wisdom of this place to guide us, invoking remembrance of lost wisdom, not only for ourselves but for all.  That we might be a catalyst of greater remembering and reclaiming of insight that brings peace and harmony.

stone of Destiny hill of tara
At the Hill of Tara, the location for king and queen making of the land, we walked to the Stone of Destiny,  looking out onto the watercolour of patchwork fields that is 40% of Ireland visible on a clear day.  As we prepared for ceremony thunder rolled around the hillside.  As we began our declaration of appreciation, gratitude and healing for the ancestors the rains came, monsoon like with the paths becoming rivers within 10 minutes.  With much laughter we descended the hill, the rains stopping on our descent, confirming that indeed we have done our work to release the old and open the flood gates for the new.Ireland1441

After a good sleep and with dry clothes, we entered the land of mystery – Usineach, where myth says Merlin took the magic to make stonehenge, the spiritual umbilical cord of Ireland and the place of first fires lit at Beltane to announce the coming of summer.    Here with a Fire blessing instantly the sun came out and stayed with us for tour, we were awed by the sculpture created of Danu – the goddess of the Tuatha de Danan – the first people of Ireland who legend say now are the faerie people.Ireland149

As our journey continued we arrived at  possibly the friendliest, loveliest Castle that became our royal home for 2 nights.  Contemplation, journaling and delicious food ensued as some of the tour chose to stay within its welcoming arms, whilst others of us climbed queen Maebh’s cairn for ceremonies and initiations.   Queen Maebh is the original kingmaker of the land – her Cairn a beacon of light through the realms – the air feels thick with an unseen yet tangible golden light of wisdom and power.  Located at the opening of a river to the sea, the view west over the great ocean feeds the vastness of the Soul.







And all of these sites were preparation for our most sacred temple – that of Mother Earth in the green lands of Limerick, Kerry and Cork.  Emerald Isle of lakes, mountains, waterfalls that hold intimate stone circles – vortexes to work with the lands energy.

Synchronicities increased 10 fold –  impossible yet magical signs along the way confirm our Soulful pilgrimage was on track.   We visit the ancient grace of a 400+ year old Yew tree of Life in the Muckross monastery, we cleansed and open the way at the waterfall doorway – the legend holds this is the last place of the Tuatha De Danan before they went fully into the fairy realms.   We drive a road to find its closed at the most beautiful, ‘ladies view’, with just 1 sign containing the coat of arms and surname of one couple on the tour, for whom this day had been their special day so far.

Ireland1425As the tour comes into its last day, we have been preparing to meet the most ancient one – the Caileach – the ancient grandmother who ate the apples in the beginning, (her traditional greeting).  And as we do, a peacock feather is given, (by a peacock himself!), to one of our tour group.  This is the ancient symbol of the immortal, the all seeing eye – the royal lineages of the Goddess.   As the day progresses, an ornate altar cloth of a peacock presents itself in the church opposite our hotel.  






 I would love to invite yo to this year’s Goddess Ireland Tour, to find out more, click here.

Then visiting perhaps the most sacred and intimate Stone circle of our tour – Uragh stone circle – nestled between two lakes, surrounded by mountains after ceremony with this ancient mother – in total bliss for all that has ensured, we go to the nearest, (and only) place selling snacks – ‘Peacock Camping’ and a roomful of beautiful Indonesian peacock batiks greet us.

Uragh Stone Circle

Uragh Stone Circle

As we reach our final location – the place of the Caileach Beara stone, we are resonating in trust, joy, bliss, grace that can only be known when death is no longer a finale but passage into greatest light of spirit – not seen from the small view of 1 human life but from the greatest wisdom of LIFE.


We come full circle, the return of the Goddess, the land, the ancient one that was always here, now residing in our hearts to guide our journeys ongoing.   This tour resonated with such bliss, joy and heart connecting.  We Remember the Circle of Life with all of lIfe.  We end the mirage of separation, and dive into the flow of soulful living.

Ireland1423August 2015 we are will be returning to the Ireland Sacred Lands –  join our monthly Newsletter to hear more about the 2015 Sacred Ireland Tour

Ireland Goddess Tour 2014 photos

The beauty and ancient wisdom of the land is palpable, the elements spoke to us, the sun shone for us, opening of our hearts to the fairy lands, ancestors and the ancient mother was life changing for us all.  May you enjoy some of the magic as you connect to the Ireland Goddess tour 2014 photos

Avalon Photos 2014: Lineages of Light Tour

To come from Ireland directly into Stonehenge for dawn ceremony created a flow of energy that ignited this tour!  enjoy connecting with some magic moments in the Avalon photos below.   Thank you to David Johnson of for supplying many of these beautiful images as well as creating divine ceremony with Bea Martin at Stonehenge and Avebury

2013 Goddesslands tour: Ireland and Avalon

The Goddesslands 2013 tour to Ireland Sacred sites, Stonehenge, Bath (UNESCO city), Avebury and Glastonbury… magic, miracles, blessings and rebirth!

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Bosnian Pyramids photos: Summer Solstice tour 2013!

What a amazing journey of ceremony, joy, activations and group transformation!  Enjoy looking at our bosnian pyramids photos from 2013

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Bosnian Pyramids tour 2013 Solstice Awakening!

September 12, 2013Clare RussellBlog

Tunnel and hard hatMy 3rd consecutive year going back to the Bosnian Pyramids – what a joyful adventure into this majestic and mystical landscape and sacred site.  One thing that’s so special about this sacred site is that its coming alive, the live dig, with Dr Semir’s welcome invitation to get involved, allows you to be part of the birthing of an ancient place of significance into the modern world.

The pyramids are being unveiled, the now at least 24,600 year old Pyramid of the Sun is revealing more of its secrets every year in the caring hands of Dr Sam and his core team, along with the enthusiasm and curiosity of an ever expanding community of volunteers.

Bosnia 2013 group2

The pyramids are attracting international groups, interested in the archeology, but also those who know and sense the high vibration vortex of energy centred here.   This year our group,  with participants from 8 countries, came because they felt drawn to explore the spiritual and energetic aspects of the pyramids.  Our tour focused on connecting deeply with the landscape and spending time in meditation at these key sites, allowing the rich insights and mystical journey to open before us, whilst also letting joy and celebration be our guide.   Here are some of my golden moments for our 2013 adventure

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Waters of cleansing and renewal, receiving the codes of the Land

Bosnia has many natural springs, thermal and healing waters.  We began our tour with a visit to the Bosna river headwaters, a beautiful tranquil place, where the water is so pure you can drink it directly from the headwaters.    The waters of the land have permeated through all the layers of the earth, containing all the minerals and codes of the landscape, so to offer blessings and thanks to the waters is a wonderful entrance into a sacred landscape.  We enjoyed an opening ceremony of cleansing, renewal and inner awakening, leading our group in beginning the inner journey that had been awaiting them at this sacred site.  

Bosnia 2013 bosnaBosnia 2013 water cleansingBosnia 2013 bosna1






Through the tour my appreciation of the waters continued – the hidden streams next to different pyramid sites were delicious, we could almost feeling the cellular renewal as we sipped the crystal clear water!    We also closed our time at the pyramids with the healing essence at their heart – the sacred pool in the labyrinth healing tunnels that has 20 times the level of negative ions vs the outside stream water.  A very precious and sacred experience indeed.

Sunset light – the circle opens

Bosnia 201306

Yantara and my favorite spot for opening our connection to the pyramids is the Vratnica Tumulus, a hollow mound similar to Sillbury hill.  From here we watched the last rays of sun go down and deepen our personal resonance with the hidden aspects of the landscape.  Our guide shared more with us about how the pyramids were built, questions  arose such as how were such large blocks of stone moved and how were carved into the exquisite ripples and texturing of the huge circa 3ft deep blocks?  Was there a quantum technology used to liquify and solidify the stones?   We then entered into meditation through sound, toning and light language.  Bathed in beautiful harmonies from Yantara our group joined in resonant song, connecting to the grids of light radiating through the site and us.

