Sacred Destinations

Golden Light Avalon Mothership Sacred Tour

Golden Light journeys are teachings of the Galactic Mystery School of the Goddess, comprising elemental alchemy, the creative healing arts of Egypt, Atlantis and Mu, and star knowledge. Activations and initiations are given by the Goddess in the earth temple powerspots we are called to. 

Each day has its own particular focus, healing benefits and intention. When experienced in full as a week long journey, they create a fundamental and powerful shift in energy which is positively transformative, producing an inner and outer alchemy with far-reaching benefits in all areas of life. 

Each Golden Light journey is called into being by the opening of the gateways of Love and Abundance, and dedicated to calling in a time of Oneness, Universal Peace and Love for the planet.

Led by: Yvette Sitten

Golden Light Avalon Mothership Tour



Day 1: July 22 … THE RETURN TO AVALON 

Ceremonial Remembrance of Avalon Codes – Day of Fire 

Stonehenge – Glastonbury – St Margaret’s Chapel 


Opening Circle & Ceremony at Stonehenge – The Welcoming of the Ancient Ones, Waitaha Peace Prayer 

Arrival in Glastonbury, check in to accommodation & preparation for Goddess Procession 

Procession & Private Goddess Ceremony at St Margaret’s Chapel – Meditations and Initiations into the Mystic Rose codes of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Isis 

Golden Light Welcome Dinner (Glastonbury Village) 

In today’s Mystery School journey: 

  • Celebration of Golden Light at Stonehenge & Opening the Door of Knowledge 
  • Be part of our full regalia Goddess Procession through Glastonbury 
  • Awaken your kundalini energy and healing powers during our private Mystic Rose Ceremony at Mary Magdalene’s holy shrine 
  • Explore beautiful Glastonbury Village where you will be staying for the next few days 
  • Receive your Maori/Waitaha star name and personal blessing 


Day 2: July 23 … GUARDIANS & GATEWAYS 

The Kingdom of Avalon – Day of Earth 

Gog & Magog – The Tor – Glastonbury Village – Glastonbury Abbey 








Gog & Magog Gateway – Morning Chi exercises, meditation and dawn blessing 

Glastonbury Tor  – Star lineage workshop & activations; Ark of Aquarius ceremony 

Glastonbury Abbey – Be in the majestic grounds, connect with the grace filled energies of this space

In today’s Mystery School journey: 

  • Enter the ancient Isle of Avalon through the guardian gateways 
  • Embrace your star lineage and reconnect to your stargate of origin 
  • Honour the Age of Aquarius in an earth ceremony on the Tor 
  • Learn about the secrets of the Ark of the Covenant 
  • Liberate all karmic bonds at the Glastonbury Abbey 
  • Receive your wings of light from Horus, our master guide 
  • Shift and integrate energy with chi exercises, toning and alchemy oils



God Code Awakening at the Holy Wells – Day of Water

Zodiac Hounds – Chalice Well – White Spring – Isis “Blue” Well – School of Shamballa 

Chalice Well

Star Hounds – Opening ceremony/ connection to Diana, Anubis & all universal protectorates 

White Spring – Ceremonial Initiation into energies of the White Spring of Mother Mary, Activation : Expansion of the 3 fold Flame 

Chalice Well – Private meditation and Waitaha blessing ceremony at Mary Magdalene’s well, Activation: Receiving the Love of Mother God 

Isis “Blue” Well – Private viewing, ceremony and meditation at Isis Well, Opening the God code within 

In today’s Mystery School journey: 

  • Teachings, messages and activations of the ancient Triple Goddess 
  • Miracles of Water : Water Technology, vibration, intention and emerging secrets 
  • Private water initiations at all holy springs 
  • Sharings of the indigenous Waitaha, the people of water and the oldest matriarchal tribe in New Zealand 
  • God Code Awakening – DNA activation 
  • A meeting with Isis Beloved, guardian of the Blue Well, channel and creator of the Shamballa School of Consciousness 
  • Awakening of your oracular powers and psychic gifts 


Day 4: July 25 (Mayan Day out of Time) …  STAR TEMPLE OF THE GIANTS 

The Giant Leap – Day of Air 

Wearyall Hill – Maiden’s Mount – Glastonbury Zodiac Giants – Sunset on the Tor + Starwatching Wearyall Hill 

Wearyall Hill

Masculine/Shiva energies of creation, Chi exercises, Zen No Mind meditation Maiden’s Mount 

