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Italy Sacred Tour: Art and the flowering of the Heart.

July 15, 2015Clare_toursBlog, Tours

Over 6 days we traveled to the sacred sites of Florence, Siena and Assisi, taking a journey of healing, activation leading to the ‘flowering of the heart’. The journey took us into deeply exploring the feminine and masculine within us and within the world. Through tracing the Apollo and Athena leylines, reading the signs and symbols along the way, we were decoding the land, but also our inner landscape for us to become one whose sacred heart wisdom adorns the soul.

We started in the centre of old town Florence, a city rich in art and sacred vortices. Beginning at the activation site of the Duomo – climbing within the very walls of the perfect Brunelleschi dome to reach its pinnacle – we felt the harmonic resonance held in this perfect sound and energy chamber. (Energetically similar to climbing the inner walkways of the pyramids!) As we looked out over the city we connected to the cosmic pathways of light above and Earth’s ancient dragon energy below. Merging both in our hearts we connected in oneness with the land and joyfully soaked up the view, the power of connection to ourselves and the universe – excited about what lay ahead.

florence-skylineBlessed by an easeful grace, (and very quick or no queues – small miracle in Florence!) we visited the amazing Baptistery that held a pure spirit energy, in the centre of its dome we completed the seven rays meditation, spiralled in receipt of the great light held here, preparing the way for our next destination.

BLOG Baptisery FlorenceMasculine energy healing and opening to the divine masculine was the focus of our first day in Florence as our group offered – The Hoponopono, (I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you) in an important energy vortex that is letting go of past pain and opening to receive the light of the radiant masculine and feminine. The Kundalini rising light of Mary Magdalene is opening a doorway of freedom for all those wanting to heal this energy dynamic.

Then we went on to see the original David Statue by Michelangelo that inspired us all – he worked on this stone in his 20’s, after other sculptures’ had given up on it. Walk around David and you see the strength and determination of a young man on one side and then you see vulnerability, fear, and the inner emotional turmoil of the decisions ahead of him on the other. He is not the flat power image of the masculine, but a complex balance of emotions, choices, humanity and spirit. And, if you look into his eyes, you will see Michelangelo has made his pupils as hearts, perhaps sharing that the courageous open heart is the central vision for the whole.

david2BLOG david1In our second day in Florence we explored the watery feminine, such a different energy where our day’s movements flowed and changed! Starting at the Uffizi we contemplated Venus by Botticelli, exploring what her archetype means to us now – the lover, the emergence of feminine beauty from the watery oceans. Then in the middle of the Ponte Vecchio we completed water ceremony with crystal bowl blessings and invoking the wisdom of the ancient people of water, the Waitaha, we offered a sung prayer from their lineages. As we finished ceremony, so also came the torrential rain…telling us now was the time for enjoyment of a wonderful Italian meal in the artisan area of Florence!BLOG tour group florenceThat afternoon, following our own wanderings a few of us visited the Boboli gardens, connecting with the Egyptian lineages with the obelisk there, before taking what seemed like a small exit from the gardens and coming across the most amazing exhibition of crystals we have ever seen. Conveniently empty, we connected with the rooms of huge crystals in privacy, playing the crystal bowl to all of them – it’s hard to describe in words the magic of the energy in the room from all these amazing beings!

BLOG crystals

BLOGCrystalsThen our final Florence destination – Sante Croce church – the largest Franciscan church outside of Assisi, laid out according to the Egyptian Ankh and carrying codes of the feminine, peace and Egyptian lineages. Sound meditation and activation in the most perfect dome Brunelleschi designed left us all filled up with light and possibility ready for Siena!

BLOG tourgroup

Siena – meeting the Athena and Apollo leylines! Greeted by ‘free hugs’ as soon as we arrived, we felt welcomed, ready for the light work ahead.   Visiting the main Campo, we walked the leylines up to the Duomo – a structure of immense power and wealth! Then moving to the foundations and crypt beneath it, we found the node where the Athena and Apollo lines cross. Here we completed a spiral dragon dance to integrate and harmonize the feminine and masculine. In short – potent energy work that called for Cake, ice cream and relaxation in the main square, before heading on our way to Assisi!