Stone Spheres, Sacred Geometry and Elemental Spirit Rising

Bosnia 201307Bosnia 2013 Stone sphere 1Bosnia stone sphere 2






Around the world, Stone spheres are regularly found near pyramid sites.  There is much speculation on their purpose and also on how they were created so perfectly spherical.  Detailed research of these sites by Nenard Djurdevic offers some interesting discoveries.  Most interesting to me is that for each group I have taken to the Pyramids, everyone falls in love with the valley of stone spheres.   Repeatedly people share just how special it was to be there, mystical experiences with the elemental spirits of the land, and the profound cellular and energetic realignment that happens through the activations that Yantara and I have led there.  For me, this is the land of dragons, of unity, void and oneness of the sphere, and the passageway into the stillness point at the centre of all that is.   No wonder its so difficult to get people to leave this space!

Pyramid Activations – Dr Semir on fire

Bosnia 201317

Somewhere along the way, those of us from Europe have got the message that, yes OK, we have mounds, and stone circles and henges, but pyramids – their really just found on the far shores of Egypt and Central America, aren’t they?  Even our participants, who have researched the Bosnian pyramids, watched the videos, read the facts, got past the misinformation, still have that lingering thought – is it really possible? Pyramids here?

So, in the heat of the Bosnian summer, we begin the hike up the stairway of wooden/dirt steps to the archeological site on the north face of the Pyramid of the Sun.  Dr Semir leads the way, we come around the final bushes and open out onto the now quite large excavation site of huge cement panels that are the side of the pyramid.  As Samir talks, it starts to sink in.   Samir shares the extensive research and discoveries from the site including the scientific testing to age the panels, (12,000-30,000 years old) and in 2012  the aging of a still intact leaf found on the surface of the panels that dates the pyramid at at least 24,600 years old.  

Then you see people really getting it, this is for real, we are standing on the most ancient building and monument in history, the largest, oldest most accurately alignment pyramid in the world.  Something about hearing Samir share the information, whilst also standing on the pyramid allows it to drop in.  History is not as we think it to be, great intelligence existed before ‘our civilization’ had been born.  Excitement bubbles and quiet contemplation takes in the hugeness of this information.

Labyrinth Tunnels: healing and star lineages

Bosnia 201316

Each year when we go back , its the labyrinth tunnels which become a key point for connecting to the whole pyramid site.  The high energy of the tunnels, with a greater Bovis rating than a Tibetan monastery’s is a special place indeed.  At the key vortex points, we led meditation to activate our lightbodies, star lineages and cellular healing.  Through sound and light language the healing and awakening took place, tears and laughter arrived with us, masculine and feminine lineages were brought into balance.   We wound our way through the tunnels, meeting the energetic pull of the megaliths, the tunnels mini lake and the key vortex points through the passage ways.  We sang our thanks and gratitude to the guardians of the tunnels for our experience of connect with them.  We left carrying a lightness of being and an aura of peace.

Summer Solstice Ceremonies – Venus Doorways of Love Opening

Bosnia 2013 Gil, Clare & Christiane Bosnia 2013 solsticeBefore the Summer Solstice, our group were experiencing the energetic preparations and intuitive knowings that this was a time of alchemy through fire.  Specifically, of welcoming in the Divine Feminine influence into our lives and bringing harmony with the Divine Masculine.  In the day, we visited the Dragon Pyramid, with a ritual of fire cleansing at the apex, offering mantra and gifts to the fire.  Late afternoon we made our way to the apex of the Pyramid of the Sun. 

Bosnia 2013 ceremony 2

Our group was leading the ceremony for the event.  350+ people had gathered from all over the world to mark this occasion, the peak solar energy of 2013, the apex of the first cycle of the Divine Feminine rising.   With the moon in the sky in the east, and with the setting sun in the west, Yantara & I, along with Gil Agilera, Sundancer and Spiritual Guide and wise woman Dr. Christiane May-Ropers opened ceremony with lighting of sage and cedar, offering our prayers to the ancestors, to the directions and guardians of the place. 

Bosnia 2013 ceremony solstice

We started to tone and sing in harmony, with the whole gathering joining in for rounds of ‘Love, Harmony, Blessings, Colours & Rainbows’.   Salutations and prayers to the sun came forth from our hearts.  As the sun went down on the horizon, so it entered our hearts for safe keeping, to honor the earth, to honor each other and to honor ourselves.

Bosnia 2013 Sunset

Joyous blessings unfolded, dancing at the foot of the pyramids, dancing on the bus home, laughter and joy being the sounds that continued to flow from our travels.  What a wonderful tour!  THANK YOU to Yantara for co-creating love, beauty and grace.  THANK YOU to our WONDERFUL GROUP, friendship rippling out across the world from what we created.  I Love you All

Yantara and I will be facilitating the Bosnian Pyramids Summer Solstice Tour 2014 – stay tuned!

Bosnia 2013 dragon pyramid

Avalon Rising Goddess Tour

August 4, 2013Clare RussellBlog

Goddess 2013Tounge and SH TL

The journey of returning, returning to the ancients lands of Bath, Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury.  A calling to gather, to reunite with each other and the land.  This journey felt like the completion of the first spiral of the Goddess codes that entered at the March equinox, which we experienced in the land of first light,  New Zealand.  In March, we experienced the star codes and Magdalene energies birthing through sacred ceremony, which from New Zealand we brought to the  Goddesslands of Ireland before returning them to the Heart Chakra of the planet, Avalon, through the sacred waters, leylines and ancient star portals of Stonehenge and Avebury.   

Walking this journey was to embody the Hologram of Being; living and acting from the knowing that each one of us is the coming together of many light streams.  Individual light streams might be referred to as past lives, parallel lives, mythic being, star lineages, Gods and Goddesses.   In this journey, I witnessed our group of sacred travellers shimmering with the remembrance and embodiment of their unique and vast hologram of light containing many rays of light.  Each person sharing the wisdom of each life/light stream at the perfect time and creating magic through living the multi-dimensional, timeless Beings we all are.  So although at any one time, we might have been a group of 15 or so, it felt like the Great Council of the Cosmos was permanently in session!

Our first stop, the Roman Baths – Healing Waters, Temple Cleansing

Goddess 2013  Roman Bath

The Royal Bath Spa is known for its healing thermal and mineral waters, the epicentre of which is the Roman Baths.  Perhaps not so well known is that the Goddess of the waters worshiped here – Minerva, (Roman) and Sulis, (British water goddess of Bath) was called upon by ‘followers’ to give power to curses for large and small offenses deemed to have been done to the individual who then threw a metallic ‘votive’  into the waters.     For those of us who know the power of conscious intent, this is not an energetic resonance that one wants to bring to sacred healing waters, and can cause an overlay of disturbance in a place that otherwise brings healing and blessings.  

Our group prayerfully gathered outside of the waters, aligning to the purity of divine justice and honor of the sacred feminine in her true presence of Minerva Sulis.  With the sunrays falling into the main bath, we watched the stars dance on the water.  Scrying in the great pool we received the shapes of beautiful guardians forming in the light. Moving through the complex we became priests and priestesses of the place, carried purposefully on our own journeys through the temple, anointing here, blessing there.  I found myself by the main bath, settled by the waters, loosing all time and entering into a calling back of soul fragments.  After a time, our group spontaneously gathered, surrounding the inner baths in silence, presence and sureness of intent that these Baths are sacred, pure, healing waters.

Goddess 2013 Solar rainbow Bath

Part of our spiritual journey is holding space through love and acceptance of the polarities of life in order to bring unity and harmony – a big first few hours of the journey!  Our group had experience deep energetic healing and initiations leading to elation, excitement and readiness to go back to our beautiful boutique hotel for delicious food and a much earned rest before entering the Avalon landscape.