Feminine/Shakti energies of creation, Yin Yoga, Egg of Thoth meditation Glastonbury Zodiac “Star Temple of the Giants” 

Procession of the Grail, a cosmic initiatory journey through the zodiac houses Glastonbury Tor 

Sunset yoga, toning and meditation workshop; Star activations of Cygnus and the Valkyrie Goddesses 

In today’s Mystery School journey: 

  • Full balancing of masculine and feminine aspects of the creator self 
  • Total alignment with the star energies of the coming cycle 
  • Experience a rare ceremonial voyage through the Great Star Map, a living Zodiac discovered only in the 1900s 
  • Hear about the Mayan Calendar and its insights about the coming times 
  • Connect to Cygnus the Swan constellation and learn about its direct effect on Avalon 
  • Experience Yin Yoga, the yoga of surrender, atop the primeval “mounds of creation” 
  • Break through all previous resistance with Zen No Mind meditation 
  • Sense the presence of your guides beyond the Veil, the mighty Valkyries 


Day 5: July 26 (Egyptian New Year) … A ROYAL HOMECOMING 

Sacred codes of Kingship & Avalon’s Lineage of Light 

(This is the only closed day – only for those who have signed up for the whole journey) 

Glastonbury -Tintagel – Merlin’s Cave – King Arthur’s Castle – Marlborough 

Merlin's Cave

Tintagel – Birthplace of King Arthur 

Visit to Merlin’s Cave – Alchemical Mudras to blend and integrate the elemental gifts of each of the previous days; Chi breathing exercises and short meditation 

Tintagel Castle – Royal Ceremony of the Kings; Connection to King Arthur/ Horus/ Osiris 


Day 6: July 27 ….CIRCLES OF LIGHT 

Crop Circle Adventure – Vortexes of the Goddess 

Crop circle

Crop Circle Ceremony, Meditations and Alchemy workshop

Cosmic recalibration through alchemy, sound, light language, crystal singing bowls, ceremonial chants and prayers of indigenous tribes, crystal grids and ancient prophecies of the Goddess returning to the earth. 

During this workshop, you will experience: 

  • A return to your original stargate and reconnection to your soul families in the stars 
  • A journey deep into the earth to retrieve the knowledge stored within Gaia 
  • A remembrance of your soul’s journey from the stars 
  • The sacred purpose of crop circles 
  • Activation of your crystalline bodies into the 5th dimension 
  • Alignment of chakras through meditations, oils and sound vibrations 
  • Empowerment to transmit healing star codes to the planet, your clients, and loved ones 

Led by Clare Russell and Yvette Sitten, be attuned to the mysterious forces of nature that have created these mesmerising stargates. Create living mandalas of light as we gather together in sacred circle, guided by Star Goddesses Nuit, Isis, Hathor, Bast, Aphrodite, Mary Magdalene, Tara, Diana and Aurora. 


Day 7: July 28 …. ALCHEMY OF THE COSMOS 

Crop Circle Alchemical Transformation workshop 


Sacred Union alchemy workshop – Total integration of divine template, through alignment of physical, mental and emotional bodies using oils, Chi energywork, colour therapy, multidimensional goddess meditations and celestial sound frequencies 

During this workshop, you will experience: 

Avebury Stone Circle – Sunrise Ceremony at Temple of the Winged Dragon/Serpent; Chi exercises; Zen No Mind meditation; Connection to all planetary sites 

Crop Circle Labryinths – Walking the Sigils (sacred symbols/signatures); Grounding and anchoring through Yin Yoga; Connection to Solar Gods and Goddesses; Solar Code awakening workshop using dynamic body mudras and Aurora Alchemy oils 

Aurora Wisdom – Learn to work with the 13 celestial rays of creation; transforming the world through colour alchemy; Science of the Aurora; quantum expansion with our 13 chakra system 

Goddess Gridding – Earth Blessing Rituals and Ceremonies; Indigenous Earth prophecies and messages from the Star Elders; connection to the Star Grandmothers of Pleiades, Sirius, Lyra, Venus & Orion; Vocal Energetics (Toning) to heal the Earth 

Golden Light closing ceremony – guidelines for the New Earth energies, personal oracle messages 

Facilitated by Yvette Sitten, learn simple but highly effective alchemical tools to assist and uplift you during the coming times of change. Join us as we come together in a divine Golden Light celebration, powerfully blending yin and yang energies to bring Heaven and Earth together within our being. 


