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Bosnian Pyramids tour 2013 Solstice Awakening!

September 12, 2013Clare RussellBlog

Tunnel and hard hatMy 3rd consecutive year going back to the Bosnian Pyramids – what a joyful adventure into this majestic and mystical landscape and sacred site.  One thing that’s so special about this sacred site is that its coming alive, the live dig, with Dr Semir’s welcome invitation to get involved, allows you to be part of the birthing of an ancient place of significance into the modern world.

The pyramids are being unveiled, the now at least 24,600 year old Pyramid of the Sun is revealing more of its secrets every year in the caring hands of Dr Sam and his core team, along with the enthusiasm and curiosity of an ever expanding community of volunteers.

Bosnia 2013 group2

The pyramids are attracting international groups, interested in the archeology, but also those who know and sense the high vibration vortex of energy centred here.   This year our group,  with participants from 8 countries, came because they felt drawn to explore the spiritual and energetic aspects of the pyramids.  Our tour focused on connecting deeply with the landscape and spending time in meditation at these key sites, allowing the rich insights and mystical journey to open before us, whilst also letting joy and celebration be our guide.   Here are some of my golden moments for our 2013 adventure

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Waters of cleansing and renewal, receiving the codes of the Land

Bosnia has many natural springs, thermal and healing waters.  We began our tour with a visit to the Bosna river headwaters, a beautiful tranquil place, where the water is so pure you can drink it directly from the headwaters.    The waters of the land have permeated through all the layers of the earth, containing all the minerals and codes of the landscape, so to offer blessings and thanks to the waters is a wonderful entrance into a sacred landscape.  We enjoyed an opening ceremony of cleansing, renewal and inner awakening, leading our group in beginning the inner journey that had been awaiting them at this sacred site.  

Bosnia 2013 bosnaBosnia 2013 water cleansingBosnia 2013 bosna1






Through the tour my appreciation of the waters continued – the hidden streams next to different pyramid sites were delicious, we could almost feeling the cellular renewal as we sipped the crystal clear water!    We also closed our time at the pyramids with the healing essence at their heart – the sacred pool in the labyrinth healing tunnels that has 20 times the level of negative ions vs the outside stream water.  A very precious and sacred experience indeed.

Sunset light – the circle opens

Bosnia 201306

Yantara and my favorite spot for opening our connection to the pyramids is the Vratnica Tumulus, a hollow mound similar to Sillbury hill.  From here we watched the last rays of sun go down and deepen our personal resonance with the hidden aspects of the landscape.  Our guide shared more with us about how the pyramids were built, questions  arose such as how were such large blocks of stone moved and how were carved into the exquisite ripples and texturing of the huge circa 3ft deep blocks?  Was there a quantum technology used to liquify and solidify the stones?   We then entered into meditation through sound, toning and light language.  Bathed in beautiful harmonies from Yantara our group joined in resonant song, connecting to the grids of light radiating through the site and us.

Stone Spheres, Sacred Geometry and Elemental Spirit Rising

Bosnia 201307Bosnia 2013 Stone sphere 1Bosnia stone sphere 2






Around the world, Stone spheres are regularly found near pyramid sites.  There is much speculation on their purpose and also on how they were created so perfectly spherical.  Detailed research of these sites by Nenard Djurdevic offers some interesting discoveries.  Most interesting to me is that for each group I have taken to the Pyramids, everyone falls in love with the valley of stone spheres.   Repeatedly people share just how special it was to be there, mystical experiences with the elemental spirits of the land, and the profound cellular and energetic realignment that happens through the activations that Yantara and I have led there.  For me, this is the land of dragons, of unity, void and oneness of the sphere, and the passageway into the stillness point at the centre of all that is.   No wonder its so difficult to get people to leave this space!