Avebury Awakening

Goddess 2013 Avebury

On our tours, we often visits stone circles, henges, quoits, cairns, pyramids, temples and standing stones.  In all these places, we remember that we are ‘meeting’ the stones.  Stones hold resonances and information of the place and people that have been there, as well as having their own unique energetic signature.  In Avebury, Ive often watch a wonderful sweetness unfold as individuals connect with the stones, as if greeting a great grandmother.  The stones here hold a beautiful softness with their wisdom and power.  

Passing around the Universal Tongue, we share our visions and presence.  The council again in session we drop into deep meditation with the vibrational alchemy of Aurora Alchemy Oils connecting us to the Goddess and the essential qualities of the divine feminine expressed through us.   Since working with Yvette’s hand mixed oils, I’ve experienced how they lift me to a profound experience of the Goddess, (the powerhouse of pure potential existent in the form of the feminine that quickly goes beyond words and is expressed in the divine reverence of the Goddess in all cultures).  I’ve found that working with them reveals insights and understanding of who I am, my purpose, as well as healing and opening me to experiences of deep peace, joy, freedom and abundance.   So when we gather together in a sacred place working with the  oils, our experience goes even deeper.   Our circle of meditation became a perfect preparation for a second ceremony of healing and releasing on the ridge of Avebury circle. We anointed each other and offered energy healing, letting go even deeper into who we are, shedding our limiting surface beliefs and opening to the vibrancy of Being underneath.

Goddess 2013  Avebury group

Completing our day we went to the white horse of Cherhill,  calling in our lineages from the eye of the horse, we ignited and celebrated the fire within.  Dance, song, chanting accompanied quite reflection and clear intention to anchor the highest vibration of Golden Light through us and in this sacred landscape.  A beautiful sunset completed our day.

 Goddess 2013 CherHill white horse TL Goddess 2013 Cherhill white horse 2 TL Goddess 2013 White horse sunset TL






Stonehenge Sings

Private ceremony for sunrise in Stonehenge is a special occasion, the stones vibrate with wisdom, love, peace and star awakening.  Gathered in the centre of the stones, Yvette, Barney & Isis, spun us in circles of light whilst calling to the ancient ones.   My part was to be leading the group in making tones and sounds of the heart, and as I did, I heard how harmonic we were.  As we continued I heard the sonic reverberation from the stones as they audibly connected to us.  Stonehenge is known to be a sound chamber, however without all the stones standing, its rare to hear them sing, an experience that I will treasure always.   Our ceremony of blessings continued with Rainbow Eagle igniting the Fire within us and Goddess activations from Yvette whilst we sung ancient prayers to the land and ancestors.

Stonehenge 1783_e Goddess 2013Tounge and SH TL






The Gateway to Avalon Soul Awakening

Glastonbury Abbey is for me the place of balance and centering in the alchemy of the greater area of Glastonbury.  Although on the outside we see the ruins of an old Abbey, many people experience it as a place of pilgrimage, retreat and prayerful connection alive with high vibration energies.

Our group entered and gravitated to King Arthur’s grave as we remembered the royal lineages of all peoples.  Spontaneous ceremony awoke from the heart with a rainbow bridge of Care Bears created, healing the karmic pain of separation and conflict into service and love.  Our group was deeply moved as two individuals were willing to express this healing through their own lineages; healing pain between the masculine and feminine and different races. It  was an honor to be a witness.carebear Rainbow Bridge

Continuing we entered a small chapel where a powerful mural of Mary Magdalene is painted.  Toning and singing moved through us, and more tears were offered up with the power of connecting to the mysteries of the Goddess. We then visited the most ancient part of the Abbey, the Lady Chapel.  We entered referentially, with candles lit on the altar.  Naturally the singing of ‘Mary, Maria’ began and we journeyed inwards, centering in the stillness within.    We received the silence, full with soul riches before emerging back into the Abbey.

Mary Magdalane

Following the energetic current that had been building, three of our group, encircled by soul midwives and guardians entered into a soul rebirthing.   With a willingness to allow the star energies to pass through them in the protective space of the group, tears and laughter erupted into a celebration of spirit before an evening of sharing our stories and experiences together with new soul friends.

As with all our journeys, the end is just the beginning.  In our Goddesslands sacred tour of Ireland and Avalon, I feel many of our group have felt that the journey opened a new vista to their Giant, Avatar self and established a foundation for greatness that is now manifesting through them into the world. Go Goddess!


Ireland: the Journey of the Goddess, Queen and Fairy lineages

July 18, 2013Clare RussellBlog

On 31st May, we departed on our Goddesslands Ireland sacred tour – 8 days of visiting sacred sites of the ancient mother goddess of the landscape, reconnecting with our sovereign lineages and opening to the magic of the Fairy realms. To find out more about this year’s Ireland Goddess Tour, go here. newgrange Goddesslands


Landing into Dublin with the arrival of our small band of sacred travelers, Yvette Sitten and I shared again how we felt the calling of the land in a very special and intimate way. Having moved through the watershed of 2012, we enter into the vibration of 13, always the mystic doorway to the next level, as many of you have been feeling this year is the emergence of the feminine as the leader of the new cycle, not to topple the masculine, but to become the strength, light and inspiration so that the true masculine can arise in harmonious unity with the feminine bringing forth the victory of peace and love.

To  read the itinerary of the Ireland Goddess Tour 2015 visit here

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Coming to Ireland, we knew we had come to a stronghold of the divine feminine, some of the most ancient art work of the Goddess religions found in the Boyne Valley, the ancient triple Goddess of Brigid still much alive in the St Brigit churches everywhere. And of course the Virgin Mary venerated across Ireland at shines, wells and sacred sites expressing the miraculous innocents and purity that has never been lost.

tou group pic Goddesslands

So straight off the plane, we went to the fire temple of St Brigit’s Cathedral in Kildare. We arrived and almost immediately our group came together in effortless ceremony. Within the Fire Temple still honored at the site, we sang and shared our visions and offerings for our journey ahead, we anointed each other and the site with the Goddess oils, feeling the fire of awakening in us.


Goddesslands 1 Sheela na Gig

Goddesslands 2 seed of lifeSt Brigits well Goddesslands






Curious of our ceremony, two children were introduced to us by a local woman. The children enjoyed anointing the land with us, the grandmother and grandfather of the children arrived. We felt the lineages of past and future coming to welcome us. Friendship and synchronicity created a bond with the lovely local woman who introduced them. She showed us the secret symbolism of the goddess in the Cathedral, including a Sheela na gig, Seed of Life and Dragons. She became our guide through the land, giving us a priestess entrance to the Holy Wells of St Brigid, including a ceremony of spirals we will never forget, introducing us to the Sisters of St. Brigid, sitting with the eternal flame of St Brigid and a communal dinner at her home that opened our hearts even more.

From the first day, this no longer felt like a tour, but a soul family reunion on sacred soil.

The next day, we visited the the ancient site of in Boyne valley, the great cairns of New grange and Knowth. As I traced the great serpents of the Knowth with a Black Crows feather, I felt the landscape opening. This site feels like the home of sisterhoods and fairies. If one allows, an effortless magical realm is entered. The beauty of the stone carvings, the lush green cairns tops hiding the exquisite sacred geometric form of stone used to create these passageway to the centre of the cairn. Layers and layers of the landscape start to speak with us and down the rabbit hole we go.

Goddesslands 14 serpent knowthGoddesslands 13 knowthGoddesslands 11 knowth






New Grange with its majestic white quartz rock sides brings a different energy. Diamonds join the spirals in the rock art. Used in modern technology and healing the properties of crystal are the same; to be a transmitter, receiver, high volume information storage device and bringer of crystal clear resonance. Now imagine, walking into an ancient crystal rock sacred geometric ceremonial chamber , New Grange is a powerful portal for receiving celestial information, cosmic attunement and energetic alignment. As we walked down the passage engraved with Diamonds, (a sacred geometric form of our energy body recognized across traditions) and spirals, (the cosmos, creation, spirit), we reached the central chamber that is so light, aligned energetically fine that joy, happiness, peace, love, gratitude well up all at once.


