Sacred Destinations

Ireland Sacred Tour 2015
Birthing the Goddess

28th August – 5th September 2015

Discover the ancient path of the Goddess and follow in her footsteps to birth deep feminine wisdom in you.  A joyful tour of remembrance and embodiment of the Feminine.

Our third consecutive year of Goddess tours to Ireland!  The Goddess lineages have been held here for 1000’s of years in the landscape of her hills and waterfalls, in the ancient Cairns and womb spaces, venerated at her sacred wells and stone circles.  To visit these sites as part of a sacred tour is a life changing, transformational experience.

Some of our sacred locations on this tour:

New Grange, the Hill of Tara and Stone of Destiny

Magical Stone Circles in Limerick, Kerry and Cork,

Queen Maeve’s Cairn,

Waterfalls and the natural beauty of Killarney National Park.

Aran Island Innis Mor

“What a special and magical moment in time that was. Completely life changing for me. So much happened on so many levels that I continue to sit in gratitude and awe of the experience and be transformed by it.  I’ve been on quite a few spiritual pilgrimages that were enriching in some way as well as life altering. There was something unique that occurred on our journey in Ireland though.” Lisa, 2013 Ireland Tour participant

 Just 3 places on the tour remaining

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for more information and to reserve your place.

It is hard to find the right words to express my gratitude for the heart felt connection and unimagined joy that has been experience during the pilgrimage.  It has been an honour and privilege to witness the transformation in each member of the group . I feel all of our lives have been enriched by the experience of the tours which will enable us to add in our own small way , to creating a better world for all .
 Phil, Ireland Goddess tour 2014

The land is alive with the feminine with sacred sites to Danu, Brighid, Queen Maeve, Anu and many more faces of the Goddess that all are held within the ‘grandmother who ate the apples in the beginning’…’the oldest of old’ – the Caileach.

The tour is a birthing of this most ancient Goddess wisdom from within each one of us.  It is birthed as we connect with the portals within the landscape.  It is reclaimed as we remember our sacred and magical connection to nature and the elements.   It is brought to life as we meditate at the cairns and sacred mounds.  And our Goddess wisdom is ignited and awakened at the place of first fires and the umbilical cord of Ireland.

We welcome you for the sacred journey into the Goddess in the magical fairy lands of Ireland for;

Embodiment of the Goddess
Awakening the Goddess Lineages Within and Without
Elemental Creation: The Fairy codes of delight
Calling the tribes: Ancient lineages reborn
Future Vision: Welcoming the Rainbow Wisdom Keepers.


Your Facilitator: Clare Russell,  Founder of Sacred Destinations, Intuitive guide and teacher, Ceremony holder, Master healer, Priestess of Brighid.

Read: Clare’s blog of 2014 tour,  Clare’s Blog on 2013 tour, See the photos from our 2013 tour 


The Journey:

28th August: Arrival Day

Our group arrive in Cork through the day and gather together in the evening  to meet each other and prepare for our amazing Journey!

Location:  River Lee Hotel Cork.

29th August: Setting the Compass; meeting the Caileach and ancient Tribes.

Drombeg Stone Circle

Leaving the hotel after breakfast, we travel to our first destination, Drombeg Stone circle on the south coast of Ireland.  We set the compass for our journey, and place ourselves in this journey- what is our true North?  Who are our guardians at each direction?  Clare guides the group in entering the sacred and hidden landscape and we prepare ourselves for the journey ahead.

Ireland145The Caileach Stone:

The Caileach is the most ancient grandmother.  She is undisturbed by time and holds the immortal key of beginnings before the beginning.  The Beara Peninsular where she is found is the most beautiful landscape of sea, forest, waterfalls; there is a feeling that you step into the eons gone by here.  The Caileach represents the creative force before it is born into form.   Here in Ireland, this is her stone, pilgrims come here honoring their ancient connection to the creative force of all. We gather here to discover the new and emerging being born through us on this journey.

Uragh Stone Circle; 

A majestic circle seated between two lakes, protected by a mountain range and waterfalls in the background.  Uragh is pure elemental and fairy heaven!  In Ireland’s myths and legends, the ancient tribes, (The Tuathan de Danan), when the new tribes arrived, went into the fairy realm, where they still now live.  In a place whose beauty alone will leave you in awe, we remember our connection to the fairy tribe lineages and discover how through our heart we can reconnect to the landscape and nature in ways filled with magic and synchronicity.

