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My travels to the Bosnian Pyramids

March 7, 2012Ruben LLinasBlog

By Clare Russell

The overriding experience of going to the apex of the Pyramid of the Sun, and walking through the tunnels that are currently being dug out (and anticipated to link all the 5 pyramids at the site) is joyfulness.

The pyramid dig has attracted volunteers from all over the world and all backgrounds, from geologists, archeologists to those who simply feel drawn to come. In talking with those on the dig, there is a simpleness to their sharing; that what they are finding is amazing, beyond current comprehension and something that leaves them humbly grateful for being there.

They know that what they are working on is something phenomenal that demonstrates extremely advanced civilization before recorded European civilization. You might say, sure, in Egypt, but really in Bosnia, Europe?

Here’s a taster of the phenomenal discoveries they have made:

–     The Pyramid of the Sun is the biggest pyramid structure in the world with the most precise orientation to the cosmic north of any pyramid.  The Pyramid of the Sun is also covered in rectangular sheets of concrete that is more superior in quality than our own current day concrete, in terms of hardness and low water absorption.


–       From analysis of the layers of soil on top of the pyramid, and from the concrete slabs, they know it to be 12,000 + years old

–       They have found 5 pyramids in the area – it‘s a big site!


–       Ceramic eggs (they are 02_bosnian_pyramids_005_tunnelsknow to be hollow, containing objects) one of 8 tonnes found in the tunnels– dated to between 6,000 – 32,000 years old.  Also all ‘megoliths’ of this kind have been placed over natural water springs

–       A small lake in the tunnels has been measured and shows that the ionization levels are 43 times the average outside. Translation: the water is extremely pure and healing.

–       Energy readings from the apex of the pyramids show a beam of energy (4.5meters large, 28hHz), coming out of the top that gets stronger as it moves upwards away from the pyramid – contradicting our current understanding of physics.



My personal experience of traveling to the pyramids was deeply moving and energetically definite.  As we came nearer the valley containing the pyramids, the energy vibration was increasing dramatically, before we knew the pyramids were there, we were feeling the focus and calling of them through the vibration and heat in our hands, clear sensations on the crown of our head and 3rd eye.  We knew it was a deeply spiritual and sacred place.

On our 1st day we took a trip to the tunnels that are a working dig – again dated to over 12,000 years old.  Our guide spent 2 hours taking us through and around the tunnels, pointing out the obvious archeological interest and leading us to key high-energy vortexes that both our cells and the pendulum confirmed!  We came out into the sunlight peaceful, with that inner silent wow. We knew we had seen into another world.

On our 2nd day, (along with the other sites), I had a special interest in climbing to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. We awoke to cloud and rain and were told that the path would be too treacherous. However we headed out and arrived at the plateau, greeted by a wonderful lady for Turkish coffee in her home.  Just as we finished the coffee, the rain cleared and we started our walk.  Just us, local restoration workers, and the pyramid.  Reaching the top, we just stood, nothing to do, just Be, connecting and meditating together. Feeling utterly blessed to be there, totally connected to the moment and beyond words.  Joyfulness, love and gratitude were what came forth.


So many gifts on our adventure tour, so much love, insight, guidance and joy! I felt how these pyramids are positive energy technology!  I’m exceptionally excited to travel with many of you again there for the summer solstice of 2012 and the Bosnian Pyramid New Earth Tour.

I felt called to record a meditation to connect more people with the beautiful White Light Beings that live in this amazing place. Sooo strong lovely energy… Please enjoy this free audio/mp3 meditation:

White Light Beings of Bosnian Pyramids Meditation -MP3

  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
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