Investment: Either available as day drop in or Full tour

Including full 7 day tour and alchemy teaching, accommodation at Daisy centre in Glastonbury and Parklands Hotel in Marlborough, transport, all entrance fees to sacred sites, private entrance and ceremony at St Margarets chapel & Chalice Well Gardens.

Attendees of the full Mystery School journey of 7 days are eligible for : 

  • Initiation as Galactic Priest/ess during the final Golden Light ceremony 
  • Certificate of Recognition from the House of Aurora 

Full tour Fee: £1999 for a shared room.  Early Bird special: £1800 (shared room rate) for the 1st 7 signups and those who sign as 2 or more participants.  Special rates for those who have cars and can self-drive – please enquire further

Drop In Fee (accommodation and transport not included): 

£111 per day for Day 1-5 (Galactic Mystery School/ Ancient Star Wisdom Sacred Teachings): £555 for first 5 days

£66 per day for Day 6 &  and £77 for 7 (Crop circle workshops – open to non tour participants)

Weekend Pass for 2 day crop circle adventure (Day 6 & 7) : £122, saving £21

Investment for 7 Day Pass (22-28 July): £667 including 1 bottle of Aurora Alchemy Oil worth £38

Golden Light Avalon Mothership Tour

Crop Circle Workshops 27th & 28th July



“Golden Light is magical, divine and full of love and light in the company of all these beautiful goddesses – definitely a privilege and a must for those on their spiritual paths. Thank you for sharing these wonderful destinations and insights with us so we are equipped for our own inner journeys.” Carlyn Law, PR Agency owner, Singapore

Bosnian Pyramids White Light Beings Soul Travel


by Clare Russell 

Sacred sites around the planet hold vortexes of energy that support the earth and all beings into coming into alignment with themselves.  Each sacred site carries its own energy signature that is unfolding itself into its fullest expression.  (2012 is a significant ‘gate’ year as we move in higher dimensions).  When we visit them, it allows and supports us in discovering our own fullest expression, as aligned to the specific aspect held in this sacred site.


Click here to download the Bosnian Pyramids Soul Travel Meditation



What is Soul Travel?

We can visit these sites in our physical bodies and we can also visit these sites through Soul Travel.  Soul Travel is the experience of being in deep connection with your Source that is part and one with the Source of all.  From this place of oneness you can travel everywhere, directed by Source you’re naturally always in alignment with your highest potential.

This is a guided Soul Travel to the Bosnian Pyramids, traveling from the heart of your soul is a powerful and beautiful experience, allow yourself the space and time to explore it.  In visits you will likely receive information, downloads and activations from these sites.  Please also rest, drink water and allow yourself to absorb your experience afterwards.

About the Bosnian Pyramids and Beings of white light

This is a free downloadable Meditation to connect with the Bosnian Pyramids, and specifically to travel to the core of the active archeological dig there – the tunnels that are thought to feed and charge the Pyramids which then creates the beam of energy coming out of the top of the Pyramid.   I speak a little at the beginning about my experience at the Bosnian Pyramids, followed by a 30 minute soul travel meditation that also incorporates Light Language – high frequency sound codes that aids your travel and connecting experience.  Click here to find out more about the Bosnian Pyramids New Earth tour in 2012 and click here to read about my experience at the Bosnian Pyramids in 2011.

The white light Beings.  My experience when in the tunnels of the pyramids was highly joyful.  Since coming back from Bosnia, I have experience more directly white misty beings as I soul travelled to the pyramids.  On sharing this experience with others who have been in the tunnels I discovered that they have also experienced these white light beings.  They offer a beautiful healing heart resonance energy, very lovely new friends.  I wish you much enjoyment of connecting with them through this meditation.

What is Light Language?

This language comes from deep within the heart of each Being, it enables an expression of deep love in a language beyond words.  In a language of resonance, instant understanding is communicated from being to being.  The language of light reveals the pathway of the heart that knows we are One, energetically and spiritually.  In this case, I experience the energy of the white light beings in the tunnels at the Bosnian pyramids, and this translates into sound waves as light language.  This language then becomes a gateway to meet them more easily and effortlessly.  With all energetic experiences, allow your breath to guide you as you hear the language, breathe deeply, relax and enjoy.

Click here to download the Bosnian Pyramids Soul Travel Meditation

New Zealand sacred sites

April 10, 2012Diane HopkinsBlog

By Damien Cornford

I sit here typing this blog with tears in my eyes, as I am saying goodbye to a place which I can now call home. Pretty much all places on this sacred place we call Gaia I call home but New Zealand has touched my heart like no other. Sitting here in the airport waiting for my flight to India, I ask myself what lessons have I been taught here, how has this changed my life?

