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What are your ceremonies this Christmas?

December 23, 2014Clare_toursBlog


…And if you think you have none, or some, or some that you feel unconnected to, just maybe if you dig a little deeper you will find that there is a need in you for ceremony that will find its way out this festive season…

Do you have ‘rituals’ that happen each year? The same food? The same timings? The same words and sayings?

Is Christmas and the new year an important time of reflection, celebration, preparation for you? How do you mark this? How do you keep those themes running through a festive period that can have many things going on?

Do you sing carols and Yule tide songs?

Do you go for the yearly Boxing Day walk and reflect on the past year?

As you consider these things…watch a clip of an event I gave for London College of Spirituality last month, ‘What is the language of ceremony?’ and consider underneath those ‘habits’ what is the ceremonial meaning?


Dipping beneath the ‘top layer’ of our actions, we find a thread of meaning that connects us to our story, what’s important to us. Once we find it, we can consciously partake in our yearly rituals. Believe me, with your heart in it, it will mean so much more…

And if you were thinking that ceremony is an ‘optional extra’ or you question – do we need ceremony now? This 2 minute clip gives you an insider perspective, (from my work with clients and in my own journey) on why it’s highly valuable and can create huge positive shifts in our lives.

So this Christmas when you don the paper hats…do you become royal and recognise your personal sovereignty?

…when you dress up for the Christmas party…is it the outer sign of your celebration of the year past?

…when you hold hands and sing ‘auld lang syne’ with new and old friends alike, just perhaps you are partaking in a collective ceremony. One that just before midnight becomes a wave of love, unity and remembrance to honour all that has been this year before moving into 2015.


Authentic, natural, intuitive, joyful ceremony is a wonderful part of the tours that we offer at Sacred Destinations, if you feel drawn, do explore.

Also starting in 2015, I’m also offering a Year of Personal Ceremony, for a handful of clients. For all those who join, it will be a transformational year in amazing ways! Here’s the rainbow of discovery that unfolds through ceremony:

Let go of your resistance to and fear of change – discover your courage

Tune in to, harmonise and ride the energetic currents of your life – discover your flow

Stop carrying the past as a burden – discover your freedom

Heal, honour and make whole your mind, body and soul – discover your self-love

Discover the innate wisdom and intuitive guidance of your Soul – discover your confidence

Tap into synchronicities and signs in your life and uncover their meaning – discover your magic

Discover your deep well of creativity and Soul Power – discover your purpose

Follow here to read more on a Year of Individual Ceremony for Personal and Spiritual Transformation with Clare Russell.

I wish you many blessings for your authentic ceremony, ritual and celebration this festive season.

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