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Wild Full Moon Magic 5 Minute Ritual

May 20, 2016ClareBlog

Saturday 21st May is a gorgeous magical Wild FULL MOON and below we have a 5-minute ritual to share with you so that you can make the most of this expressive, passionate, courageous and perhaps intense full moon! You can skip straight to the ritual which can be found below, or first read a little bit more about the current lunar energies:

From May 6th New Moon to now

For the last 6 months Clare’s been facilitating a series of In Sync with your Purpose New Moon live video calls. These have taken us much deeper in our practice to get in sync with the light that each moon cycle is reflecting to us and also giving us a direct tune in to hear how you are all experiencing it. May’s new moon was a SuperMoon (i.e. closest cycle to the earth, therefore strongest lunar effect) and we recognised it could bring intensity so, as part of our lunar practice, we worked with a ‘moon wash’ purification ritual.

Perhaps for some this has been an intense month and you have not yet felt that lovely Lunar Wash to cleanse in the most gentle, yet powerful ways? If so TRUST that you are cosmically aligned for an awesome ‘all-in one’ full moon ritual to cleanse & integrate intensity whilst opening to the full potential of this full moon!

So Sat 21st May FULL MOON is in 1 Degree Sagittarius and conjunct with Mars (which is retrograde), Mars is opposite Venus. This is also known as the Hare MOON.

2016-05 Venus and Mars

Passion and Direction

Ooooh it’s going to be a fun wild full moon! Sagittarius is the archer and all about passion, direction, courage, freedom, spiritual connection and liberating energy! Likewise it can also raise in us the opposite feelings of directionless, fearfulness or being trapped, disconnected from spirit (of course, only so that in a loving way we have an opportunity to move into the positive expression of the sign:-)).

And we have TWO Sagittarius FULL MOONS! The next one is June 20th, just 12 hours before summer solstice! So what this means is that we have a continuation and building of liberating passionate spirit energy of Sagittarius into the apex of solar energy in the year – the summer solstice! (In the northern hemisphere of course).

Expressing Spirit through You

This is a time of expressing yourself, exploring your truth. There is also a strong current of Spirit Energy working with us to move us towards our truth, who we are, with earnest intent to live our greatest service.

Masculine Feminine Healing

Lunar Soma Light is combining with retrograde Mars – as Kypacha says this is the masculine warrior energy at its most tender, which could be perhaps described as vulnerable, or softer and more open to listening that the usual warrior Mars energy. This is often represented by the archetypal image of the wounded warrior.

PLUS: Mars (masculine) is opposite Venus (feminine) giving us a lovely exploration of our inner masculine and feminine, drawing out the dance or friction of our inner feminine sensuous, fertile, lover energy and masculine warrior in healing. Considering the split and stereotyping of masculine and feminine in our culture, this has richness for us all if we want to explore it.

may 2106 SD blog SagittariusFullMoon-

The GIFT of the Wild FULL MOON – Expansion through expression, liberation and passion

The Healing Opportunity – Re-patterning our masculine and feminine out of stereotype and into feeling and sensing the gifts of both for us.

How can ritual support you?

Our expertise is all about working with the subtle energies of potential and transformation that lift us up into awakening our True Self and enjoying living our truth. Ritual, meditation and energy activations are some of our sacred alchemy tool kit to support you in creating that change. It’s our passion to work with nature, the elements, the subtle energies of the sun and moon. We also bring in a deep knowledge of the human energy body, intuition and the metaphysical principles of universal energy, synchronicity and flow, in order to support you mind, body and soul. We endeavour to make it all simple, accessible and natural for you to work and play with.

We also honour the expertise of fantastic astrologers such as Kypacha, Tom Lesher in his Pele reportthe great round up of Mystic Mamma and a few off line resource that bring the magic of the cosmos to life. Kypacha is particularly on Fire with this week’s report, if you fancy a 20 min download of star wisdom for this week – watch here. Or if you are ready for your Five Minute Ritual – continue reading.

Wild Full Moon Magic Ritual

*Energetic note: Passion and intensity become friction and challenge when we hold on to what wants to release, or tighten our grip to try and control the flow….

This ritual is ALL about allowing passion and intensity to be your energetic slipstream into liberating courage and self truth. We encourage you to bring your natural human abilities to ride the slipstream with flow and ease. You can do this through:

  • Laughter (you can get angry or you can laugh! – very similar energy being released)
  • Dance, movement, singing, a good stomp in nature! – MOVE your cells, free them up; allow your physical body to express just as much as your mind thinks about expressing!
  • Nature and earth time: When we are expanding we need deep roots. As we look out of ourselves into our greater service, we want to be able to feel our feet on the earth; solid, embodied, in LOVE with the soil and being part of our planet as much as the cosmos.

May 2016 SD blog Hare dancing

Your Five Minute Ritual – or longer if you want to, follow your flow… (read first then follow your flow)

#1: Drop, lie, sit, merge with EARTH & surrender

Before we look up into the illuminating light of the Moon (reflecting the solar rays with its penetrating soma luminosity and magic) sink to the floor, be that in your home or out on the soil, grass and earth. This is a pleasurable, natural dropping into the earth where you realise you need to hold nothing because the earth holds you.

Follow your own intuition on how you do this, maybe slowly dropping from standing to all fours, maybe lying on the earth and letting each breath merge you with the earth.

Release into the earth. Now is your opportunity to let go of anything you are holding onto. Maybe there are specific things from the last month that you want to let go of, if so simply intent with each breath they sink into the earth and harmonised back to the whole.

You might like to imagine taking off layers of energetic clothing/masks from your day to day life, until you feel just naturally You on the earth.

You might like to intend to first let go of any electronic energies you no longer need into the earth, breathe, then intend to let go any magnetic energies you no longer need and breathe again.

Surrender and ENJOY

#2: ONE Heart with Masculine Feminine Balance

Once you feel complete with your Earth time sit with your back fairly straight. Imagine and feel yourself breathing in and out of your heart. Smile; allow your sense of love and truth to permeate effortlessly from your heart which is naturally opening with your breath and smile.

Then bring your hands to your heart with just your finger tips touching. Thumb to thumb right through to little finger to little finger. This represents balance of right and left brain, Yang and Yin, Masculine and feminine. If you feel a little energy kick from this, breathe with your heart and your hands till you feel it settle.

wild full moon

#3: SOMA LIGHT Activation

Continue to breathe with your heart and hands held in the position above, then simply open to receive the soma rays of this Full Moon in alignment with your greatest potential. ‘I now receive the Soma light’ can be said out loud or in your inner voice.

You may wish to visualise a column of Soma light coming from the moon down to your crown chakra and down the centre line of your body, filling and merging with the light of the wild full moon.

You can also hold this intention whilst looking at the full moon.

Breathe here for as long as you need.

#4: REST and Integrate

Once you feel complete, relax your hands and focus, say a thank you to the Lunar light and wisdom and a thank you to yourself for participating, then give yourself some time to be and reflect on your experience.

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