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30th April Pyramid Alignment and Activation Evening, London

Bosnian Pyramid of the sun

Bosnian Pyramid of the sun

Pyramid Alignment and Activation evening:  Soul travel to the Bosnian Pyramids &  activations of the pyramidal codes within.  

With Clare Russell

On the eve of Beltane – the festival of fire, fertility and the lovers, we connect with the “pyra-(fire)-mid-(middle)” energies. Pyramids are about awakening, activation, receiving highly attuned frequencies of energies through the apex into the vortex container of the pyramid.  I greatly look forward to spending this evening with you to connect our our own pyramid codes and the pyramid vortexes across the planet.

All across the planet, pyramids are being discovered and uncovered. With pyramids such as the Bosnian Pyramids aged to over 24,000 years old (at least), we are becoming aware of a forgotten heritage of pyramidal technology and the alchemy of working with sacred geometry within our planets beautiful landscape through sacred ceremony.

What are the pyramids for and how do we connect with them directly?

Pyramids are positive energy technology – they generate fields of highly coherent, high vibration energy that can then be utilised in the support and wellbeing of the earth and all beings.  As we discover more of these pyramids sites, we start to understand that they are nodes on a grid of light across the planet, that have the capacity to raise and hold even greater octaves and frequencies of light.

Visiting these sites in person is a highly activating, joyful and awakening experience.  Remembering and activating the pyramidal geomentries with you opens you to even greater possibilities of connecting to these sites in person or at a distance.

Join Clare for an evening of activation, meditation and joyful exploration of your direct connection to pyramidal energies and the pyramids within our landscape.  

Learn how to work with these pyramidal energies for the benefit of yourself and others.

Soul Travel to the Bosnian Pyramids and connect with alive joyful consciousness and energy field at this amazing site.

Clare Russell is the founder of and runs bespoke spiritual tours to sacred sites all over the world.  She has been initiated into pyramid sites across 4 continents.  In 2014 her pyramid tour is to the Bosnian Pyramids for Summer Solstice.

Following this link you will also find articles on past tours to the Bosnian Pyramids and free audio mediation downloads at the end of this years tour information

Evening event: 7-9pm. Private Location 7 minutes walk from Queens Park Tube and overland.   

£10 per person.  Limited to 11 people.  Please book in advance to reserve your place.  Once your booking has been made, we will send you the full event location.

What past participants on pyramids tours with Clare have shared about their experience:

“I have been on many sacred site spiritual tours and by far this was one of the best ones! Some tours were very scientific and less spiritual other tours were very spiritual but no science or knowledge at all , but this tour had combined both in a very beautiful and eloquent way!  My highlights were the meditation we did under the tunnels it lifted me up so high and gave me so much inner peace that I was seeking for a long long time … Another highlight was the summer solstice singing on the pyramid and how we danced later it gave us so much fun and retuned us to our childhood innocence”Even my mother was asking me (as it’s her first time) are all groups this good?? And I told her you lucked out in this one! One of the best. “Kamala, Bosnian Pyramids tour 2013

” I received so much healing during the tour in different ways, and I can feel now after a couple of days at home that I’m definitely not the same person as before the tour. My heart has opened up tremendously. I feel much more grounded and it feels as if my life has a meaning. It’s a new beginning for me.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this AMAZING journey!”  Lots of love and gratitude,Susanne  Bosnia tour 2013

“My Bosnian trip  I had felt the call. We all had.  What more could I say to let you know what that place means to me – I could never be grateful enough to you and Yantara for that trip that I really dare calling a life changing one. I had kind of lost the meaning of the term “life changing” because people use it all the time, especially when they offer you trips. To me this was the one. Maybe because I was ready, maybe because this was just one of the stops along the way? ” Vera Bosnian Pyramids tour 2013

Free Webinar: Your Lightbody – the gateway to Unity Consciousness

Cosmic Human

July 11th:  Your Lightbody – the gateway to Unity Consciousness

Time: 7pm – 8.30pm UK

You are light, you come from light, you will return to light.  Light is the pathway of your being from the stars to this time and space.  When you step into and become one with your body of light, you ignite the wisdom of these infinite light streams in your life.  

By choosing to merge as one with your lightbody, you merge, activate, harmonise all levels of your being within the golden light of oneness.   The separation of physical 3D living and the spiritual path ends, you access your infinite potential to be your cosmic self.  All wisdom is accessible to you, the whole universe is you and you are the universe.

This is a profound experience of truth, love, expansion, bliss and freedom.  You know who you are and you become your Infinite Being here, now.  In this webinar you will: Read more →

Free Webinar: Your Divine Soul – the presence of Love & Peace

Cosmic Human

Your Divine Soul – the Presence of Love and Peace

August 15th: Time: 7pm – 8.30pm UK

In this webinar, we expand it our true potential as Divine Souls, being of infinite light, who in essence are the living embodiment of love.   The nature of the Divine soul is peace, presence and alive stillness.  From this stillness we meet our monad or divine aspect.  Your divinity is always true, your ‘spiritual royalty’ is never in question; this call is an invitation to become the sovereign being that you are, to deepen your conscious experience of your divinity and all the blessings it shares with you.   The webinar will include: Read more →

The Heart Chakra: Vortex of Creation and Love

The Heart Chakra: The Vortex of Creation & Love: April 14th Evening Event

6pm – 8pm, Bristol, Wildgoose space, Mina Rd  St Werbergs Bristol, BS2 9YP

This sacred Sunday event is a time to merge with the wisdom and love of your heart.    Your heart has the power to heal all, to create all, to know all.