New Zealand is a place of natural beauty and that beauty is expressed in the eyes and smiles of the people that live here. From the very beginning we were welcomed into the home of Vicky Woo Woo with a big warm hug and that good old fashioned charming saying, “Would you like a cuppa tea or coffee?” and that’s where the stories and laughs begin.

We arrived on Thursday morning into Auckland, the sun was shining and the people were vibrant with colorful smiles. Colette looked at me in the eyes and said, “How do you feel?”, though it wasn’t until on the bus leaving the big city that the feelings began to sink in. The green countryside rolled for miles, dairy farms filled the land as far as the eye could see mixed here and there with corn and hay fields. An overwhelming feeling that I had been here before filled my very core, I was home.

The essence of the land can be seen in the kindness of the smiling faces that surround you, New Zealand is a different place. People here at every chance laugh and greet each other with the warmth of a huge hug. The best memories were sitting with family and friends and just listening to their stories and life. The secrets of life were shared here, with the simple truths that we all search for expressed in simple meanings in the stories told.

In the short time I spent in New Zealand these were the sacred destinations I visited:


We visited two maraes, which are sacred meeting places for the indigenous Maori families; here ceremonies are held to celebrate life. From the death of a loved one to birthdays, families here celebrate together and share everything. The idea is if each person shares a little or what they can then there will be plenty for everyone.  This is something we do not acknowledge in the western societies where most people are brought up to look after one’s self, and then we lose that sense of community. The celebrations at the maraes are huge and everyone has their role to play, and I tell you what – you will never go home hungry!

Tokahaere Rock

Tokahaere Rock is a sacred destination with a significant story to tell. The story goes that two brothers were in love with the same woman and both wished to marry her. They made a deal with each other that the first to walk to the sea would win the hand of the woman. The catch was that whoever didn’t make it to the sea would be turned to stone. Both brothers agreed to this but neither one of them made it to the sea or to ever take the hand of the woman they loved, and were turned to stone. Tokahaere rock is a reminder of this story and the divine love that each brother honored.

Wairakei Terraces

Later that afternoon we made our way to the town of Taupo and swam at Wairakei Terraces. These are pools of hot springs which are selenium rich and boil out of the ground at extreme degrees. When the water makes its way down the terraces it cools to temperatures suitable for swimming. Being Selenium rich makes this a place of deep clearing and cleansing, the selenium removes all negative energies from your fields – matrixes which no longer serve your highest and best good – helping to clear your chakras of all past pain and trauma. This sacred site is something that everyone should experience; feelings boil from the deep depths of your being and you feel like a new person afterwards. One feels more alive than ever and has a depth of peace in their heart that words cannot explain.

Huka Falls

Huka Falls, well this is a real surprise, if you are expecting to see a vertical waterfall with a huge drop you are wrong. Don’t underestimate the beauty of this though. You walk over a bridge and then your breath is taken away, your jaw drops with amazement from the pure energy of this horizontal waterfall. The water is pushed through a small gorge and the force of the energy can be felt. This is another big clearing sacred site, the rush of the water and air clears all your energy fields and matrixes from life trauma leaving you feeling amazing.

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is a huge lake on the town of Taupo. On the lake is a floating island made of pumice in which the dead are buried. It is told that when the island makes its way close to shore the spirits of the people on board are transported off the island to the mainland. All through this area hot springs make their way through the ground and run into the lake making it very rich in minerals and good drinking water. Here the peaceful serenity of the town and the lake meet making a quiet little spot to mediate on the shore and soak up the beauty of the area.


The next day we walked around the town of Raglan, which is a beachside town. The people here are becoming self-sufficient, growing all their own food and supplying their own source of green energy through wind generators. The town is filled with arts and craft stores and we were welcomed into an art gallery opening with a glass of local white wine and some antipasto. This is what dreams are made of! The surf beach here is called Manu Bay and is very popular with the locals. Here we enjoyed the afternoon watching the surfers make the most of the last waves for the day.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls is one of my favorite sacred destinations we visited on this journey. From the viewing platform it is a quick 10-minute walk to the bottom. The drop of the falls is spectacular and the energy of this area is so peaceful and sacred. You can hear the chatter of the trees and the birds, the serenity is intoxicating. Here you are filled with a sense of peace and gratefulness, that the gods have blessed you and allowed for your journey to bring you to a place of such natural beauty. 