Assisi! The whole tour group felt the shift as we entered this land. Many locations we had been felt like the masculine and feminine energies were learning and seeking to move into harmony. However, in the care of St Francis and St Clara, Assisi is already there! Similarly for us, we started to move into deeper self harmony, greater joy and possibility. We discovered a new tree sculpture made of an intertwined man and woman at a key point for the Apollo and Athena leylines in the centre of Assisi. Starting our Assisi journey on the new moon we headed to the crypt of the Basilica where St Francis is buried. Visiting such a sacred place of peace is beyond words, rather, in the silence, we listened deeply to the flowering of our own hearts, whilst offering our blessings and prayers to all.  BLOG treeofbalanceBLOGassisibasillica

The magic of Assisi continued with gorgeous sunsets and star gazing in the olive orchards, along with playing with the 1000’s of fire flies lighting up the darkness like moving fairy lights! So many places to mention in Assisi, however two that stand out are a special chapel in the place where St Francis was born. Under an ornate chapel we found this sacred space with a simple altar and terracotta sculpture of St Francis and St Clara in the form of father sky and mother earth. We offered sung prayers, blessings and energy activations at this place, including Aurora Alchemy Goddess Oil anointing that fell to the ground in a twin hearts formation – a mini miracle telling us the masculine and feminine were indeed in divine fusion and awakening.

BLOG stfrancisstclaraBLOG twinhearts









Our last visit was the gorgeous hermitage where St Francis spent much time. Climbing through the forest, we connected with the earth and ancient earth shamans that reside in nature, asking that humanity and nature move into harmony, peace and love – perfect timing before the next day when the Pope announced that caring from the earth and environment is a sacred duty of all people.

BLOG hermitagestfrancisWith peace and expansion in our hearts we completed our Sacred Italy healing, awakening adventure! I am honored to have travelled with the gorgeous soul group who were with us in person and in spirit.   Thank you for your wisdom, grace and gorgeousness! May all be blessed by this sacred Adventure.



BIRTHING the GODDESS: Goddess Temples UK & Ireland rediscovered

March 17, 2015Clare_toursBlog, Tours

Perhaps because I am a woman. Or perhaps because we are in a time when we are culturally rebalancing to embody the feminine and bring balance to an overwrought masculine, I am increasingly drawn to sites that honor the feminine.

In fact, these sites are everywhere, and even in the most masculine dominant places, there is a re-birthing and realigning. And in those already flourishing feminine places, these sites are coming alive with harmonious yet activating energies.

I have travelled and honored sacred sites of the feminine all over the world, from the Temple of Isis in Egypt, to the temple of Avokeltsvara in Tibet, and the New Zealand temple of the stars and grandmothers.  

However, I thought I would share with you two sacred sites, from closer to my home in UK and Ireland. My wish is to take you behind the veil and share with you glimpses of the stories and experiences from these places.

The first of these is Avebury


The Avebury complex is vast, and although I have visited there many times, offered ceremony on many occasions, I still feel I am just newly knowing her. She is also where I will spend this Solar Eclipse & Equinox, for my own ceremony over what feels to be a powerful Energetic Golden Gateway, (EGG). What better place to experience and EGG, but in womb? And this is Avebury – with her 2 processional paths like fallopian tubes, coming into the womb. Avebury is a place of fertility and new life, the place for Beltane celebrations, with the horses of Rhiannon surrounding the landscape.

This is the site that is calling me regularly and the more I visit her, the more energy I feel vibrating from her. Now about 1-2 miles out of Avebury, I feel the energy radiance. In the circle itself we are in the still eye of creation, the centre of a vortex that is powerfully shifting and activating the leylines with new energies.

Avebury stones

credit to AveburyHeart Centre

The Grandmother stones of Avebury whisper their secrets, no loud proclaim of power and authority, but the ever-present pregnancy of possibility.   And in this, the largest stone circle of Europe, there is a coil of dragon energy being born. Beneath the surface the leylines and energy lines are highly active, and best felt on key alignments and the liminal times just before sunrise and after sunset. The West Kennet Long Barrow is a place of mystery that draws the fearless initiates who discover immense love and connection with the starry heavens when toning, drumming and singing in her sacred chambers.

For those who wish to explore this sacred temple with sacred sound, crystal healing and ceremony I recommend exploring Avebury Heart Centre where Adrian and Helen hold a wonderful space in the centre of her womb.

aveburykennettThe Second Goddess Location is Uisneach, Ireland

The place of first fires in Ireland. Over the last 3 years, this place made an impression on me with its apparent hiddenness and the immense natural earth magic that will open its doorways here when we are ready.

 Festival of the Fires / IrlandLast year visiting this sacred site on tour, I had concerns of walking and climbing there as it had rained heavily the day before, I knew the hills to be steep, cows to be in the fields and some of my participants might find these conditions physically challenging. However, we arrived and called the farmer, (as required – this is private land), to discover that there was a newly appointed guide who had not officially started yet, but who happened to be there waiting for an older lady due to arrive in 2 hours. The older lady was a 77 year old expert on leylines making the trip from USA to Ireland especially to connect with the land. We were a group of 7 who knew the mystical significance and resonance of the 7 – harmony and the hidden balance of the moon, (13) and sun (20) cycles. Auspiciousness opened the way with our route through the field cordoned off from cows and special access of key areas from our wonderful guide Marty.

