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Lake District Stone Circles and Rainbow Waterfalls.

April 18, 2016Clare RussellBlog

We had such a gorgeous adventure last week in the lake district in the UK, we thought we would share it with you!   We visited perhaps one of the most majestically placed Stone circles and the 3rd largest in the UK an incredibly friendly and warm stone circle. We also visited the amazing Aria Force who shone rainbows for us the whole time!  So we thought we would share the magic!

CastleRigg Stone Circle, (5000 Year old – one of the earliest British Circles)

IMG_1672First up on our sacred location visits was Castle Rigg Stone Circle. It has a unique vantage point through the hills and mountain ranges of the Lake District and does indeed feel like the meeting place of the gods.   When we arrived at the circle, I was guided to one specific stone that seemed to be speaking and letting me know that it was through it that we could ‘meet’ the energy of the circle, (vs simply being a visitor and in awe of its majesty).  I introduced myself to the stone, anointed it with a sacred oil and simply listened and breathed with the stone.  Spontaneously Justin and I both circled the circle in opposite directions, meeting at the more obvious entrance to the circle that now felt activated and ready to enter for ceremony and honouring of the energies.

castle riggDancing with the energies:

I share a little of our experience here because, ‘meeting’ a stone circle is a dance of energy between you and it.  Its an intuitive, sensitive and flowing journey that opens your receptivity to the stone circle, and the stone circles receptivity to you.    Many stone circles ask that we as sacred visitors spend a little time attuning to the circle in order to enter into the mystery of the place.   When you arrive at sacred sites, maybe consider that for yourself:

  • Is there a place you feel drawn to start?
  • How might you introduce yourself to the circle and share your sacred intent?
  • How might you listen to the sacred space and hear its guidance?

Aria Force – Rainbow Magic!


Aria Force rainbow magic #sacredplaces #rainbowmagic #joyrituals so magical to be here with J

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Well the video says its all!  We stood and watched the rainbow in the waterfall for a good 30 minutes!  The late afternoon light falls perfectly on the waterfall and illuminated this very vibrant rainbow!

Waterfalls (as well as giving off tonnes of negative Ions leaving you feeling energised) are gateways between worlds.  They are doorways into a deeper wisdom of nature, of fairy, of the other realms.  Simply meditating with a waterfall is a powerful experience, listening to the water, feeling its power and purity.  You can take that a step deeper, by asking to be aware of the guardians of the waterfall, and opening an intuitive conversation with the guardian.  Each waterfall doorway is slightly different, a different river flowing, different codes in the land and water. Be curious as to how you experience it.

rainbow J&C

To also receive the rainbow light at the waterfall is like a doorway through the doorway of the doorway!  The ‘rainbow bridge’ is in many cultures the symbol of connecting the higher and lower mind, of transcending the old and creating the new earth.  The beauty of a rainbow can in itself takes us to that joy filled awareness that opens up new possibilities, awe at life and realising the gift of living.

So next time you are at a magical waterfall and/or see a rainbow, maybe ask: What is the doorway of consciousness I’m invited to go through?  And then give space to absorb the magic and beauty of the space!

Long Meg and Her Daughters (Neolithic Bronze Age circle)

long meg and JJPG

Finally the gorgeous warmth of Long Meg and her Daughters – the 3rd largest stone circle in the UK and incredibly friendly!   We were called first to the gorgeous Long Meg with her sacred spirals and circle markings of the sun cycles and of the feminine womb space.  We listened to the energy of her and then followed her direction to circle and greet each stone in turn, before coming into the centre for the completion of ceremony.    For this circle, I was working with a private intention for myself that had perfectly fallen on this day and this place!  If you arrive at a sacred space unexpectedly, do consider, why have I landed here today? What is the synchronicity and opportunity that is arising?

long meg stone circle panoMaybe you will be inspired and sneak away for half a day, a day or longer and immerse yourself in the magic of the land around you.  We’re planning many more of these mini adventures this year and encourage you to do the same – in fact we would love to hear about your local sacred places and what’s special about them for you.

As you might have guessed, after 5 years of facilitating and guiding sacred tours, in 2016 we are having a year break from offering the longer tours and retreat.  Instead this year, if you are local to us in the UK, we have some gorgeous workshops happening. PLUS, if you are anywhere in the northern hemisphere, you can still join us for our 7 Sacred Days Annual program, which is all about taking this sacred connection to ourselves, to the land and to the seasons into our everyday life.

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  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
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  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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