Overnight: Killarney

30th August:  Gateway Waterfalls, Ancient spiral Tree’s and Ring of Kerry majesty.

We awaken in the beauty of Killarney national park, forests, lakes, valleys and waterfalls – truly the Temple of Nature.   The freshness of the air, the green land views will leave you radiating pure joy!

 muckross abbey

Today we visit Muckross Abbey – a 15 century Franciscan abbey.  The abbey’s ruins create a graceful presence in its park lands that also host deer and an abundance of wildlife.    And at the heart of it – the great ancient spiraling Yew tree in the centre of the monks cloisters.  We complete chakra meditation and activations with this 500+ year old tree of life.






This high waterfall is the gateway between realms, the place where we meet our lineages of old and complete the circle of life.  Great joy not only from the level of negative ions in the atmosphere, but also from your reconnection to unseen nature realms and your ancient lineages.    Insights and wisdom flood in to your dreams and awareness tonight.

Overnight: Killarney


Tork Waterfall: The Jade Door of Danu







31st August: Limerick Sun Circle and Innis Mor – the start of the Island journey

The more west we go the more ancient the land and tribes. (2,000 – 3,000 years older than Stonehenge!) We are on a journey of birthing through love ancient remembrance of the Goddess…so today we are going to find her and the fairies  in the Sun Circles of Limerick on the way to the the island Innis Mor off the west coast of Galway.


Limerick Sun Circle

Limerick Lios na Grainsi  translates to mean “Stones of the Sun”. The Grange is the largest standing stone circle in Ireland and one of the most impressive. It is 150 feet in diameter and is enclosed by 113 standing stones. The largest stone is over 13 feet high and weighs 40 tons. The stone circle is aligned with the rising sun at the Summer Solstice so on that morning the sun shines down directly in the center of the circle. 

Innis Mor

With the sun and fairy codes of this magnificent circle receives, we continue our journey to Connemara – the land of the horse messengers and riders.     Early evening we take the short ferry ride and dock on the Island of Mor to discover the earliest settlers of the Goddess.   With the special experience of staying on the island overnight, we integrate these ancient energies in our dream times and enjoy the local culture and island traditions.

Overnight: Innis Mor

1st September: Water Element activation: birthing the Goddess

Water, as the element we first live in in the womb, is long associated with the Feminine. And water blessings will be a beautiful part of our journey:

Ireland1436Such as this magical spot we found on tour in 2014






However on the Islands, we take this one step further!  We discover our own balance of sacred waters as we go back even further into the lineages of peoples pre theTuatha De Dannan, the people of  Firbolg.   We visit their Dun Aaenghus Fort and connect with the great force of the Ocean – these are the primal waters of being.  A vast, expansive visioning day!

We also visit the melt point of the tribes where tradition on tradition is overlaid from Firbolg to Christianity at the Household of Edna.  Walking the land we meld and merge our own lineages into the present, knowing that we are dreams of our ancestors and the seers of the future.

We catch the late afternoon ferry back to the mainland and drive to our majestic overnight accommodation and sacred destinations in its own right – Markree Castle.








Overnight: Markree Castle

2nd September:  Royal Lineages of the Goddess: Queen Maeve’s Cairn

Waking up in perhaps the friendliest castle I have ever been too, we have a leisurely morning enjoying the castle and grounds. Enjoy being nurtured and pampers in your royal home!   Clare will offer a morning course on the 7 rays Rainbow wisdom with meditations and activations to integrate wisdom that will already have been unfolding intuitively to you through the journey. 








After a delicious late lunch at the castle we make the short journey to Queen Maeve’s Cairn,  walking up to the magnificent sunset views from her Cairn over the Atlantic ocean and back over the hills and valleys of the land of Sligo – the place of Queen Maeve – maker of 9 kings, warrior queen of myth and legend in Ireland.   Expect meditations of alignment and activation of your purpose.