He took us to the place of first fires, (at Beltane – May 1st, all fires are ceremonially extinguished and then the First Fire is lit from this Hill Top, and the 19 other fires, (20 = sun) are lit 1 by one around the landscape).  When we arrived, the weather was still rainy – we offered a solar blessing, and as we did the sun came out and stayed with us for the rest of the tour.   Although a solar temple this place is long associated with the goddess Danu, more recently the Triple Goddess Brighid whose eternal flame is held in Kildare, Ireland.

Danu_ire2014 copyThere is much to be discovered at Uisneach – a place of fairy, in legend the place where merlin got the magic for Stonehenge, in spiritual heritage this is the spiritual centre of Ireland, ‘Hibernicus Umbilicus’ – the umbilical cord of Ireland.   These ancient sites often symbolize birthing, life, and creation through the feminine body as the goddess.  Marty’s words stuck with me about the fairy lineages, (Goddess Danu also the Queen of fairy Realms), to quote, ‘It wasn’t that my father believed in fairies – it’s just that he didn’t annoy them’ – so apt that although in modern western culture fairies are the friends of children, not adults..dig a little deeper and the local people will talk to you about the reality and power of nature spirits in their own way.

To learn more about Uisneach and other Ireland Goddess sites, visit this years Sacred tour of Ireland page. And do have a read through blogs of past tours which will reveal even many more glimpses into the sacred Goddess sites around the world.

Ireland Goddess Tour 2014

December 5, 2013Clare RussellTours

Avalon Spiritual Journey 2014: Sacred Lineages of Light

December 5, 2013Clare RussellTours


SD_homebanners1_edited-2Avalon tour 2014: The Sacred Lineages of Light

“Goddesses and Sisters
my deepest Gratitude
for showing me the way
to remembrance.”
 Patti; Ireland and Avalon tour participant 2013

Avalon is a sacred landscape that connect us to the wisdom lineages held in the land and mapped from the stars.  These are our sacred lineages of light.  As you remember your wisdom lineages, these sacred sites call you to return, to answer the call of guardianship.  For you guardianship might refer to the landscape of Avalon itself, as well as the Sacred wisdom lineages you carry within yourself to guide your life and share in your community.

Those who come are drawn here to reconnect and deepen to their lineages of light  These lineages include the call of the Magdalane’s, Priestesses of Brigid, the Dragon and star lineages. 

Last month of Booking available!: Contact Clare directly to reserve your place: or tel: +(44) 07966 253 111


  • Stonehenge: Private Sunrise Ceremony in the stones!

  • Avebury Stone Circle and wider ancient sacred sites

  • Glastonbury Tor

  • Glastonbury Abbey

  • Glastonbury St Margaret’s Chapel:  Mary Magadalene Chapel

  • Chalice Well and White Well: sacred Springs of Glastonbury

  • Ancient Oaks of Glastonbury: Gog and Magog

“I’m still integrating this awe-filled magical journey. I’m so grateful for that experience. I still don’t have words to describe the transformation, illumination experienced there. I feel blessed to have been part of that. Pure Magic! Ireland Goddess Tour & Avalon 2013”

Stonehenge 3715 v1Clare Russell will guide you in:

  • Intuitive connection and listening to the land,

  • Awakening and opening to the hidden landscape of the Goddess in Avebury and Glastonbury. 

  • Authentic ceremony to step beyond the veil and interact with the multi-dimensional reality present in these sacred sites. 

  • Learn how to activate your subtle bodies and strengthen your lightbody

Tour Themes
The call to Guardianship
Lightbody activations
Awakening your Intuitive wisdom
Activation of Soul Purpose:  Know the essence of your sacred offering
Awakening and Inauguration of the sacred lineages of light within you
Authentic Ceremony in the sacred landscape of Avalon’s temples

Your Facilitator: Clare Russell,  intuitive, healer,  opener of the way, priestess of Brighid and star goddess Nuit will be guiding you on your sacred journey.