Hill of tara blessings tree GoddesslandsGoddesslands 17 hill of taraGoddesslands 18 izumi stone of destiny






A perfect preparation for the Hill of Tara, where we shared our songs and blessings with the fairy tree and ceremony at the Stone of Destiny as the golden light of the sunset reminds us of the god/goddess self in all of us.

Wow…and only day 2!

Goddesslands 23 oracle stoneOur journey through the landscape took us to unexpected sites of power such as this Oracle stone, largely unknown and forgotten yet holding immense remembrance of prophecy for all the true oracles awakening on the planet. A stone could not have called more to our hearts.

We traveled on to Lough Crew Cairns and Alice in Wonderland gardens. We met another member of our soul family traveling with her young child. Atop the great Queen’s seat and cairn, spontaneous ceremony arose honoring the queen lineages of past and future with much love and tears shared.


Goddesslands 25 queen seatGoddesslands 27 alice






There were many places we visited that were incredible intimate, special places. These places just called our hearts and when we arrived clearly guided our journey. Once such place, was a sacred cave known as the ‘cave of cats’. If you asked me before hand if I would climb down through a hole no bigger than the average kitchen cupboard, caked in wet, slippery clay like mud, take a group and willingly stay down there for 2 hours, my answer would have been no way. However held in the celtic lineages of warrior queens, we all entered into the sound chamber and womb of the earth. I sensed how we were One, willing to be our primal self, willing to own our majestic self, willing to say YES to who we are and what we bring to the world. All doubt, all fear, gone. Surrender manifest. Soul Power initiated.

post cave Goddesslandspost cave1 GoddesslandsCave entrance and clare Goddesslands






Emerging into the world of light with deep love for the darkness. We proceeded directly to the Cairn of Queen Maeve, the highest physical point of our journey. Queen Maeve is the real and mythic queen of the nation, a maker of 9 kings, a fair and just ruler of the lands and holder of the royal blood lines that connect us to the ancient people of the Tuatha De Dannan. Reaching the top of the carin the majesty of this place is tangible. We are surrounded on 3 sides by water and watch the play of the last golden light of the day on the surrounding valleys and mountains. Spontaneously we dropped into silent meditation, it felt to me as if light were raining down on us. We allowed our own visions, rediscovering the mystic in us who has always been guiding us. As a sisterhood, we anointed, crowned and celebrated each other, reclaiming our sovereign soul of dignity, presence and beauty. Tears, laughter, song, celebration continued with the sunset of all sunset, creating a glorious light over the waters.


Goddesslands 33Goddesslands 29 meabhPatti Yvette dancing ireland Goddesslands






It felt that surely our journey had reached it climatic completion and yet the journey of the sovereign soul was just beginning. Next we visited the Knock Shrine of the Virgin Mary, a pilgrimage site for many from all over the world, honoring the sacred and the miraculous created through strength of love and purity of heart. Here we encountered some resistance to our way of dressing and the language of our prayers for peace. Individually and collectively as a group, our peaceful yet assertive choice of Being further awakened our Soul Power. We exist in a multi-dimensional reality with many layers and aspects acting at one time. At Knock I was aware of how patterns of the past, (be it this life, past lives, ancestral), continue to play, until they are met with peace and love. To respond instead of reacting, (re-act = to re do a past action = Karma) means we create from freedom, (= to be sovereign) gifting our present the seeds of peace and love. The Sisterhood of the Rose landed – and thank you Patti for gifting Rose badges to us that day!

Directly from here we headed to the south west of Cork, Kerry and Limerick where magic is tangible and renowned. We arrived to a recently renovated, beautiful hotel in the countryside. Met by the owner we felt indeed treated like queens as we explored perhaps the best spa I have ever visited! Integration, relaxation, sensuality were the clear messages coming to us.

tour group Goddesslands


All in preparation to meet the fairy circles, the hidden valleys, and waterfalls gateways. This is where the journey deepens again because we had prepared ourselves sufficiently to listen to nature as it is, the landscape now can speak directly. The guardians are physically visible in the rocks and soil, whispers from the spirit of the land are a normal part of conversation with the aliveness of life.

And we simply play our role. Which is to Be Alive. We see and know all is Alive. We experience our existence in a living temple. Natures Temple built and maintained by the aliveness of the land, whether you feel and sense that as universal energy or include a diversity of devic, faerie & elemental consciousness. Like all temples, nature is a place to give blessings, gratitude and appreciation. As we offer our love and blessing to the individual trees, rocks, waterfalls, mountains, valleys, flowers, streams and animals, nature reciprocates with the joyous abundance that she’s known for. The Cygnus Swan maidens manifest themselves as a real, beautiful low flying swan across the centre of a stone circle at the end of our ceremony. Sunsets leave us charged with lifeforce. Cat guardians of sacred waterfalls make themselves visible.


Goddesslands 38Goddesslands 37






With naturalness and humble awakening, our journey into the Goddesslands completes through returning us to our connection with all life in equality and harmony. A return to the Garden of Eden that has always been here. The veils are lifted from our own consciousness, innocence is reinstated and the quiet revolution that returns all to the throne of their Being has begun. 

Thank you to Yvette for envisioning this tour and birthing it into being, thank you to all the beautiful Goddesses who co-created this very special tour with us. 

Goddesslands 7 tour



Diamond Light of the Heart Audio Activation

April 28, 2013Clare RussellBlog

Becoming the Cosmic Humans that we are means opening to the wisdom of love.  We are learning to become a vehicle for the flow of pure chi, prana, light through all dimensions of our Being.  Activating the Diamond Light of your Heart is a profound and beautiful way of opening to your greater Cosmic Self.   Clare shares this free audio download to support you in activating the codes of the Cosmic Human

Yantara JiroClick on this text, to be taken to Clare Russell’s Diamond Light of the Heart Audio Activation.  Clare speaks briefly about what is the Diamond Lightbody and then you will enter a 30 minute Activation.   

The beautiful image of the Diamond light body is by Yantara Jiro,  international vocalist, sound healer and facilitator of our Bosnian Pyramids Summer Solstice 2013 Sacred Tour



CCH_tag_ccOn May 11th Clare begins her Codes of the Cosmic Human  program with The Vortexes of Creation 1 day in-depth initiation: May 11th 2013: Places still available, location Bath UK – follow this link for more information

Let your soul shine through receiving the flow of universal energy into your life. Dynamically manage your inner and outer transformation by learning the subtle laws of creation embodied in the vortex.

  • Deep dive into the vortex of the heart
  • Bridge heaven & earth through your transpersonal chakra system
  • Maintain a healthy & balanced energy body  *Align to the cosmic order



The Diamond Lightbody, Diamond light codes, Diamond Light of the Heart exist in many traditions from Buddhist, Egyptian, indigenous peoples through to a lot of the recent spiritual writings.   The diamond is showing us the path to our crystalline form.  When you compress carbon, (our form pre crystalline) to the highest levels, a transformation process is created where the clearest, purest and strongest gem, the Diamond is created.  The Diamond is a multi-prismed reflection of all light, thus allowing us to access with clarity, purity and fullness the great spectrum of light aspects that we are.   On a spiritual level it is the cleaning process of the heart to arrive at unconditional love, compassion, stillness, presence and unity consciousness.

Diamond light of the heart audio Activation link

Spring Energy shifts, awakening of Gaia Consciousness

April 19, 2013Clare RussellBlog

Ive recently got back from travels to New Zealand where I met with the ancient Waitaha people of the land. It was a phenomenal adventure in consciousness and a huge opening of the doorways into our greater cosmic self.  

In fact, I believe this is somGaia Earth Dayething that has happened across the planet, (and maybe universes – who knows!), that on the equinox a new wave of energy came in, preceding the birthing of the Avatar or Cosmic Human over the Easter Full Moon. That from this anchoring of the Cosmic Self, we are opening to our awareness and oneness with Gaia, the living being of which we are part.



