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Shasta Living Light Tour 2012: Oneness we are!

October 24, 2012Clare RussellBlog

After an amazing experience visiting Mount Shasta in 2011, Yantara and I were drawn to go there in 2012.  We felt the calling of the great vortex and greatly looked forward to bringing another group to the area.  It is as if when you approach the majestic Shasta there is an indefinable point where you go through a subtle ‘energy membrane’, so subtle you don’t feel it.  However when you have passed through everything is different.  You are in a reality that operates on a purity of unconditional love that invites you to do the same.   Of course, the unexpected effect is that wherever you go geographically in the world from that point, you never leave that ‘bubble of love’.  Rather it becomes you and you carry it with you.  This, in my experience, is the gift of Mount Shasta and Lemuria.

Thank you to our wonderful tour group from Taiwan, UK, Australia, Canada & Singapore, its such a pleasure to have met you and co-create this great journey with you! 

Connecting with the Sacred Lands of Mount Shasta

We began our connection with Mount Shasta through the Headwaters, (the whole town of Shasta is on spring waters, fed by the Sacramento river that emerges from the ground in the town).  Having offered our sung blessings to the waters, we sat in circle for meditation and connection.  Lead by Yantara, we were graced with the focus to be in harmony with oneself first.  We breathed love into our whole energy system and from that openness and harmony we entered a stillness that is deep, wise and ancient.    From the stillness we can connect with everything, we can start to feel and know the fibers holding our reality.  We can perceive the many layers of our existence.  The veil is removed and we stepped into Telos, (the mystical land housed at Mount Shasta).  As a group we shared our thoughts and impressions of connecting to this place, and so we began to weave a web of co-creation that was to grow and expand through the trip.

Later that day, visiting the mountain, we gathered in spiral form, (following a spiral labyrinth laid out on the earth), embodying the dynamic form of the mornings circle; our spiral of growth and evolution.  We gave thanks to the sacred land and called upon the elements to bless an essential oil made for the tour and ceremonial purpose. As we called on the wind – huge gusts rushed past us and knowing we were witnessed, we entered deeper into stillness.  Through sound and movement we formed a human spiral curling inwards to a point of potency.  With love, intention and sound vibration magnifying, Yantara held the group in reaching a ‘vibrational merging’ as we stood together in close spiral form, before beginning the beauty of unfurling the spiral.  Through sound and movement we brought our transformed presence back out into the world.   A deeply powerful and beautifully organic celebration of life and the experience of being together as one.

Visiting the Redwood Giants & Blessing the Trees

 The theme of oneness, connection and unity consciousness developed in magical ways through the tour.  The next day we traveled to the majestic redwood forests on the west coast.  The landscape of snowcapped mountains transformed into groves of giant trees.  Redwoods are the tallest living thing on the planet; the staircase from earth to the stars.  Going to an amazing grove filled with redwoods 100’s of years old, you are struck by the silence in the air, the elegance and grace of the trees, leaving you feeling deeply at peace.  Our group mediated around one great tree, opening our hearts to the space and entering timelessness. As we walked through the redwoods, we met the friendly tree spirits whose outcrops show intricate faces.  I saw the inner children of our group coming out to play.






The next day our tree connection deepened further, with a circle of healing created.  Each person in their own journey of transformation whilst held by the group.  I felt how a small crystal stone on the ground held the wisdom of the water that washed over it, the tree roots that surrounded it, the earth that held it and the sun and moon that shone down on it.   It is said that our ancestors believed that when they entered a forest the forest knew they had entered.  Here I came to know this too, that when we travel to these amazing places, we are not a visitor, we are part of the landscape.  When we open to it, everything will speak to us – the trees, animals and elements.  We are simply another element of an interconnected whole.

Later that afternoon, we gave gratitude to trees through blessing one tree.  Surrounding it in prayer flags,  we sung together, offering our love and wishes for its growth, health and wisdom, being in appreciation for its greatness and what it will become.   After the blessing the group dispersed and I stayed in the area.  A family walked by, intrigued by the prayer flags.  And the mother was overcome with emotion she felt from the tree saying, ‘I don’t know what happened here, but I feel so much love and appreciation from the tree for what they did’. We tend to imagine that we are the only living things on the planet who are conscious rather than realizing that consciousness is the source of all life.  A tree may not speak in words, but it shares a presence and love that is unmistakable.

Returning to the Healing waters of Mount Shasta






Returning to the area of Mount Shasta, we nurtured our physical being at Stewart Mineral springs.  This place is wonderful! 1 hr of rotating water therapy – soaking in hot mineral springs, followed by wood fired saunas and quick plunges in the cold spring waters outside and every cell of your body is buzzing with aliveness whilst your mind in a state of blissfulness.  After blessing our crystals in the sacred waters, (Massuro Emoto has visited the streams and photographed the water crystals here) we continued our day of vibrational medicine with the expansive attunement by Bev of the Crystal Rooms and her 70 crystal bowls!  In terms of experiencing natural highs, physical nurturance and becoming a walking bundle of happiness – this day is a peak experience!

Waterfalls of Shasta






Waterfalls have always held a majesty and mysticism about them.  Fairytales of walking through the waterfall into another land, of rainbows and magical creatures appearing in their spray and of great spiritual teaching coming whilst sitting under a waterfall, (as is the case for the origin of the Reiki lineage through Mikaeo Usui).   As we arrived at the McArthur Burney waterfall, before I knew it, Yantara took out his crystal bowl and was striding out across the rocks to sing to the waters.   The group followed, entering into private meditation at the waters edge. It seemed to me that the waterfall brought out in us knowing of our potential  – the power and beauty we hold within demonstrated before us.  After all, we are physically over 70% water.   Water is also considered as the visible form of how consciousness works, no one droplet separated from another, the whole coming together in a powerful flow that can move large boulders, in a constant life giving cycle of transformation from rain clouds falling on the mountains, becoming snow and ice before melting into the lakes, rivers and waterfalls that nourish all life.

Lakes of Shasta






The glass like calmness of mountain lakes also evoke deeper meanings in the soul – the mirror wisdom of life, the hermetic ‘as above so below’ teachings and reflection of ourselves as shown by our world.  High up on the mountains, overlooking the lakes and Mount Shasta we called to all aspects of our self to come back to us, to become harmonious and to ready ourselves for a focused aligned creation of the future we desire. We brought into balance our past present and future and invoked our power of vision to create with beauty and love.   Oneness reflecting on itself, the group were touched with gratitude for the experience.

Surprise concert of healing and celebration






On our last afternoon, we had the opportunity enjoying a private concert by international harpist Erik Berglund, (thank you Patricia, Ken and Wings Music for arranging!).  Held at Erik’s beautiful home, Erik took us deep into the heart space of Lemuria.  We released past hurts we were unaware we were carrying from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, and joined together in sending love, peace and harmony to our earth.  On the eve of the equinox, I felt our celebration and prayerful blessings to be the perfect gift to offer the world and ourselves, an experience of unity consciousness in action – the internal and external reality brought together in oneness and love. 

  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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