 “I  felt called  to be at Avalon and if you had not organised the tour, I may not have had the courage to go on my own. For me it was a perfect continuation of my trip to honoured sacred sites devoted to  Mary Magdalene . I felt so privileged to have been part of the dawn ceremony at Stonehenge,  our group meditations at Glastonbury  Abbey and to have connected with some of the amazing people on your tour.”   Eva Avalon Tour 2013

Booking & Payment information
The total investment for the Avalon 2014  Sacred Lineages of Light tour is £633 for twin shared accommodation. single accommodation is also available.  As we are in the last month for bookings, please contact Clare directly to reserve your place: or tel: +(44) 07966 253 111

Book this tour with the Ireland Goddess tour, and save £189 with the combined Ireland and Avalon tour investment £1777

Included in the costs are:, 4 nights bed and breakfast at Tordown (Gold award for Green Tourism and 4* Guest accommodation),   1 evening meal. It also includes all site entrances fees, travel via private car hire for all excursions, guide fees, all workshops and events hosted by Clare Russell during the tour.  Cost excludes international flights and internal flights between Ireland and England.  Payment can be made via electronic bank transfer (contact us directly) or paypal below.

Day by day Itinerary:

May 31st:  Arrive in Glastonbury – Tordown in the afternoon.  For those coming from Goddess Ireland tour, transfer from Bristol Airport is arranged.


We will be staying at Tordown on the slopes of the Glastonbury Tor itself, this delightful bed and breakfast will be our home for the duration of our Avalon sacred journey.   In their lovely garden and comfortable rooms we relax and acclimatize to the energies of Avalon.

June 1st:  We begin our day early we private ceremony in the great Stonehenge.  We gather just before sunrise, entering the stones in ceremony, carrying the codes of the Goddess from Ireland and the greater lineages of light we all bring, we join together at this cosmic portal.  We begin our first inauguration of light at this sacred temple.    

Stonehenge 1783_e

To be in the centre of these great, wise, loving grandfather stones is a profound experience.  With reverence and honor we recognise that we too are an equal part of this cosmic play.  We receive lightbody activations and connect direct to source.

After Stonehenge we have breakfast nearby, before continuing to the sacred landscape of Avebury.  Traveling the song lines of Avalon, we connect the great grandfather portal of stonehenge to the great grandmother circle of Avebury.  We enter the womb space of the ancient mother.  


We visit Sillbury Hill – the pyramid of light anchored here.  From Sillbury hill we process into the great circle of avebury, feeling and sensing the energy of the sun and moon circle, visiting the ancient grove of trees, and tracking the michael and Mary lines as they come to a point of union in the centre of the stone circle.  We greet and meet the ancient stones.  We listen to the wisdom they impart, we come together and share our listenings to know the greater wisdom they share with us.


We undertake our second inauguration of light in the Star Temple of Avebury.   Evening: Returning to Glastonbury and Tordown for sleep.

June 2nd:  Integration and Connection in Glastonbury.  The last 48 hours have taken us deeply into the lineages of light we hold.  From within the energetic vortex of Glastonbury, we allow space and time for integration and reflection of your experience so far.  

We enjoy a morning of free time to explore the delights of Glastonbury, the crystal shops, esoteric book shops and delicious cafes.   We come together in the afternoon reflecting on our experience, before entering our 3rd Inauguration of light at Glastonbury Tor.

Gog by Yin Phua

Gog by Yin Phua


Magog by Yin Phua

Magog by Yin Phua







Through the gateway of the ancient oaks Gog and Margog we enter the labyrinth of Glastonbury Tor.  In the concentric circles of the Tor, we reach the centre where a vortex of light is anchored connecting earth and sun energies, the devic and angelic, the feminine and masculine in 1 harmonic field of light.  Connecting to the laser beam of light at the apex of the Tor we undertake our 3rd Inauguration of light, bringing unity, balance to completion of our awakening to the sacred lineages of light.


June 3rd:  Water Blessings, opening to the stories, visions and messages of your light lineages.  The Call of Guardianship Initiated

Over 3 light initiations, huge personal and spiritual expansion has been taking place.  Held in the sacred intention of this journey within this mystical landscape, great awakening and realisations will have been taking place.  Messages, synchronicity,  dream time realisations,  visceral experiences of the subtle multi-dimensional reality,  new connections to guides and lineages will be suffusing your daytime experience.

Chalice well angels by Yin Phua

Chalice well angels by Yin Phua


Chalice well Angel by Diane

Chalice well Angel by Diane


The chalice well source

The chalice well source







Today, we enter the pure space of Chalice Well Gardens.   A beautiful, peaceful place to weave together the impressions, insights and experiences so far.  We take personal journeys to connect with the guardians of the land and Goddess of the Well.  We spend time alone in reflection, we gather together to share our experience.  

After lunch we explore Glastonbury Abbey and invoke our inner seer in the peace of the lady chapel and wider abbey grounds.  We allow our purpose to be evoked, revealed and shared.  We see the layers upon layers of mythic stories and archetypes present in the landscape of Arthurian legends, of the Christ and Mary, the spiritual lineages of monks and priestesses all called to this alive landscape of leylines and starmaps.  We understand we are mythic beings of great capacity to intentionally create our reality. From our own expansive wholeness we discover the depths and abundance of our sacred offering.