Experiences before the Equinox: letting go and flowing with change

River flowSome of you may have experienced emotional, physical and other challenges or disturbances before the equinox, (March 20th/21st), I heard from quite a few people going through clearings, cleansing, some feeling old emotions coming up and some experiencing circumstances in their lives that invited old reactions to come up for clearing.

Perhaps for others of you before the equinox you noticed a loosening of old structures, an increasing of flow and lessons in living in abundance, these could include increased flexibility in planning, prioritizing of what you really want based on soul purpose and core values, becoming more aware of the power of your breath in moving energy and receiving abundance, enhancement of your natural intuitive knowing and sensing of your subtle self’s response to situations or choices.

In my experience the Equinox represented a dissolution of the old matrix in the subtle realms -thus the passageway of the 21st Dec 2012 solstice, (marking the shift between one age to another) reached another important marker.  The period from Dec to March 20th has been one of reinvention, creation, releasing, letting go, forgiveness, and inner time of exploration and growth that has been a potent preparation for new beginnings.

Energetic Shifts post the Equinox: Awakening Cosmic Consciousness
Cosmic HumanAs of March 21st, we entered into the next stage of evolutionary development – the anchoring of the Avatar self into physical form.  My experience of this time has been quite astounding, the total cosmic and multidimensional nature of who we are is coming into form.  I have experienced how real and tangible the ‘other’ realities are becoming, our soul purpose is having a much greater influence on how our lives unfold day to day.  The beautiful part is how naturally this is happening – everyday situations are now very obviously becoming sacred ceremony in action.  We are calling upon our total authority as divine sovereign beings to act for the greatest good of all, with peace, harmony, love and truth, oneness our goal.

You may have noticed this in your own life through increased synchronicity, heightened direct guidance coming from your inner voice, dreamtime becoming more active as you work consciously across realms. You might be meeting new and interesting people with wisdom to share with you about the soul and subtle realms.  You might experience connections with other dimensions, (for example, nature spirits, elementals, angelics, ET’s, your guides, power animals) in new clearer, beautiful ways.

Anchoring the Avatar/Cosmic Self

The key now is that this great experience and knowing of who you are is anchoring in you.  This is beautiful and exciting.  To support yourself with this,  I recommend simple sitting, reflection, breathing and meditations.  This supports you through creating stillness in your 3d/ego/personality levels so that the higher dimensions can become conscious.  The stillness you discover is also the place from which your highest guidance will come.  A simple intention is to affirm, ‘I am light’ or ‘I am Divine Light’. As you say this to yourself out loud or through your inner voice, see a beautiful golden light coming down to you from source.  See it coming down through your crown chakra and through your whole chakra  system, with special awareness of it in the heart chakra.  See all levels of your being filled with golden light.  Especially know that your physical body becomes and is golden light – this will help in physically anchoring your cosmic, avatar self.

I have also written an article on Awakening the Cosmic Self and a short video on what is the Cosmic Self. I recommend reading and watching these and then going into reflective meditation to hear your own direct guidance on the evolutionary process as it unfolds in you.

Finally, on May the 11th,  the first 1 day in-depth initiation into the Cosmic Human: Vortexes of Creation is happening near Bath.  I welcome you to come to this adventure into the true cosmic purpose of our lives.

Since mid April:  A growing connection to Gaia Consciousness.

Gaia 2The more we become our cosmic self, the more we feel our oneness with the earth, and its my experience that in the last couple of weeks there have been opportunities to harmonise, align and remember our oneness with Gaia.   The paradigm of the inert lifeless matter of earth that is used for humans to create industry has been dissolving over recent years.  We can see the damage that has occurred from the false belief that our contact with earth is a oneway relationship of humans doing and taking.  We understand now that Gaia works in cycles and currents; that through a balance of giving and receiving Gaia maintains health and stability in our ecosystems and biosphere.   Our awakened concern for the rain forests, the bees, the waters show the gradual mass ‘getting’ of these truths. 

From a spiritual perspective, we are also undergoing a new level of awakening in our oneness with Gaia.  You might feel this as a renewed love for nature, an increased sensitivity to the energies of trees, special areas in nature to you, a desire to be in and around water.   You might also feel currents of energy coming up from the earth, awareness of the kundalini energy activating within you, a sense of wanting and needing to feel and know Gaia on a spiritual level, (for ultimately spiritual grounding is just as necessary as physical grounding).  However, because we can have fear associated with being embodied on the earth, you might also feel a desire to escape.  There has been a spiritual disconnection with Gaia for many that as a collective we are healing.   In the Codes of the Cosmic Human Vortexes of Creation 1 day event we explore in depth and activate our  energetic and spiritual connection to Gaia  through working with the Earth Star and earth vortexes.   A simple and profound way for you to strengthen your spiritual connection with Gaia is the ancient and global meditation of connecting with your heart, then sending love to and connecting with the heart of mother earth, and feeling her love returned to you.   Monday 22nd April is international Earth Day – a celebration of the earth and bringing awareness to how we can come back into balance and harmony with Gaia cycles.   I will be joining an international ‘singing to trees’ event, perhaps you might also find a way to celebrate and awaken Gaia consciousness for you.

Sacred Sites: why are you called?

February 17, 2013Clare RussellBlog

Visiting sacred sites has been such a transformational experience for me and all the participants on our tours.  I thought I’d share a little about why we are called to these sites and why so much magic unfolds when we are there.  Love Clare

Authentic Ceremony Events

November 5, 2012Clare RussellWorkshops

Reclaiming the Sacred Through Authentic Ceremony 

Each day we enter into a sacred experience of living, however it is often shrouded in the mundane. We can become unaware of the magic just beneath the surface and loose heart; our connection to spirit, grace and love diminished in our ‘normal life’. The ancient art of ceremony is a holder for the sacred, the recognition of our ability to directly access and be part of the magic.

In our modern living, we can feel disconnected from ceremony, believing it to be attached to a religion or tradition. However ceremony is deeply embedded in our soul and we can create authentic ceremony using our intuitive guidance and the power of intention. Read more →

Mount Shasta Living Light Tour 2012

What an amazing beautiful tour to Mount Shasta a vortex of love on earth!  Thank you to Yantara jiro for beautiful sounds and leading of the Journey, thank you to our beuatiful tour group!  Love and oneness.


Shasta Living Light Tour 2012: Oneness we are!

October 24, 2012Clare RussellBlog

After an amazing experience visiting Mount Shasta in 2011, Yantara and I were drawn to go there in 2012.  We felt the calling of the great vortex and greatly looked forward to bringing another group to the area.  It is as if when you approach the majestic Shasta there is an indefinable point where you go through a subtle ‘energy membrane’, so subtle you don’t feel it.  However when you have passed through everything is different.  You are in a reality that operates on a purity of unconditional love that invites you to do the same.   Of course, the unexpected effect is that wherever you go geographically in the world from that point, you never leave that ‘bubble of love’.  Rather it becomes you and you carry it with you.  This, in my experience, is the gift of Mount Shasta and Lemuria.

Thank you to our wonderful tour group from Taiwan, UK, Australia, Canada & Singapore, its such a pleasure to have met you and co-create this great journey with you! 

Connecting with the Sacred Lands of Mount Shasta

We began our connection with Mount Shasta through the Headwaters, (the whole town of Shasta is on spring waters, fed by the Sacramento river that emerges from the ground in the town).  Having offered our sung blessings to the waters, we sat in circle for meditation and connection.  Lead by Yantara, we were graced with the focus to be in harmony with oneself first.  We breathed love into our whole energy system and from that openness and harmony we entered a stillness that is deep, wise and ancient.    From the stillness we can connect with everything, we can start to feel and know the fibers holding our reality.  We can perceive the many layers of our existence.  The veil is removed and we stepped into Telos, (the mystical land housed at Mount Shasta).  As a group we shared our thoughts and impressions of connecting to this place, and so we began to weave a web of co-creation that was to grow and expand through the trip.