Pyramid Activations – Dr Semir on fire

Bosnia 201317

Somewhere along the way, those of us from Europe have got the message that, yes OK, we have mounds, and stone circles and henges, but pyramids – their really just found on the far shores of Egypt and Central America, aren’t they?  Even our participants, who have researched the Bosnian pyramids, watched the videos, read the facts, got past the misinformation, still have that lingering thought – is it really possible? Pyramids here?

So, in the heat of the Bosnian summer, we begin the hike up the stairway of wooden/dirt steps to the archeological site on the north face of the Pyramid of the Sun.  Dr Semir leads the way, we come around the final bushes and open out onto the now quite large excavation site of huge cement panels that are the side of the pyramid.  As Samir talks, it starts to sink in.   Samir shares the extensive research and discoveries from the site including the scientific testing to age the panels, (12,000-30,000 years old) and in 2012  the aging of a still intact leaf found on the surface of the panels that dates the pyramid at at least 24,600 years old.  

Then you see people really getting it, this is for real, we are standing on the most ancient building and monument in history, the largest, oldest most accurately alignment pyramid in the world.  Something about hearing Samir share the information, whilst also standing on the pyramid allows it to drop in.  History is not as we think it to be, great intelligence existed before ‘our civilization’ had been born.  Excitement bubbles and quiet contemplation takes in the hugeness of this information.

Labyrinth Tunnels: healing and star lineages

Bosnia 201316

Each year when we go back , its the labyrinth tunnels which become a key point for connecting to the whole pyramid site.  The high energy of the tunnels, with a greater Bovis rating than a Tibetan monastery’s is a special place indeed.  At the key vortex points, we led meditation to activate our lightbodies, star lineages and cellular healing.  Through sound and light language the healing and awakening took place, tears and laughter arrived with us, masculine and feminine lineages were brought into balance.   We wound our way through the tunnels, meeting the energetic pull of the megaliths, the tunnels mini lake and the key vortex points through the passage ways.  We sang our thanks and gratitude to the guardians of the tunnels for our experience of connect with them.  We left carrying a lightness of being and an aura of peace.

Summer Solstice Ceremonies – Venus Doorways of Love Opening

Bosnia 2013 Gil, Clare & Christiane Bosnia 2013 solsticeBefore the Summer Solstice, our group were experiencing the energetic preparations and intuitive knowings that this was a time of alchemy through fire.  Specifically, of welcoming in the Divine Feminine influence into our lives and bringing harmony with the Divine Masculine.  In the day, we visited the Dragon Pyramid, with a ritual of fire cleansing at the apex, offering mantra and gifts to the fire.  Late afternoon we made our way to the apex of the Pyramid of the Sun. 

Bosnia 2013 ceremony 2

Our group was leading the ceremony for the event.  350+ people had gathered from all over the world to mark this occasion, the peak solar energy of 2013, the apex of the first cycle of the Divine Feminine rising.   With the moon in the sky in the east, and with the setting sun in the west, Yantara & I, along with Gil Agilera, Sundancer and Spiritual Guide and wise woman Dr. Christiane May-Ropers opened ceremony with lighting of sage and cedar, offering our prayers to the ancestors, to the directions and guardians of the place. 

Bosnia 2013 ceremony solstice

We started to tone and sing in harmony, with the whole gathering joining in for rounds of ‘Love, Harmony, Blessings, Colours & Rainbows’.   Salutations and prayers to the sun came forth from our hearts.  As the sun went down on the horizon, so it entered our hearts for safe keeping, to honor the earth, to honor each other and to honor ourselves.

Bosnia 2013 Sunset

Joyous blessings unfolded, dancing at the foot of the pyramids, dancing on the bus home, laughter and joy being the sounds that continued to flow from our travels.  What a wonderful tour!  THANK YOU to Yantara for co-creating love, beauty and grace.  THANK YOU to our WONDERFUL GROUP, friendship rippling out across the world from what we created.  I Love you All

Yantara and I will be facilitating the Bosnian Pyramids Summer Solstice Tour 2014 – stay tuned!

Bosnia 2013 dragon pyramid

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