Glastonbury Abbey by Yin Phua

Glastonbury Abbey by Yin Phua

Completing our mystic remembrance, we visit St Margarets Chapel, a beautiful place dedicated to Mary Magdalene.   In this exquisite chapel and sound chamber, we honor the call of our personal guardianship, of what is precious to you, who you are and why you are here.  In this space, echelons of light surround you in remembrance of your purpose. Your greater self is one with the all, and great celebrations reverberate from the inner sanctum of your heart through all time and space.   

At the Chapel with Yvette by Yin Phua

At the Chapel

With great joy we gather together for a final evening meal together.

June 4th:  Celebration and Completion.  Departure day.

The end of our Avalon Spiritual Journey 2014 and the beginning of new layers of sacred guardianship.  With much joy and appreciation we bid fond farewells for now to each other and begin our journeys home.  

Booking & Payment information
The total investment for the Avalon 2014  Sacred Lineages of Light tour is £633 for twin shared accommodation. single accommodation is also available.  As we are in the last month for bookings, please contact Clare directly to reserve your place: or tel: +(44) 07966 253 111

Book this tour with the Ireland Goddess tour, and save £189 with the combined Ireland and Avalon tour investment £1777

Included in the costs are:, 4 nights bed and breakfast at Tordown (Gold award for Green Tourism and 4* Guest accommodation),   1 evening meal. It also includes all site entrances fees, travel via private car hire for all excursions, guide fees, all workshops and events hosted by Clare Russell during the tour.  Cost excludes international flights and internal flights between Ireland and England.

To reserve your place use the paypal booking button below or email to receive your booking form and bank transfer details.  Especially, in the last month of booking, please do contact us directly to reserve your place.

 Please note for paypal bookings, there is an additional 5% added to cover paypal fees.  You will receive both a paypal confirmation of payment and follow up welcome letter and full booking form details for the tour.  Bank transfer payment can be a more preferable way to pay  andmay have lower fees, please email us for details.  

Avalon Sacred Tour 2014

Ireland Goddess Tour 2014

November 5, 2013Clare RussellTours

ireland-boyne-river-valleyIreland Goddess Tour 2014: May 24th – May 31st

The 2014 Ireland Goddess tour is an opportunity to connect deeply with the divine feminine within you, greet the sacred landscape and sites of Ireland from the God/Goddess that you are and celebrate the upwelling of love and joy arising at this special time.

The Goddess energies emerging now are part of a great awakening of the divine feminine in all things. Regardless of gender, we are all awakening to the necessary love drenched shift towards co-operation, community, honoring of the land, the mystical intuitive path of knowledge, receiving, giving and creating from unconditional love, our oneness with all beings. The list could go on, all qualities and ways of being that are archetypal embodied in the divine feminine.

“What a special and magical moment in time that was. Completely life changing for me. So much happened on so many levels that I continue to sit in gratitude and awe of the experience and be transformed by it.  I’ve been on quite a few spiritual pilgrimages that were enriching in some way as well as life altering. There was something unique that occurred on our journey in Ireland though.” 2013 Ireland Tour participant

Please contact Clare directly to reserve your place: or

tel: +(44) 07966 253 111

2014  Tour Overview & Themes

Clare Russell leads a sacred tour of the Goddess landscape of Ireland.  


  •  New Grange, the Hill of Tara and Stone of Destiny

  • Fire Temple and sacred springs of Brighid, Kildare

  • Magical stone circles in Limerick, Kerry and Cork

  • The Loughcrew cairns and rock art

  • Queen Meave’s Cairn, the royal lineage.

  • •Waterfalls and natural beauty of Killarney national park

Goddess codes

Goddess ceremony @ Queen Meave’s Ciarn

Remembered and revered we come to discover the creative source, the Ancient Mother.  She is found in her pregnant belly -Ireland’s ancient Cairns, in her womb space – the circles of life that are the sacred stone circles.  She guards the pathway between realms at the waterfalls, caves, and passage tombs.   She directs our inner journey through the leylines and markings in the landscape. Her sacred dwellings are found in the quiet of the forest and the fresh spring water wells.  Her voice is heard in the winds and the tides of the ocean and flow of the rivers.  