Later that day, visiting the mountain, we gathered in spiral form, (following a spiral labyrinth laid out on the earth), embodying the dynamic form of the mornings circle; our spiral of growth and evolution.  We gave thanks to the sacred land and called upon the elements to bless an essential oil made for the tour and ceremonial purpose. As we called on the wind – huge gusts rushed past us and knowing we were witnessed, we entered deeper into stillness.  Through sound and movement we formed a human spiral curling inwards to a point of potency.  With love, intention and sound vibration magnifying, Yantara held the group in reaching a ‘vibrational merging’ as we stood together in close spiral form, before beginning the beauty of unfurling the spiral.  Through sound and movement we brought our transformed presence back out into the world.   A deeply powerful and beautifully organic celebration of life and the experience of being together as one.

Visiting the Redwood Giants & Blessing the Trees

 The theme of oneness, connection and unity consciousness developed in magical ways through the tour.  The next day we traveled to the majestic redwood forests on the west coast.  The landscape of snowcapped mountains transformed into groves of giant trees.  Redwoods are the tallest living thing on the planet; the staircase from earth to the stars.  Going to an amazing grove filled with redwoods 100’s of years old, you are struck by the silence in the air, the elegance and grace of the trees, leaving you feeling deeply at peace.  Our group mediated around one great tree, opening our hearts to the space and entering timelessness. As we walked through the redwoods, we met the friendly tree spirits whose outcrops show intricate faces.  I saw the inner children of our group coming out to play.






The next day our tree connection deepened further, with a circle of healing created.  Each person in their own journey of transformation whilst held by the group.  I felt how a small crystal stone on the ground held the wisdom of the water that washed over it, the tree roots that surrounded it, the earth that held it and the sun and moon that shone down on it.   It is said that our ancestors believed that when they entered a forest the forest knew they had entered.  Here I came to know this too, that when we travel to these amazing places, we are not a visitor, we are part of the landscape.  When we open to it, everything will speak to us – the trees, animals and elements.  We are simply another element of an interconnected whole.

Later that afternoon, we gave gratitude to trees through blessing one tree.  Surrounding it in prayer flags,  we sung together, offering our love and wishes for its growth, health and wisdom, being in appreciation for its greatness and what it will become.   After the blessing the group dispersed and I stayed in the area.  A family walked by, intrigued by the prayer flags.  And the mother was overcome with emotion she felt from the tree saying, ‘I don’t know what happened here, but I feel so much love and appreciation from the tree for what they did’. We tend to imagine that we are the only living things on the planet who are conscious rather than realizing that consciousness is the source of all life.  A tree may not speak in words, but it shares a presence and love that is unmistakable.

Returning to the Healing waters of Mount Shasta






Returning to the area of Mount Shasta, we nurtured our physical being at Stewart Mineral springs.  This place is wonderful! 1 hr of rotating water therapy – soaking in hot mineral springs, followed by wood fired saunas and quick plunges in the cold spring waters outside and every cell of your body is buzzing with aliveness whilst your mind in a state of blissfulness.  After blessing our crystals in the sacred waters, (Massuro Emoto has visited the streams and photographed the water crystals here) we continued our day of vibrational medicine with the expansive attunement by Bev of the Crystal Rooms and her 70 crystal bowls!  In terms of experiencing natural highs, physical nurturance and becoming a walking bundle of happiness – this day is a peak experience!

Waterfalls of Shasta






Waterfalls have always held a majesty and mysticism about them.  Fairytales of walking through the waterfall into another land, of rainbows and magical creatures appearing in their spray and of great spiritual teaching coming whilst sitting under a waterfall, (as is the case for the origin of the Reiki lineage through Mikaeo Usui).   As we arrived at the McArthur Burney waterfall, before I knew it, Yantara took out his crystal bowl and was striding out across the rocks to sing to the waters.   The group followed, entering into private meditation at the waters edge. It seemed to me that the waterfall brought out in us knowing of our potential  – the power and beauty we hold within demonstrated before us.  After all, we are physically over 70% water.   Water is also considered as the visible form of how consciousness works, no one droplet separated from another, the whole coming together in a powerful flow that can move large boulders, in a constant life giving cycle of transformation from rain clouds falling on the mountains, becoming snow and ice before melting into the lakes, rivers and waterfalls that nourish all life.

Lakes of Shasta






The glass like calmness of mountain lakes also evoke deeper meanings in the soul – the mirror wisdom of life, the hermetic ‘as above so below’ teachings and reflection of ourselves as shown by our world.  High up on the mountains, overlooking the lakes and Mount Shasta we called to all aspects of our self to come back to us, to become harmonious and to ready ourselves for a focused aligned creation of the future we desire. We brought into balance our past present and future and invoked our power of vision to create with beauty and love.   Oneness reflecting on itself, the group were touched with gratitude for the experience.

Surprise concert of healing and celebration






On our last afternoon, we had the opportunity enjoying a private concert by international harpist Erik Berglund, (thank you Patricia, Ken and Wings Music for arranging!).  Held at Erik’s beautiful home, Erik took us deep into the heart space of Lemuria.  We released past hurts we were unaware we were carrying from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, and joined together in sending love, peace and harmony to our earth.  On the eve of the equinox, I felt our celebration and prayerful blessings to be the perfect gift to offer the world and ourselves, an experience of unity consciousness in action – the internal and external reality brought together in oneness and love. 

Golden Light Avalon Tour 2012: Ceremony to awakening the Avatar within

October 23, 2012Clare RussellBlog

Tour at the Crop circles by Yin Phua

Looking back, the origins of the Golden Light Avalon Tour were imprinted in my sacred meeting with Yvette Sitten.  On 11.11.11, I was in Egypt, at the Mina house hotel on the Giza Plateau.  I was with Yantara Jiro on one of a number of spiritual tours who felt called to be there at that time.  In the lobby of the hotel, I was introduced to Yvette leading a tour of goddesses to these sacred sites.  For the first time in my life I was anointed with essential oil, (one of several amazing vibrational oils Yvette creates) and so began my intrigue into Yvette’s calling to share the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

A couple of months later, Yvette and I found ourselves researching the Glastonbury Zodiac (a map of the stars imprinted into the landscape around Glastonbury) for a Golden Light Goddess tour to Avalon.   Yvette’s guidance was that at this pivotal time, (July 2012 being the beginning of the final spin of the Mayan and Egyptian Calendar before we go into the new cycle of 260,000 years), we had a ceremonial role to play in mapping the stars and landscape, seeding the new era and the Aquarian age. 

According to Robert Coon (writing in the 1990’s) and many others – the Piscean age was mapped to the earth in Egypt/Jerusalem and the Aquarian age maps to the earth through the UK with a key pivotal centre being Glastonbury also known as Avalon.  He predicted that at the turning of ages many would people feel called to do pilgrimage from the past age to the new age, (this year undoubtedly demonstrated by many more spiritual groups traveling from Egypt to the UK and also personally felt by Yvette and I).  With even the Olympics opening ceremony declaring the New Jerusalem centered on the Glastonbury Tor, there were many synchronicities pointing to a symbolic reality rich in meaning.


Traditions meeting for the Unified Ceremony to welcome a New Era

Yvette with Waitaha universal tongue avebury

Yvette came with the blessing of the Waitaha tribe.  The Waitaha are an ancient tribe of peace from New Zealand who have a matriarchal lineage and whose spiritual origin is in the stars. Yvette was asked by them to share their prayer of peace at key vortexes and encouraged to invoke new ‘kawas’ or laws of this time – ones based on love and peace.

With the blessing and mandate of the Goddess, the group gathered and we felt the energy building.

Starting with a new moon ceremony in London before the tour, it felt confirmed that the whole tour was to be an act of joyful ceremony.  This was confirmed by our first day, processional entrance into Stonehenge, and an evening private ceremony at the St Margaret’s chapel in Glastonbury.  The Chapel is dedicated to Mary Magdalene and as the goddess who holds the wisdom of all mystery schools this felt like the perfect entrance to ancient Avalon.  What we had not realized until a few days earlier was that this day was the feast day of Mary Magdalene, (22nd July).  That we started our tour on this day and were privately in her chapel to honor her was wonderful enough, but then we realized that as the chapel only completed its renovation in the last 6 months, this would be the first feast day of the saint of the chapel since it’s reopening.  We then realized we were part of the inauguration ceremony, confirmed by the exact number of seats for our tour group laid out in the chapel in a semi circle when we arrive, despite the fact I had not said how many of us there were!

