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Avalon Rising Goddess Tour

August 4, 2013Clare RussellBlog

Goddess 2013Tounge and SH TL

The journey of returning, returning to the ancients lands of Bath, Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury.  A calling to gather, to reunite with each other and the land.  This journey felt like the completion of the first spiral of the Goddess codes that entered at the March equinox, which we experienced in the land of first light,  New Zealand.  In March, we experienced the star codes and Magdalene energies birthing through sacred ceremony, which from New Zealand we brought to the  Goddesslands of Ireland before returning them to the Heart Chakra of the planet, Avalon, through the sacred waters, leylines and ancient star portals of Stonehenge and Avebury.   

Walking this journey was to embody the Hologram of Being; living and acting from the knowing that each one of us is the coming together of many light streams.  Individual light streams might be referred to as past lives, parallel lives, mythic being, star lineages, Gods and Goddesses.   In this journey, I witnessed our group of sacred travellers shimmering with the remembrance and embodiment of their unique and vast hologram of light containing many rays of light.  Each person sharing the wisdom of each life/light stream at the perfect time and creating magic through living the multi-dimensional, timeless Beings we all are.  So although at any one time, we might have been a group of 15 or so, it felt like the Great Council of the Cosmos was permanently in session!

Our first stop, the Roman Baths – Healing Waters, Temple Cleansing

Goddess 2013  Roman Bath

The Royal Bath Spa is known for its healing thermal and mineral waters, the epicentre of which is the Roman Baths.  Perhaps not so well known is that the Goddess of the waters worshiped here – Minerva, (Roman) and Sulis, (British water goddess of Bath) was called upon by ‘followers’ to give power to curses for large and small offenses deemed to have been done to the individual who then threw a metallic ‘votive’  into the waters.     For those of us who know the power of conscious intent, this is not an energetic resonance that one wants to bring to sacred healing waters, and can cause an overlay of disturbance in a place that otherwise brings healing and blessings.  

Our group prayerfully gathered outside of the waters, aligning to the purity of divine justice and honor of the sacred feminine in her true presence of Minerva Sulis.  With the sunrays falling into the main bath, we watched the stars dance on the water.  Scrying in the great pool we received the shapes of beautiful guardians forming in the light. Moving through the complex we became priests and priestesses of the place, carried purposefully on our own journeys through the temple, anointing here, blessing there.  I found myself by the main bath, settled by the waters, loosing all time and entering into a calling back of soul fragments.  After a time, our group spontaneously gathered, surrounding the inner baths in silence, presence and sureness of intent that these Baths are sacred, pure, healing waters.

Goddess 2013 Solar rainbow Bath

Part of our spiritual journey is holding space through love and acceptance of the polarities of life in order to bring unity and harmony – a big first few hours of the journey!  Our group had experience deep energetic healing and initiations leading to elation, excitement and readiness to go back to our beautiful boutique hotel for delicious food and a much earned rest before entering the Avalon landscape.

Avebury Awakening

Goddess 2013 Avebury

On our tours, we often visits stone circles, henges, quoits, cairns, pyramids, temples and standing stones.  In all these places, we remember that we are ‘meeting’ the stones.  Stones hold resonances and information of the place and people that have been there, as well as having their own unique energetic signature.  In Avebury, Ive often watch a wonderful sweetness unfold as individuals connect with the stones, as if greeting a great grandmother.  The stones here hold a beautiful softness with their wisdom and power.  

Passing around the Universal Tongue, we share our visions and presence.  The council again in session we drop into deep meditation with the vibrational alchemy of Aurora Alchemy Oils connecting us to the Goddess and the essential qualities of the divine feminine expressed through us.   Since working with Yvette’s hand mixed oils, I’ve experienced how they lift me to a profound experience of the Goddess, (the powerhouse of pure potential existent in the form of the feminine that quickly goes beyond words and is expressed in the divine reverence of the Goddess in all cultures).  I’ve found that working with them reveals insights and understanding of who I am, my purpose, as well as healing and opening me to experiences of deep peace, joy, freedom and abundance.   So when we gather together in a sacred place working with the  oils, our experience goes even deeper.   Our circle of meditation became a perfect preparation for a second ceremony of healing and releasing on the ridge of Avebury circle. We anointed each other and offered energy healing, letting go even deeper into who we are, shedding our limiting surface beliefs and opening to the vibrancy of Being underneath.

Goddess 2013  Avebury group

Completing our day we went to the white horse of Cherhill,  calling in our lineages from the eye of the horse, we ignited and celebrated the fire within.  Dance, song, chanting accompanied quite reflection and clear intention to anchor the highest vibration of Golden Light through us and in this sacred landscape.  A beautiful sunset completed our day.

 Goddess 2013 CherHill white horse TL Goddess 2013 Cherhill white horse 2 TL Goddess 2013 White horse sunset TL






Stonehenge Sings

Private ceremony for sunrise in Stonehenge is a special occasion, the stones vibrate with wisdom, love, peace and star awakening.  Gathered in the centre of the stones, Yvette, Barney & Isis, spun us in circles of light whilst calling to the ancient ones.   My part was to be leading the group in making tones and sounds of the heart, and as I did, I heard how harmonic we were.  As we continued I heard the sonic reverberation from the stones as they audibly connected to us.  Stonehenge is known to be a sound chamber, however without all the stones standing, its rare to hear them sing, an experience that I will treasure always.   Our ceremony of blessings continued with Rainbow Eagle igniting the Fire within us and Goddess activations from Yvette whilst we sung ancient prayers to the land and ancestors.

Stonehenge 1783_e Goddess 2013Tounge and SH TL






The Gateway to Avalon Soul Awakening

Glastonbury Abbey is for me the place of balance and centering in the alchemy of the greater area of Glastonbury.  Although on the outside we see the ruins of an old Abbey, many people experience it as a place of pilgrimage, retreat and prayerful connection alive with high vibration energies.

Our group entered and gravitated to King Arthur’s grave as we remembered the royal lineages of all peoples.  Spontaneous ceremony awoke from the heart with a rainbow bridge of Care Bears created, healing the karmic pain of separation and conflict into service and love.  Our group was deeply moved as two individuals were willing to express this healing through their own lineages; healing pain between the masculine and feminine and different races. It  was an honor to be a witness.carebear Rainbow Bridge

Continuing we entered a small chapel where a powerful mural of Mary Magdalene is painted.  Toning and singing moved through us, and more tears were offered up with the power of connecting to the mysteries of the Goddess. We then visited the most ancient part of the Abbey, the Lady Chapel.  We entered referentially, with candles lit on the altar.  Naturally the singing of ‘Mary, Maria’ began and we journeyed inwards, centering in the stillness within.    We received the silence, full with soul riches before emerging back into the Abbey.

Mary Magdalane

Following the energetic current that had been building, three of our group, encircled by soul midwives and guardians entered into a soul rebirthing.   With a willingness to allow the star energies to pass through them in the protective space of the group, tears and laughter erupted into a celebration of spirit before an evening of sharing our stories and experiences together with new soul friends.

As with all our journeys, the end is just the beginning.  In our Goddesslands sacred tour of Ireland and Avalon, I feel many of our group have felt that the journey opened a new vista to their Giant, Avatar self and established a foundation for greatness that is now manifesting through them into the world. Go Goddess!


  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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