Clare will guide you in:

Discovering your authentic connection to the sacred landscape of Ireland
Returning to the source, the ancient mother within and without
Personal transformation: set down your covering and shine bright
Intuitive connection to the elemental realm
Soul recognition:  re-member your lineage, revision your story and reclaim your power.
Be part of ceremony that is relevant and authentic to you.
Lightbody activations

 In this tour we become one with the divine mother, we discover her elemental majesty, her creative rhythms of living through the cycles of birth and death necessary to our own journey of transformation.   In the midst of it all we discover the current of life and abundance of love pouring forth to be received, cherished and shared.

“Anyone who answers the call to visit Ireland with you will be forever changed by the experience, in the best possible way. For me, from the moment I saw the itinerary, I instantly knew I had to go. Something triggered in my heart, some small explosion that grew into a huge YES, and then everything conspired in my life to make it happen.” Lisa 2013 participant

Your Facilitator: Clare Russell,  intuitive, healer,  opener of the way, priestess of Brighid and star goddess Nuit will be guiding you on your sacred journey. 

Read Clare’s Blog on 2013 tour, See the photos from our 2013 tour

Booking & Payment information

The total investment for the Ireland Goddess Tour 2014 is £1,333 for twin shared accommodation. single accommodation is available for an extra £230. As we are in the last month for bookings, please contact Clare directly to reserve your place: or tel: +(44) 07966 253 111

Book this tour with the Avalon living light tour, (from May 24th – 31st) and save £189. 

Included in the costs are: transfers to and from the airport, 7 nights bed and breakfast at high quality 3* Hotels,   2 evening meals. It also includes all site entrances fees, travel via private car hire for all excursions, guide fees, all workshops and events hosted by Clare Russell during the tour.  Cost excludes international flights and internal flights between Ireland and England.  Its possible to pay via paypal below, or when you contact us directly via email or phone, we will provide the information for electronic bank transfer

Daily Itinerary

May 24th Day 1: Arrival Day in Dublin, Goddess Brigid Ancient Fire Blessings and the Sacred Wells water Blessing

St Brigid's well KildareWelcome to the Land of the Goddess!  We will meet at the airport and pick up our cars and prepare for the great pilgrimage of the Goddess. We start our tour with a visit to the heartland of Goddess Brighid. The Fire Goddess venerated through the whole of the British Isles, she is the bringer of the eternal flame, the weaver that knows the patterns of time.  Today we begin the unveiling of the Goddess within and without. We experience ceremony of the Fire Goddess and ignite the flame within!


 Brighid also blesses us through water at her sacred wells.  Water is the holder of the keys and codes of the landscape, the cleansing of spring water allows us to shed any outworn aspects and initiates our flow.

St Brigits well Goddesslands
St. Brigid’s Cathedral in County Kildare: Fire Temple, Well and Prayer stones
St. Brigid’s Cathedral is located on the original grounds of St. Brigid’s wooden church. Between 1223 and 1230 the present Cathedral was built. This is the site believed to be where the Priestesses of Brighid kept her eternal flame lit. Later, when Christianity spread throughout Ireland, the Sisters of St. Brigid (nuns) continued this role that was started by her Priestesses.The Fire Temple is an awesome experience, standing on this ancient and sacred ground you feel the energy of the Goddess and the many women who honored her here.

St Brigid’s Well is large and elaborately decorated, a sacred site holding depths of blessings. There are 5 prayer stones standing in a line and it’s customary to stop at each stone and reflect upon an aspect of Brighid – Behind the 5th stone is a round well that you are to encircle 3 times to achieve harmony within yourself and within the universe. We will also visit the older well at the site, where the sacred waters are recognised for their healing properties.

Overnight:  Headford Arms Hotel or similar, Kells

Day 2: May 25th Boyne Valley – Hill of Tara -Stone of Destiny

 After we have entered in through the purifying and awakening Fire of Brighid and her sacred flowing waters we come to the seat of Tara and cairns of Boyne Valley.   The mother awaits us in the darkness of her belly.  She shares the wisdom of the moon and season cycles.  She shares the codings held in the ancient Goddess stone art of the spirals, circles and diamonds.  

We are called to go deeper into the ancient lineages.  Gathering our tribe, connecting to our ancestors we step forward into our soul sovereignty, ready to recognise who we are.

