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Ireland Goddess tour 2014 – Full Circle

November 12, 2014Clare RussellBlog

We began the Ireland Goddess tour 2014 on the day of the largest meteor shower in 10 years (e.g with the ‘fire letters of Heaven’), at the Fire Temple of St Brigit in Kildare,  with the heart opening blessing of the Sisters of Brigit who keep an eternal flame of Brigit and welcome all traditions to learn more about Brigid/Bride/St Brigit and the many faces of this ancient triple Goddess who has stayed with the people through many traditions. To read more about this year’s Goddess tour to Ireland, go here. Ireland141

Initiated with sacred fire, we went to the sacred waters of Brighid to offer our blessings to the land; at Brighid’s Well Head. In the energy of these sacred sites, and within the holding of sacred ceremony, we tap into the Souls purpose that perhaps might have been glimpsed before the journey, but now becomes felt, known and honoured.   Those who were strangers 3 hrs ago are now connecting with a deep sense of past knowing and heartful resonance of shared understanding of a greater force of love drawing us here….the magic begins and we open our eyes and hearts for the deeper journey to unfold…

Knowth ancient Goddess site

Knowth ancient Goddess site

The next day, with deepening trust, we arrive at Knowth – a sacred Cairn sites that holds much astrological wisdom.  1 central huge cairn – ( circular temple with ceremony chamber at its centre symbolic of the womb, the passageway from life to death to life) 19 satellite cairns creating the solar temple, based on the number 20, (ancient cycles counting of the Sun).  Carved symbols in the stones of the cairns showing the serpents, sun, spirals, crescent moons that represent the tracking of the creative force. Outside the front of the main cairn are 33 wooden posts with half moon niches in them tracking the moons in the 13, (luna number – 13 moons for a solar year of 365 days) + the 20 solar codes, becoming the unity of Sun and Moon…

Knowth energies run strong

Knowth energies run strong

Knowth ancient Goddess site

Knowth ancient Goddess site

Knowth serpent wisdom

Knowth serpent wisdom








Yet a ‘cosmic clock’ is just the surface of what these temples are, entering this beautiful sites, the group had a sense of returning home to the family of ancestors who worked with the stars and earth as priests and priestesses of the ‘old religions’.  There is a welcoming of remembrance of our rightful relations to the earth and cosmos, including those magical realms of devas, fairies, the animal spirits.  As I guided the group to open their intuitive antenna to the land, to whisper with the stones and ancestors, a natural harmony emerges, becoming both settled and deeply alive in our bodies, with the land, (not as innate matter but as alive consciousness) and with each other.  Spontaneous gathering of blessings with much joy and gratitude emerged.


Opening the way for New Grange – the great quartz star temple cairn and healing chamber.  We called on the great wisdom of this place to guide us, invoking remembrance of lost wisdom, not only for ourselves but for all.  That we might be a catalyst of greater remembering and reclaiming of insight that brings peace and harmony.

stone of Destiny hill of tara
At the Hill of Tara, the location for king and queen making of the land, we walked to the Stone of Destiny,  looking out onto the watercolour of patchwork fields that is 40% of Ireland visible on a clear day.  As we prepared for ceremony thunder rolled around the hillside.  As we began our declaration of appreciation, gratitude and healing for the ancestors the rains came, monsoon like with the paths becoming rivers within 10 minutes.  With much laughter we descended the hill, the rains stopping on our descent, confirming that indeed we have done our work to release the old and open the flood gates for the new.Ireland1441

After a good sleep and with dry clothes, we entered the land of mystery – Usineach, where myth says Merlin took the magic to make stonehenge, the spiritual umbilical cord of Ireland and the place of first fires lit at Beltane to announce the coming of summer.    Here with a Fire blessing instantly the sun came out and stayed with us for tour, we were awed by the sculpture created of Danu – the goddess of the Tuatha de Danan – the first people of Ireland who legend say now are the faerie people.Ireland149

As our journey continued we arrived at  possibly the friendliest, loveliest Castle that became our royal home for 2 nights.  Contemplation, journaling and delicious food ensued as some of the tour chose to stay within its welcoming arms, whilst others of us climbed queen Maebh’s cairn for ceremonies and initiations.   Queen Maebh is the original kingmaker of the land – her Cairn a beacon of light through the realms – the air feels thick with an unseen yet tangible golden light of wisdom and power.  Located at the opening of a river to the sea, the view west over the great ocean feeds the vastness of the Soul.







And all of these sites were preparation for our most sacred temple – that of Mother Earth in the green lands of Limerick, Kerry and Cork.  Emerald Isle of lakes, mountains, waterfalls that hold intimate stone circles – vortexes to work with the lands energy.

Synchronicities increased 10 fold –  impossible yet magical signs along the way confirm our Soulful pilgrimage was on track.   We visit the ancient grace of a 400+ year old Yew tree of Life in the Muckross monastery, we cleansed and open the way at the waterfall doorway – the legend holds this is the last place of the Tuatha De Danan before they went fully into the fairy realms.   We drive a road to find its closed at the most beautiful, ‘ladies view’, with just 1 sign containing the coat of arms and surname of one couple on the tour, for whom this day had been their special day so far.

Ireland1425As the tour comes into its last day, we have been preparing to meet the most ancient one – the Caileach – the ancient grandmother who ate the apples in the beginning, (her traditional greeting).  And as we do, a peacock feather is given, (by a peacock himself!), to one of our tour group.  This is the ancient symbol of the immortal, the all seeing eye – the royal lineages of the Goddess.   As the day progresses, an ornate altar cloth of a peacock presents itself in the church opposite our hotel.  






 I would love to invite yo to this year’s Goddess Ireland Tour, to find out more, click here.

Then visiting perhaps the most sacred and intimate Stone circle of our tour – Uragh stone circle – nestled between two lakes, surrounded by mountains after ceremony with this ancient mother – in total bliss for all that has ensured, we go to the nearest, (and only) place selling snacks – ‘Peacock Camping’ and a roomful of beautiful Indonesian peacock batiks greet us.

Uragh Stone Circle

Uragh Stone Circle

As we reach our final location – the place of the Caileach Beara stone, we are resonating in trust, joy, bliss, grace that can only be known when death is no longer a finale but passage into greatest light of spirit – not seen from the small view of 1 human life but from the greatest wisdom of LIFE.


We come full circle, the return of the Goddess, the land, the ancient one that was always here, now residing in our hearts to guide our journeys ongoing.   This tour resonated with such bliss, joy and heart connecting.  We Remember the Circle of Life with all of lIfe.  We end the mirage of separation, and dive into the flow of soulful living.

Ireland1423August 2015 we are will be returning to the Ireland Sacred Lands –  join our monthly Newsletter to hear more about the 2015 Sacred Ireland Tour

  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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