Goddesslands 31 sunsetGoddesslands 32






Overnight:  Markree Castle

3rd September: Loughcrew Cains and Usineach

With Queen Maeve’s blessing, we make the journey east, moving from the setting sun of the past lineages to the rising sun of the future.  We visit first the place of first fires and spiritual heart of Ireland Usineach.  Legends about this site are numerous – the place where Merlin got the magic for Stonehenge, the place of the goddess Danu and her partner the sun god Lugh. It is also the place of the first fires of Beltane – where all other fires are extinguished until the first fire welcoming the return of the sun of May 1st.   Solar activations and meeting the mystery that is the Cat Stone – the place of fairy rings and magic.

Danu_ire2014 copyIreland1438








After lunch we travel on to the nearby Loughcrew cairns,   of ancient goddess art, and the giant throne seat – most definitely a place of ceremony and initiation into the spiritual and elemental with the wind and air element prevalent here.

Queen's chair izumi lough cairns Goddesslands







 Overnight: Navan

4th September:  The Star temples and Cairns of New Grange, Knowth and Hill of Tara

Goddesslands 13 knowthnewgrange Goddesslands







And our  final day has arrived where we take all of our goddess lineage experience and learning and birth it through the Great Cairns of New grange and Knowth!

Newgrange: The centre of Goddess Stone art in Europe, discover the codes held in the stones, touch the ancient ones inscribed with the wisdom lines of spirals, diamonds, circle art. Discover the secrets they hold, the star alignments they foretell and the universal patterns of the cosmic mother they share.

This is Ireland’s best-known prehistoric monument and is one of the archaeological wonders of Western Europe. It’s classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Built more than 5,000 years ago, it sits atop a hill near the River Boyne (Goddess BoAnn). The huge mound–11m (36 ft.) tall and approximately 78m (260 ft.) in diameter–consists of 200,000 tons of stone, a 6-ton capstone, and other stones weighing up to 16 tons each. Each stone fits perfectly in the overall pattern, and the result is a watertight structure, an amazing feat of engineering. Carved into the stones are myriad spirals, diamonds, and concentric circles. Inside, a passage 18m (60 ft.) long leads to a central chamber with a 5.7m (19-ft.) ceiling. Fascination with Newgrange reaches a peak at the winter solstice, when sunlight pierces the inner chamber with an orange-toned glow for about 17 minutes at dawn from December 19 to 23.

Knowth. The Great Mound was built over 5000 years ago, probably after the construction of Newgrange and before the construction of Dowth. The Great Mound at Knowth is similar in size to Newgrange and is surrounded by 18 smaller satellite mounds. The Great Mound has two passages with entrances on opposite sides, the western passage is 34 metres long and the eastern passage is 40 metre long, ending with a cruciform chamber.

Goddesslands 19 stone of destiny tourGoddesslands15 blessings tree lisa







The Hill of Tara and Stone of Destiny

Tara – the royal seat of the high kings before Christianity came to Ireland.  A place of celebration and recognition of all that has unfolded.  Reaching the Stone of Destiny – the king and queen makers stone, we reclaim our purpose and destiny in the new birth of Ancient Goddess wisdom through us.

We visit the sacred fairy tree and offering our wishes and blessings to the land, elementals and future generations.  The circle of life, as still present in this landscape is remembered.  The sacred is restored within and without.  Our transformation into joyful awakening of the ancient Goddess within and without is complete.

Its time to celebrate over dinner with our Soul Family!

Overnight Navan


5th September:  Departure Day

This is the sweetness of ending and beginnings!  So much has unfolded and so much is awaiting us in taking these experience and wisdom back into our lives.  Transformation has occurred,  we are living and breathing the joy that we are!   After breakfast, many hugs and much laughter, we drive back to Dublin airport for our group to continue their journeys.

smGroup_Kilarney_Ire2014Goddesslands 7 tour







I welcome you to join us on 2015’s magical Goddess Adventure!  Do be in touch with any questions or to reserve your place!  This is a popular tour and expected to fill fast this year, so do be in contact whilst places are available.  Many blessings Clare

Booking & Payment information

The total investment for the Ireland Goddess Tour 2015 is £1444. A 50% deposit it required to reserve your place.

Included in the tour costs are:

  • 8 nights bed and breakfast at high quality 3* Hotels – hand selected 

  • Travel via private car hire for all excursions and ferry’s

  • All site entrance fees

  • Guide fees, all workshops and events hosted by Clare Russell during the tour

  • 2 evening meals.

Cost excludes: international flights and other meals during your stay.

Email or Call: +44 7966 253 111 

for more information and to reserve your place.


  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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