Newgrange: The centre of Goddess Stone art in Europe, discover the codes held in the stones, touch the ancient ones inscribed with the wisdom lines of spirals, diamonds, circle art. Discover the secrets they hold, the star alignments they foretell and the universal patterns of the cosmic mother they share.

newgrange Goddesslands

This is Ireland’s best-known prehistoric monument and is one of the archaeological wonders of Western Europe. It’s classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Built more than 5,000 years ago, it sits atop a hill near the River Boyne (Goddess BoAnn). The huge mound–11m (36 ft.) tall and approximately 78m (260 ft.) in diameter–consists of 200,000 tons of stone, a 6-ton capstone, and other stones weighing up to 16 tons each. Each stone fits perfectly in the overall pattern, and the result is a watertight structure, an amazing feat of engineering. Carved into the stones are myriad spirals, diamonds, and concentric circles. Inside, a passage 18m (60 ft.) long leads to a central chamber with a 5.7m (19-ft.) ceiling. Fascination with Newgrange reaches a peak at the winter solstice, when sunlight pierces the inner chamber with an orange-toned glow for about 17 minutes at dawn from December 19 to 23.

Knowth. The Great Mound was built over 5000 years ago, probably after the construction of Newgrange and before the construction of Dowth. The Great Mound at Knowth is similar in size to Newgrange and is surrounded by 18 smaller satellite mounds. The Great Mound has two passages with entrances on opposite sides, the western passage is 34 metres long and the eastern passage is 40 metre long, ending with a cruciform chamber.

Goddesslands 13 knowth

Dowth. The Fairy Mound of Darkness is about the same size as Newgrange and Knowth and was built in the same period over 5000 years ago. The

We will visit New Grange, Knowth and Dowth, the triple aspect of cairn wisdom integrated step by step, stage by stage, back to the sisterhood of the stars.

The Hill of Tara. Here you will anoint yourself in the pure streams of Goddess light pouring forth from Tara.   From the darkness of the pregnant Belly we move the the gateway of the ancient tree to the stone of Destiny, the throne of light and joy.  This glorious hill is best remembered as the royal seat of the high kings in the early centuries of the millennium before Christianity came to Ireland. Every 3 years a feis (a banquet reaching the proportions of a great national assembly) was held. It’s said that more than 1,000 people–princes, poets, athletes, priests, druids, musicians, and jesters–celebrated for a week in a single immense hall. The land and time has swallowed the outer buildings, leaving us with the core energetic centres of these sacred celebrations; the cairns giant wombs birthing the future of Eire and the ringed protected hill of Tara.

Hill of tara

Overnight: Headfort Arms Hotel Kells or similar

 Day 3: May 26th Hill of Uisneach,  Loughcrew Cairns:  Ancient Mother Stone, Ireland’s centre point and cairns

Hidden in the very centre of Ireland is the Cat Stone at the Hill of Uisneach.  Shrouded in mystery this place is mythologically known as the source of magic that ignited the stones of Stonehenge.   That the great magician Merlin opened the way for magic to be passed between Ireland and England from here.  This hill holds the mystery of Faerie and is a key node of the grail of the Tuatha De Danan – the original ancient people of the land.   In reverence, respect with travel into the landscape

Uisneath Ireland

The Hill of Uisneach: is placed by many has in the same league as the Hill of Tara. It was the ancient seat of the Kings of Meath. Its roots stretch back into ancient mythology with its history rooted in a La Tene period of the Iron Age, a sacred druid site of Fire, we return now to receive our the codes of queen and king ship, a key node on the grail of Tuatha de Danan.  Located on the side of the hill is the Cat Stone said to resemble a cat. Legend says that the Mother Goddess Erui who gave her name to the island of Ireland (Eire) is buried underneath the cat stone. We return now to receive our the codes of queen and king ship, a key node on the grail of Tuatha de Danan.
  The Cat is also known as the creature that the fairypeople choose to show themselves as when they come into the human world.

LoughCrew Cairns:  These intimate cairns and complex sits atop a magnificent hill facilitating broad vision of the landscape.  The cairns themselves contain sacred Goddess, spirals, suns and circle illuminating the subtle lightbody to expand and hold the ancient wisdom of the Goddess.  Stories told, remembered, reclaimed.  The tribe grows.  We take our seat on the Hag’s chair and invoke the wise woman to guide our way.
Overnight accommodation Markree Castle, Sligo or similar.

Queen's chair izumi lough cairns Goddesslands

 Day 4: May 27th: Expansion into the Queen Mother, the royal lineage of the Goddess. Queen Meaves Cairn, Carrowmore

The archetypal energy of the Queen, embodied and mythologised through the legendary Queen Meave – king maker and holder of the spiritual throne of Tuatha De Danan and ancient Irish lineages.   To visit her cairn and settlements is to be infused with the mythic realm, the highly energetic qualities of these sacred sites, leave you standing taller, aware and proud of the lineages that have gone before you, whilst simultaneously sensing your choice to use your personal power now and into the future for the greater good of all beings and specific benefit for the communities in which you live.  Rise up, reclaim the majesty of Being in the presence of the lineage of Queen Meave.