At the Chapel with Yvette by Yin Phua

Over the coming days, we spiraled deeper into the landscape of Avalon and the wisdom of the stars, the goddess lead us on sacred pilgrimage and the group were regularly lost for words and ‘wow’ became our common expression.   Through the tour we experienced how magic comes through our daily lives.  Personally it was a powerful and profound reminder of our personal mandate to live according to our values, with faith in our power to do good and trust that the rest will unfold very miraculously.



Avalon Gateways and Stargates

We walked the ancient way to Gog & Magog, entered their grounds in ceremony, having been gifted by feathers on the way as offerings.  The group enjoying the landscape and feeling of Glastonbury, reporting wonderful synchronicities and insights occurring.

Gog by Yin Phua

Magog by Yin Phua

The next day we began walking the star houses of the Zodiac, each location offering us new insights and new connections with what had gone before.  For example, going to Poulden Mound – the ‘unicorns horn’ associated with Merlin’s wisdom.  We encounter a local farmer at the tip of the horn – we shared unexpected conversation, (having said little of what we were doing), of hidden rooms in the ancient pyramids, the chamber underneath the Glastonbury Tor and importance of growing flowers for the Bees, (an ancient symbol of the Goddess). 

Over the coming days we visited 6 star houses in total – the ‘grail’ half of the Zodiac. We had magical experiences at each one and found that as we drove through the small lanes, climbed mounds and entered beautiful 17th century churches, the goddess revealed herself.  We held sacred ceremony in Chalice Well and the Goddess temple at Glastonbury and felt fully prepared for leaving Glastonbury to the next leg of our Journey – Tintagel and the Crop Circles. To see more photos of the tour, click here to go to our gallery page

Sacred well blessing by Yin Phua

Ceremonial entrance at the Abbey

Chalice well angels by Yin Phua








Temple grounds of Arthur and the Temporary Temples of the Crop Circles

Arriving at Tintagel, we felt the energy of this well-known stargate. Whilst completing ceremony at the highest land point in the castle grounds we had a hawk hovering over us for the whole time.   Connected with the Arthurian legends, we continued to Avebury to experience the temporary temples of the crop circles.   

Arriving in our first circle, the group was buzzing with anticipation!  The formation was huge, one of the biggest of the year, arriving just 48 hrs before.  Crop circles are fascinating for many reasons, their beauty, artistry, geometric perfection and most often the unexpected experiences you have in them.   Each circle is different, however walking into some you feel the energetics of them before you enter – this can be felt as tingling sensations on the palms of the hands, sometimes a slight pressure at the crown of the head, and evoking of unexpected emotion and feelings of lightness and joyfulness.  


Crop Circles by Yin Phua

This was one such circle – we entered and the group took personal time, then slowly gathering to the sound of Lani playing her beautiful crystal bowls.  As we came together, within minutes, we attracted another sacred tour group lead by Bart (Quarum Lexus), an expert in the sacred geometry and the metatronic system and technology called RESHEL.  Bart shared they had also been visiting the sacred sites and calling on the Goddess, reaching places we had not been able to visit such as the Rosslyn Chapel and then synchronistically following us at other places, (they also went for ceremony at Chalice well – the morning after our evening ceremony).



Spontaneously we came together in joint ceremony, sharing our aims and purposes.  We found that we were aligned and following the same wisdom teachings but through different traditions.  What the Waitaha had been sharing, perfectly mirroring the RESHEL wisdom guiding Bart’s group.   So began a truly magical ceremony of entering into the light of the line of suns to embody and know our universal, giant, avataric self.   3 hours later we left the crop circle and, feeling profoundly touched by the ceremony, we decided to keep the groups together for the remainder of the day.    3 months later, we are still connecting with Bart and learning from each other.

Ceremony in the crop circles

Ceremony in the crop circles

Deep Meeting by Yin Phua








The whole tour appeared to me to be run by a ‘master planner’ whose perfect organization was way more wonderful than myself or Yvette had dared to dream.  Perhaps as Yvette says, ‘we have entered a state that is beyond our wildest dreams’?  This tour has awoken my realization of the sacred in all things to a whole new level, to the magic waiting to burst out just below the surface, and the realization that the more we acknowledge this true origin of creation, the more we come to experience it in our world.  When we gather in groups who are aware of the sacred underlying reality, and follow our intuitive guidance with joy, miracles happen.  May we continue to create knowing that miracles are not lucky breaks, but the way reality truly operates.

Joyful Goddesses by Yin Phua

Avalon Mothership Goddess Tour 2012

An amazing journey into the home of the Goddess, Avalon with Yvette Sitten.  A week of synchronicity, sacred ceremony, vibrational medicine of Goddess essential oils (Aurora Alchemy by Yvette) sacred sound by the beautiful Lani and crop circle magic by the Universe!

Uk Sacred Heart Tour 2012

In June 2012, the UK Sacred Heart Tour visited the magical lands of Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge.  Blessed by the wisdom of the earth and stars, we entered the sacred space of our heart.  We undertook beautiful healing in order to expand into love and unity consciousness.  A wonderful tour lead by Yantara and Clare.

Entering the Sacred Heart in Glastonbury

October 19, 2012Clare RussellBlog

“The love within you has requested to be seen

The love within you wishes to shine

The desire within you to burst forth is awakening!

Who you are is divine, powered by an abundant flow of love”

Clare Russell on the UK sacred heart Tour June 2012

We began our 2012 year of tours with the Uk Sacred Heart Tour, connecting with the sacred landscape of Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury and the crop circles lead by the inner journey into the sacred Heart. What an opening of the heart! Such alchemical healing took place leading to wonderful expansion into joy and the realization of the gift of life.

 Our group of consciousness explorers started the tour at about 3am on the morning of June 11th as we got on the bus to Stonehenge for our private morning meditation.   It felt perfect to begin our journey at Stonehenge, connecting to the stones and the wisdom they hold.  Energetically the stones are formed around a meeting point of leylines in the earth. The stones are insulators of energy forming a concentration of the earth’s energy within the henge.  At the same time, aligned to the sun and the stars and with 1000s of years of human intention focused in that spot, the creative force of the universe, namely consciousness, is greatly heightened both inside the henge and in the stones themselves.

Through singing, toning and prayerful intention we connected with the vortex, requested to receive what was divinely intended for our journey and offered blessings to this sacred place.  We left feeling centered in our connection to the earth and awakened into our galactic heart consciousness.

With one more stop before breakfast at Avebury circle, (as we followed this ancient root into Glastonbury), we honored the circle, with personal time to connect with the stones, experience the stargate that is there and continue to move deeper into the Avalon landscape.   After our early start it was wonderful to arrive at the beautiful Daisy centre for a delicious breakfast and some relax time to integrate our experiences.  Thank you Daisy for your beautiful space!

Throughout the tour, each day was filled with magical and profound experience. The group experienced a different quality to time, unsure how so much richness of experience fitted into one day and at the same time wondering how 24rs had passed with such flow that you never considered looking at a clock!  To give you a feel of some of our experiences:

We had a private visit to the octahedron sound chamber of the Abbots Kitchen in the Glastonbury abbey.  We entered into a mystical space, singing harmonies to ourselves and the many layers of reality present.   We were bathed in the language of light, the beautiful crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls – a treat for the cells of our bodies and a blissful entrance into the spiritual dimensions of Glastonbury.

The tour at Stonehenge just after sunrise 

On our third day we visited the ancient oaks of Gog and Magog – the great trees or guardians of Glastonbury Tor.  Feeling the loving kindness of the trees was deeply moving for the group, with the releasing of any stuck emotions and feeling the presence of our ancient ancestors supporting always.