With an electromagnetic field 5000 times stronger than the brain, it is your antenna to the world.  Your heart beat is the drum of harmony that your body synchronizes with.  On a more subtle level it is the central chakra of your energy body and the chamber of resonance through which you can manifest with ease and grace.  

In this  evening event, through meditation, healing and intuitive discovery you will ride on the streams of love into the centre of your sacred heart.

When many come together in the fine vibrations of unconditional love, miracles happen.  Its my sincere pleasure to share this space with you.  


Our evening will unfold organically and my heart suggests that we will be exploring some of the following areas:


  • Effortless heart healing through the Theta healing process
  • The principles and practices of balancing your chakra system with particular focus on the heart chakra.
  • Connect to the Diamond Light of the Heart: this is a pure light of healing and expansion that comes from conscious engagement with the toroidal field of the heart.
  • Cosmic heart atunement.  Love teaches us that we are all one, in unity and wholeness.  The cosmic heart is the inner experience of this truth.

This evening event is also a taster of my program of events the Codes of the Cosmic Human, starting on May 11th in the Bristol/Bath area.  To watch a video of Clare talking about the Codes of the Cosmic Human, follow the link

Authentic Ceremony: Chalice Well Water Blessings

February 11, 2013Clare RussellWorkshops

Chalice Well Water Blessings & The Divine Feminine: July 13th

Become familiar with the principles, values and tools of authentic ceremony.  These 1 day events are a magical and profound way to connect with your Soul Power through nurturing your natural ability to create sacred ceremony.

You will be guided in re-membering the intuitive art of creating ceremony to mark special occasions and re-visioning ceremony in its relevancy, power and meaning to you.  Ultimately you will receive the gift of re-claiming what is sacred to you through the art and science of authentic ceremony.

The 1 day course is held in central Glastonbury, a place that has been recognised by many as a sacred site.  Many religions and faiths are represented there and the land itself seems to call out for us to dive deeper into our souls.   In particular we will be exploring ceremony in two sacred spaces. We have the blessing of private access to both locations:

The Goddess Temple: a temple created by the priestesses of Avalon as a space to honor and recognize the divine feminine.  Regardless of gender we experience the yin, receptive, flowing, all embracing, nourishing, birthplace of all creation  feminine qualities of being.   In this sacred place we will honor and deep dive into these and other qualities of the feminine. 



Chalice Well:  A sacred garden surrounding the red spring sacred well of Glastonbury.  A beautiful and peaceful landscape that has been the holder of many ceremonies of all denominations and no denomination. Working with the element of water is a blessing that has many purposes and benefits, for example its cleansing  & restorative life giving qualities.  Water also represents the depths of the soul and emotions as well teaches us how intention is brought into form, (as shown in the work of Masuro Emoto).  



With the deep inspiration of our special ceremonial locations, through the day you will:

  • Learn the key principles of how to create effective ceremony
  • Explore the scientific and spiritual perspectives of how consciousness creates reality and why ceremony is such an important part of this process
  • Experience how to structure ceremony for yourself, how to create a sacred space and connect with nature as the profound and fully alive consciousness it is. 
  • Learn how to understand and work with the meaning layer of existence, namely the symbolic, archetypal and elemental energies – be ready for life to become magical, full of signs and messages to guide you!
  • Develop your intuitive senses: learn to listen deeply to your inner guidance and develop your confidence and trust in using it
  • Activate your power of intention – harness your power of consciousness to create through synchronicity and flow
  • Empower your soul to discover and create your life path.  Uncover the natural gifts you have and experience how the universe supports you in using these gifts.
  • Receive personal revelation through deep connection to the feminine within and without and the profound clarity, creativity and new birth that ‘upwells’ at Chalice Well.

Booking & Practical Details

Healing our Histories: Atlantis & Lemuria

November 5, 2012Clare RussellWorkshops

Healing our histories: Atlantis & Lemuria: 2hr Workshop with Clare Russell

 Back in time there were two communities, Atlantis & Lemuria living side by side with different focuses for their growth and expansion – one through the advancements of science, technology and sacred geometry (Atlantis), one through collective creation, oneness with nature and heart coherence, (Lemuria).  Both contributed wonderfully to all of creation.  However somewhere along the way, an imbalance occurred, technological advancement became disconnected from natures harmonic, the individual capacity to create was no longer cradled and refined by the collective wisdom of unity consciousness.  Read more →

Authentic Ceremony Events

November 5, 2012Clare RussellWorkshops

Reclaiming the Sacred Through Authentic Ceremony 

Each day we enter into a sacred experience of living, however it is often shrouded in the mundane. We can become unaware of the magic just beneath the surface and loose heart; our connection to spirit, grace and love diminished in our ‘normal life’. The ancient art of ceremony is a holder for the sacred, the recognition of our ability to directly access and be part of the magic.

In our modern living, we can feel disconnected from ceremony, believing it to be attached to a religion or tradition. However ceremony is deeply embedded in our soul and we can create authentic ceremony using our intuitive guidance and the power of intention. Read more →

Talk: Codes of the Universal Self Jan 30th 2013

November 5, 2012Clare RussellWorkshops

Codes of the Universal Self: Talk Jan 30th 2013 by Clare Russell

At the Glastonbury Positive Living Group

We are a mirror into the universe. Within us is everything. However we have become familiar with living a ‘little me’, coming to know ourselves simply as the 3D personality and body we occupy or the life circumstances that surround us. Yet when we inquire, we know we are so much more.

Through the mystical and intuitive path of experiential knowing, Clare invites you to experience the Universal Self. Imagine seeing through the eyes of the universe, hearing through the ears of the whole, feeling with the heart of One. Read more →

  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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