Thank you to our friend Vicky for showing us around and being our tour guide for the time there, for welcoming us into her home and sharing her family with us. This made New Zealand home.

Connecting with Crop Circles

April 8, 2012Diane HopkinsBlog

By Diane Hopkins

In the summer of 2011 I travelled through the English countryside to explore the mystery of crop circles for the first time.  Interestingly crop circles are considered to be ‘temporary temples’ that carry powerful energy frequencies similar to that of ancient sites and other sacred destinations.  Their temporary nature means that a new set arrives each year during spring and summer, and aerial photographs of newly spotted circles can be found at the Crop Circle Connector website.  In England crop circles start appearing every year in April, increasing in frequency through to July and August, and are most commonly found in the Wiltshire County close to the ancient sites of Stonehenge and Avebury.

Spiritual symbols and sacred geometry

The spiritual symbol of the circle/sphere, common to the majority of crop circles, is about unity, wholeness, completion and cycles.  The circle also has cosmic connotations, representing the sun, moon and planets and their orbits.On our tour the three crop circles we visited each has their own distinct geometric pattern.  The first circle we visited was a series of concentric circles and rings, the second was made up of eight connected circles of decreasing size linked by a set of rings, and the third an intricate pattern resembling Celtic symbolism.

Click here to see Photos of Crop circle 1: Concentric rings

Click here to see Photos of Crop circle 2: Planetary spheres

Click here to see Photos of Crop circle 3: Celtic swirls

Sacred geometry – the universal patterns used in the design of everything and seen most clearly within nature and sacred architecture – can be found within the crop circle patterns.  The spiral/vortex, a common form of sacred geometry, could be seen within the crop circles we visited on the tour.  The barley and wheat stalks were bent and laid into distinct spiral patterns along the ground.  Many of these forms within crop circles have been found to match the Golden Ratio, a mathematical set of proportions that is used by nature to create organisms.

Crop circle theories and cosmic messages

The origins of the crop circles have created much debate over the years.  Although many people claim that they are extraterrestrial and there have been numerous UFO sightings coinciding with the appearance of crop circles, others insist that they are man-made hoaxes.  Many are concluding that a higher intelligence must be involved because they appear in full form overnight during the height of summer when there is only four hours of darkness and because of the precise way in which the crop stalks are bent rather than cut. 

Many of crop circles patterns correspond to mathematical principles such as the Golden Ratio or Pi which some have suggested represents a universal cosmic language.  The conclusion here is that the circles may represent a form of extraterrestrial communication.

Sensing energies and sharing experiences

Many of the crop circles appear in an area of the Wiltshire countryside that is known in spiritual circles as the England Triangulation – the physical locality between Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury that offers particularly strong access to spiritual energy.

My personal experience of visiting the crop circles was a strong sensory exploration, gifting me with a heightened sensitivity to feeling and recognising different energy vibrations.  As we crossed the farmland to reach each circle we walked in single file along the tramlines with our arms outstretched brushing the top of the crop stalks to start sensing the energies at each site.  We each wandered around exploring the circles in our own way, at times sitting or lying down on the ground to absorb all we could from the experience.  Many within the group felt strong physical sensations within the circles, some seeing colours and others finding words to represent their impressions of the sites.  We watched with interest as pendulums spun wildly and changed directions at key places within the circles.

At the end of each visit we came together for a guided group meditation.  Some members of our group were able to decipher the circles as specific codes of communication and others found they received personal messages from their guides during the visits.  We found that there were shared understandings of the crop circles among the group as each one seemed to carry its own unique vibrational signature.  In the second circle we visited each of the interconnected spheres had a distinct quality of vibration, perhaps representing the different chakras or dimensions, and many of the group felt that there were doors or gates separating each sphere.  At this site everyone seemed to have a different favourite sphere that they wanted to sit in and enjoy.

Grounding to Mother Earth

Walking through the crop circles there was a strong feeling of being grounded and supported by Mother Earth.  As we explored the land amongst this scenic landscape the group sank into an effortless sense of simply Being.  We sat and lay on the ground, finding our own special spots to connect more deeply with the power of these temporary sacred sites.  Many areas within the circles almost looked like they were specifically designed for quiet reflection and meditation!  I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging right here and now in this very place and moment in time.  It was so pleasant simply soaking up the nurturing energy of the circles that we needed to be rounded up when it was time to leave.

As we wait to see what new crop circles are discovered in 2012 I look forward to re-connecting with these temporary temples once again.

  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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