One place I find very special in Glastonbury is the Mary Magdalene or St Margaret’s Chapel, lovingly restored by the guardians over the last year.  It’s a sacred place of prayer and worship with a beautiful energy of the divine feminine.  The alms houses by it are also the workplace of ‘Icon John’ one of the few traditional Icon painters in the UK.  He travels all over the country painting icons for churches, cathedrals with his main base in Glastonbury, at the site of the chapel. His open hearted warmth, sharing the stories of how he was taught to paint icons by monks all over the world with little to no cost, on the understanding that he would share his gift and teach others how to paint.  This free sharing of wisdom continues an apprenticeship and lineage that is alive today.

After very special connections with the landscape of Glastonbury, on our last 3 days of the tour we entered into a space of even deeper reflection and connection to ourselves and the universe, including 2 days of workshops run by Yantara at the wonderful Daisy Centre. 

Lead by Yantara, through waves of sound and light language, we journeyed into the stars.  I saw the group experiencing how simply and directly they can become aware of their connection with certain star lineages.  The day completed with a beautiful concert in the evening with the Sound Alchemists – Paul on the Hung and Louie on the crystal didgeridoo.   By the end of the day I was looking around at the group everyone was in this blissful joyfulness, childlike in their playfulness and ancient in their wisdom.



On the second to last day we went out into the crop circles for more connection to the land, sound baths with the sweet harmonies of Yantara and playful co-creation of spirals and dance.

On the final day – with the alignment of Venus, we stepped into divine love.  As Yantara was sharing with us the connections with the Venusians and the channeling of Hermes, I was transported to a deeper, stiller part of my soul.  I felt the softness and immense beauty of love with the deep stillness of great knowing that in one way had been imparted to me, and in another had come from within.  What a perfect completion for journeying into the sacred heart.

Outdoor in the light language workshopDivine Love workshop with Yantara






Such sweetness in this journey, a beautiful ebb and flow of our connection to the land, the heart healing of the group and the profound experience of being part of a wider universe that is constantly sending love and wisdom for us to absorb.  Thank you beautiful travels of light, wishing you much joy for all your next adventures!

The Bosnian Pyramids 2012: The New Earth Revealed

October 14, 2012Clare RussellBlog

In June 2012, we had the great honor of visiting the Bosnian Pyramids for the week of the summer solstice.   Visiting the pyramids, in Visoko, (meaning higher place) is inspirational, uplifting, and joyful on so many levels. 

The culmination of the trip was to be singing love, peace, harmony, gratitude, joy on top of the Pyramid of the Sun at its key alignment – the summer solstice.

My experience of stillness in meditation at the Pyramid of the Moon, the magical quality of the unexplained magnetic stone spheres, the grace at the Vratnica Tumulus over sunset and the transcendent quality of the Pyramid of the Sun was profound.  Staying in the energy field of the pyramid site was trans-formative, with deep wisdom coning to me through my dreams, cities of other realms appeared and the sacred geometry infused in the landscape came to life.   Here I understood the magical and spiritual root of nature and how we can co-create with the earth to manifest great positivity and benefit for all


My love and gratitude goes to our group of intrepid explorers in consciousness who joined us for our maiden tour to this incredible place.

I also wish to share my deep gratitude and deep appreciation for our facilitators, Yantara (international teacher and recording artist) for his graceful presence, energetic guidance and sacred sounds, and Dr Sam Osmanagich, (pyramid expert and discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramids) for his inspirational leadership and vision.  With them guiding us, we got to see beyond the veil into the ancient wisdom that is still alive today, confirming with no doubt that the technology of the New Earth is here now. 

 In the words of Dr Sam, “ So many Pyramids are being discovered, it seems that we are getting ready to use, not abuse this ancient wisdom”. For it is said that ‘the lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding (Hermes)’ and indeed it is no surprise to me that Dr Sam and his team are currently finding perhaps the greatest and most significant insights. 



Dr Sam has created an archeological dig, unlike any other:

  • He is committed to sharing all information with the public, stating that the Bosnian pyramids are the heritage of us all.
  • Volunteers run the site – this year over 500 of them from 64 countries! 
  • He uses both the latest technology to investigate the pyramids and is interested both the structural layout of the site and the energetic principles at work
  • The dig is committed to not destroy or unnecessarily change the structures they find.

Bosnia Pyramid Site Update

My last blog post on the pyramids detailed my experience of my first trip in 2011, complete with the key facts about the pyramids.  Now, I want to share with you the latest results in an interview with Dr Sam himself. (Oct 8th 2012, Shindig)

The Healing chambers or labyrinth tunnels.  With more accurate equipment being used to measure the healing qualities of the tunnels Dr Sam reports that:

1. The level of negative ions in the air, (that are known to bring health and vitality to the body) are 200 times higher than what we experience in our homes!  The average number of negative ions per cubic centimeter in our homes is 200-300.  In the air just outside of the tunnels it is 1000 per cubic centimeter, (the pyramids are in pristine nature), and as you go into the tunnels they increase with 43,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter at the location of the largest megalith that you see us meditating next to.

2. There is absolutely no cosmic radiation in the tunnels.  This is intelligently created in many ways, for example through the use of ceramic megaliths (with likely crystals inside the hollow egg shapes) over underground water to generate harmonious energy.

3. In measuring the aura of tourists, volunteers, journalists after being in the tunnels for 1hr, 85% see an improvement in their auric field of between 10-40% improvement.  Our group felt these harmonious and healing energies in the tunnels very clearly…looking forward to going back in 2013!

The Pyramid of the Sun:  This pyramid is now identified as the oldest, largest and most accurately aligned pyramid to the cosmic north in the world, which is leading some people to call it the ‘mother pyramid’.  The latest measurements based on organic material found at the dig sites now date the pyramid as at least 24,800 years old!! 

 The apex of the Pyramid of the sun is giving off a frequency of precisely 28 Kilohertz.  This is beyond the human range of hearing and thus termed ultrasound.  Control tests against natural hills in the area show that this frequency is unique.  Well, that is aside from the exact same frequency coming from the top of the Vratnica Tumulus, (hollow chamber mound which is part of the complex) and the ceramic megalith in the labyrinth tunnels!  Dr Sam and his team believe that over time we will understand more about the significance of this frequency in terms of positive energy generation and perhaps also in linking the pyramids across the planet as one planetary positive energy technology, energy transmitter and planetary energy modulator.

It seems that the prophetic channeling of Yantara of Hermes Trismegistus is coming true:

  “When all sacred monuments are unearthed, tuned and sung by the new light beings of this plane, the Earth Song shall once again emerge. Through the heavens everyone shall hear the celestial musical spheres and its chorus across all lands. The Holographic Grid of this planet and all living consciousness shall stand tall and bright, liken to a brilliant column of infinite light blazing magnificently like a sun performing the greatest of the great ~ The Earth Song of the Golden Age”



The cosmic consciousness is awakening: Five pyramids have been confirmed on the site, (which is larger than the Giza plateau) and two more ‘hills’ are suspected on being pyramids, making 7 pyramids.  Inside the Pyramid of the Sun  they have found 7 hollow chambers – more than in any other pyramid.  The hypothesis is that these ‘resonance chambers’ create 7 overtones or frequencies, (vs. the single tone of ‘A’ from the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau).

 We know that all pyramids are created in alignment with the stars, and that these stars held specific significance for the builders.  Although Dr Sam is hesitant to confirm, (until the exact locations of all 7 pyramids are mapped to the stars and more is known the chambers inside the Pyramid of the Sun), he says that the pyramids possibly map to the Pleiades or ‘ 7 sisters’.    Made all the more interesting by a recent translation of rune markings found at the site,  (the written script of peoples from circa 5000 years ago)

‘ The gate is closed, we will have to defend and conquer until which the star gate is open again’

Perhaps now is the time for the gates to open again, not only here but also across the planet.

  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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