Queen Maeves Cairn ireland

Queen Meave’s Cairn: the enormous neolithic monument on the summit of Knocknarea mountain in County SligoThe large chambered cairn on top of Knocknarea is nearly two hundred feet long and forty feet high and is known as Meascán Méadhbha – Meave’s Cairn. It is the largest unopened cairn in Ireland that is thought to conceal a neolithic passage ‘tomb’. The majestic Meascán Méadhbha is only one of a number of monuments on top of Knocknarea. We will be visit a number of these neolithic sites during our day.

Goddesslands 31 sunset

 Carrowmore. This megalithic cemetery is the largest in Ireland and amongst the oldest in Europe. Built around 4600-3900 BC. There were originally over 80 monuments on this site including chamber tombs, ring forts, cairns and passage graves. There are about 30 sites still worth visiting. Excavations by Swedish Archaeologists which began in 1977 produced radio-carbon dates that may place some of the tombs around 4600BC. A large area of the cemetery is state owned under Duchas the Heritage service. Since my first visit the state has acquired even more land on the western side of the road opposite the visitors centre.

Carrowkeel. Carrowkeel is a beautifully situated neolithic hilltop passage tomb cemetery consisting of 14 passage cairns identified with letters. The passage cairns are spread across a number of hills that form part of the Bricklieve Mountain range (the Irish name Breac sliabh means speckled mountain). Carrowkeel is one of a series of limestone plateaus aligned towards Knocknarea.

 Overnight accommodation Markree Castle, Sligo or similar.

Day 5: May 28th Limerick – land of Fairie and Magic

Be swept into the realm of fairyland, where the living temples of the Divine Mother open as treasure chests of the new earth. We have officially entered into the realm beyond realms. Now, we are guided by the great landscape herself, entering the circles, cairns, mountains and sites at one with the Goddess. In our outer journey we visit

Lios na Grainsi  translates to mean “Stones of the Sun”. The Grange is the largest standing stone circle in Ireland and one of the most impressive. It is 150 feet in diameter and is enclosed by 113 standing stones. The largest stone is Ronnach Croim Duibh (the prominent Black Stone) and is over 13 feet high and weighs 40 tons. The stone circle is aligned with the rising sun at the Summer Solstice so on that morning the sun shines down directly in the center of the circle.  

Lios na Grainsi  ireland

Relax and integrate our journey to date, whilst staying at the fabulous spa hotel
Overnight: Fitzgeralds Woodlands Hotel

Day 6: May 29th:  Circles of Light – Uragh and Dromhilly.  Waterfalls and forest elemental opening. The Paps of Anu

Deeper in the landscape we go, to the secret dwelling places of the mother, visiting her ancient maps, compasses and ceremonial sites which are these beautiful stone circles.    A place of inauguration, mapping the star lineages with the land, authentic ceremony upwells to take you deeper into communion with yourselves and the great spirit.

The Paps are named after Anu, prinicipal Goddess of pre-Christian Ireland and mother Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann, a legendary group of divine invaders who ruled Ireland. At a foreordain time, our magical ancestors returned to the mystic realms until the time of reemergence. Until then, we are reminded of these great feminine energy with the Paps of Anu: the Mother’s breasts, arising from the landscape. 

Uragh Stone Circle: a Neolithic stone circle near Gleninchaquin Park on the Beara Peninsula. The circle has 5 small stones and one large alignment stone.   Discover the intimacy of this landscape, awakening the heart space within

Uragh stone circle 1

Drombohilly circle:  One of the most beautiful stone circles on the Beara Peninsula, Drombohilly stands on the edge of a terrace with fine views over towards the Kenmare estuary. 

Drombohilly stone circle1

Overnight accommodation: Fitzgeralds Vienna Woods Hotel

Day 7: May 30th Kilarney National Park: Waterfalls & Forest: Heartful Home in Nature

By the lakes and forest we rest a while, integrating our journey and all that has unfolded.  We tell stories of what we have experienced, how it has touched our soul.  We open to the creative visions of what will be birthed through us as we return home.  We honor the cycles of the great mother the births and deaths. We sit in peace with the life, spirit and aliveness in the midst of all.   

Killarney National park 1

Just as we feel the slowing and the stillness, new doorways open.  The forest invites us to discover her mysteries and the waterfalls open their doorways.  We step beyond and in the midst.  We follow our natural path of awakening to the beauty within.

Killarney waterfall

Overnight accommodation: Randles Court Hotel, Killarney

 Day 8:  May 31st: Returning Home

Full in the abundance of the Divine Mother, in the grace of Ireland and the beautiful journey that has unfolded, we say our farewells until next time we take a sacred journey together.
Departure from Cork Airport.

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