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Golden Light Avalon Tour 2012: Ceremony to awakening the Avatar within

October 23, 2012Clare RussellBlog

Tour at the Crop circles by Yin Phua

Looking back, the origins of the Golden Light Avalon Tour were imprinted in my sacred meeting with Yvette Sitten.  On 11.11.11, I was in Egypt, at the Mina house hotel on the Giza Plateau.  I was with Yantara Jiro on one of a number of spiritual tours who felt called to be there at that time.  In the lobby of the hotel, I was introduced to Yvette leading a tour of goddesses to these sacred sites.  For the first time in my life I was anointed with essential oil, (one of several amazing vibrational oils Yvette creates) and so began my intrigue into Yvette’s calling to share the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

A couple of months later, Yvette and I found ourselves researching the Glastonbury Zodiac (a map of the stars imprinted into the landscape around Glastonbury) for a Golden Light Goddess tour to Avalon.   Yvette’s guidance was that at this pivotal time, (July 2012 being the beginning of the final spin of the Mayan and Egyptian Calendar before we go into the new cycle of 260,000 years), we had a ceremonial role to play in mapping the stars and landscape, seeding the new era and the Aquarian age. 

According to Robert Coon (writing in the 1990’s) and many others – the Piscean age was mapped to the earth in Egypt/Jerusalem and the Aquarian age maps to the earth through the UK with a key pivotal centre being Glastonbury also known as Avalon.  He predicted that at the turning of ages many would people feel called to do pilgrimage from the past age to the new age, (this year undoubtedly demonstrated by many more spiritual groups traveling from Egypt to the UK and also personally felt by Yvette and I).  With even the Olympics opening ceremony declaring the New Jerusalem centered on the Glastonbury Tor, there were many synchronicities pointing to a symbolic reality rich in meaning.


Traditions meeting for the Unified Ceremony to welcome a New Era

Yvette with Waitaha universal tongue avebury

Yvette came with the blessing of the Waitaha tribe.  The Waitaha are an ancient tribe of peace from New Zealand who have a matriarchal lineage and whose spiritual origin is in the stars. Yvette was asked by them to share their prayer of peace at key vortexes and encouraged to invoke new ‘kawas’ or laws of this time – ones based on love and peace.

With the blessing and mandate of the Goddess, the group gathered and we felt the energy building.

Starting with a new moon ceremony in London before the tour, it felt confirmed that the whole tour was to be an act of joyful ceremony.  This was confirmed by our first day, processional entrance into Stonehenge, and an evening private ceremony at the St Margaret’s chapel in Glastonbury.  The Chapel is dedicated to Mary Magdalene and as the goddess who holds the wisdom of all mystery schools this felt like the perfect entrance to ancient Avalon.  What we had not realized until a few days earlier was that this day was the feast day of Mary Magdalene, (22nd July).  That we started our tour on this day and were privately in her chapel to honor her was wonderful enough, but then we realized that as the chapel only completed its renovation in the last 6 months, this would be the first feast day of the saint of the chapel since it’s reopening.  We then realized we were part of the inauguration ceremony, confirmed by the exact number of seats for our tour group laid out in the chapel in a semi circle when we arrive, despite the fact I had not said how many of us there were!

At the Chapel with Yvette by Yin Phua

Over the coming days, we spiraled deeper into the landscape of Avalon and the wisdom of the stars, the goddess lead us on sacred pilgrimage and the group were regularly lost for words and ‘wow’ became our common expression.   Through the tour we experienced how magic comes through our daily lives.  Personally it was a powerful and profound reminder of our personal mandate to live according to our values, with faith in our power to do good and trust that the rest will unfold very miraculously.



Avalon Gateways and Stargates

We walked the ancient way to Gog & Magog, entered their grounds in ceremony, having been gifted by feathers on the way as offerings.  The group enjoying the landscape and feeling of Glastonbury, reporting wonderful synchronicities and insights occurring.

Gog by Yin Phua

Magog by Yin Phua

The next day we began walking the star houses of the Zodiac, each location offering us new insights and new connections with what had gone before.  For example, going to Poulden Mound – the ‘unicorns horn’ associated with Merlin’s wisdom.  We encounter a local farmer at the tip of the horn – we shared unexpected conversation, (having said little of what we were doing), of hidden rooms in the ancient pyramids, the chamber underneath the Glastonbury Tor and importance of growing flowers for the Bees, (an ancient symbol of the Goddess). 

Over the coming days we visited 6 star houses in total – the ‘grail’ half of the Zodiac. We had magical experiences at each one and found that as we drove through the small lanes, climbed mounds and entered beautiful 17th century churches, the goddess revealed herself.  We held sacred ceremony in Chalice Well and the Goddess temple at Glastonbury and felt fully prepared for leaving Glastonbury to the next leg of our Journey – Tintagel and the Crop Circles. To see more photos of the tour, click here to go to our gallery page

Sacred well blessing by Yin Phua

Ceremonial entrance at the Abbey

Chalice well angels by Yin Phua








Temple grounds of Arthur and the Temporary Temples of the Crop Circles

Arriving at Tintagel, we felt the energy of this well-known stargate. Whilst completing ceremony at the highest land point in the castle grounds we had a hawk hovering over us for the whole time.   Connected with the Arthurian legends, we continued to Avebury to experience the temporary temples of the crop circles.   

Arriving in our first circle, the group was buzzing with anticipation!  The formation was huge, one of the biggest of the year, arriving just 48 hrs before.  Crop circles are fascinating for many reasons, their beauty, artistry, geometric perfection and most often the unexpected experiences you have in them.   Each circle is different, however walking into some you feel the energetics of them before you enter – this can be felt as tingling sensations on the palms of the hands, sometimes a slight pressure at the crown of the head, and evoking of unexpected emotion and feelings of lightness and joyfulness.  


Crop Circles by Yin Phua

This was one such circle – we entered and the group took personal time, then slowly gathering to the sound of Lani playing her beautiful crystal bowls.  As we came together, within minutes, we attracted another sacred tour group lead by Bart (Quarum Lexus), an expert in the sacred geometry and the metatronic system and technology called RESHEL.  Bart shared they had also been visiting the sacred sites and calling on the Goddess, reaching places we had not been able to visit such as the Rosslyn Chapel and then synchronistically following us at other places, (they also went for ceremony at Chalice well – the morning after our evening ceremony).



Spontaneously we came together in joint ceremony, sharing our aims and purposes.  We found that we were aligned and following the same wisdom teachings but through different traditions.  What the Waitaha had been sharing, perfectly mirroring the RESHEL wisdom guiding Bart’s group.   So began a truly magical ceremony of entering into the light of the line of suns to embody and know our universal, giant, avataric self.   3 hours later we left the crop circle and, feeling profoundly touched by the ceremony, we decided to keep the groups together for the remainder of the day.    3 months later, we are still connecting with Bart and learning from each other.

Ceremony in the crop circles

Ceremony in the crop circles

Deep Meeting by Yin Phua








The whole tour appeared to me to be run by a ‘master planner’ whose perfect organization was way more wonderful than myself or Yvette had dared to dream.  Perhaps as Yvette says, ‘we have entered a state that is beyond our wildest dreams’?  This tour has awoken my realization of the sacred in all things to a whole new level, to the magic waiting to burst out just below the surface, and the realization that the more we acknowledge this true origin of creation, the more we come to experience it in our world.  When we gather in groups who are aware of the sacred underlying reality, and follow our intuitive guidance with joy, miracles happen.  May we continue to create knowing that miracles are not lucky breaks, but the way reality truly operates.

Joyful Goddesses by Yin Phua

  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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