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Ireland: the Journey of the Goddess, Queen and Fairy lineages

July 18, 2013Clare RussellBlog

On 31st May, we departed on our Goddesslands Ireland sacred tour – 8 days of visiting sacred sites of the ancient mother goddess of the landscape, reconnecting with our sovereign lineages and opening to the magic of the Fairy realms. To find out more about this year’s Ireland Goddess Tour, go here. newgrange Goddesslands


Landing into Dublin with the arrival of our small band of sacred travelers, Yvette Sitten and I shared again how we felt the calling of the land in a very special and intimate way. Having moved through the watershed of 2012, we enter into the vibration of 13, always the mystic doorway to the next level, as many of you have been feeling this year is the emergence of the feminine as the leader of the new cycle, not to topple the masculine, but to become the strength, light and inspiration so that the true masculine can arise in harmonious unity with the feminine bringing forth the victory of peace and love.

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Coming to Ireland, we knew we had come to a stronghold of the divine feminine, some of the most ancient art work of the Goddess religions found in the Boyne Valley, the ancient triple Goddess of Brigid still much alive in the St Brigit churches everywhere. And of course the Virgin Mary venerated across Ireland at shines, wells and sacred sites expressing the miraculous innocents and purity that has never been lost.

tou group pic Goddesslands

So straight off the plane, we went to the fire temple of St Brigit’s Cathedral in Kildare. We arrived and almost immediately our group came together in effortless ceremony. Within the Fire Temple still honored at the site, we sang and shared our visions and offerings for our journey ahead, we anointed each other and the site with the Goddess oils, feeling the fire of awakening in us.


Goddesslands 1 Sheela na Gig

Goddesslands 2 seed of lifeSt Brigits well Goddesslands






Curious of our ceremony, two children were introduced to us by a local woman. The children enjoyed anointing the land with us, the grandmother and grandfather of the children arrived. We felt the lineages of past and future coming to welcome us. Friendship and synchronicity created a bond with the lovely local woman who introduced them. She showed us the secret symbolism of the goddess in the Cathedral, including a Sheela na gig, Seed of Life and Dragons. She became our guide through the land, giving us a priestess entrance to the Holy Wells of St Brigid, including a ceremony of spirals we will never forget, introducing us to the Sisters of St. Brigid, sitting with the eternal flame of St Brigid and a communal dinner at her home that opened our hearts even more.

From the first day, this no longer felt like a tour, but a soul family reunion on sacred soil.

The next day, we visited the the ancient site of in Boyne valley, the great cairns of New grange and Knowth. As I traced the great serpents of the Knowth with a Black Crows feather, I felt the landscape opening. This site feels like the home of sisterhoods and fairies. If one allows, an effortless magical realm is entered. The beauty of the stone carvings, the lush green cairns tops hiding the exquisite sacred geometric form of stone used to create these passageway to the centre of the cairn. Layers and layers of the landscape start to speak with us and down the rabbit hole we go.

Goddesslands 14 serpent knowthGoddesslands 13 knowthGoddesslands 11 knowth






New Grange with its majestic white quartz rock sides brings a different energy. Diamonds join the spirals in the rock art. Used in modern technology and healing the properties of crystal are the same; to be a transmitter, receiver, high volume information storage device and bringer of crystal clear resonance. Now imagine, walking into an ancient crystal rock sacred geometric ceremonial chamber , New Grange is a powerful portal for receiving celestial information, cosmic attunement and energetic alignment. As we walked down the passage engraved with Diamonds, (a sacred geometric form of our energy body recognized across traditions) and spirals, (the cosmos, creation, spirit), we reached the central chamber that is so light, aligned energetically fine that joy, happiness, peace, love, gratitude well up all at once.


Hill of tara blessings tree GoddesslandsGoddesslands 17 hill of taraGoddesslands 18 izumi stone of destiny






A perfect preparation for the Hill of Tara, where we shared our songs and blessings with the fairy tree and ceremony at the Stone of Destiny as the golden light of the sunset reminds us of the god/goddess self in all of us.

Wow…and only day 2!

Goddesslands 23 oracle stoneOur journey through the landscape took us to unexpected sites of power such as this Oracle stone, largely unknown and forgotten yet holding immense remembrance of prophecy for all the true oracles awakening on the planet. A stone could not have called more to our hearts.

We traveled on to Lough Crew Cairns and Alice in Wonderland gardens. We met another member of our soul family traveling with her young child. Atop the great Queen’s seat and cairn, spontaneous ceremony arose honoring the queen lineages of past and future with much love and tears shared.


Goddesslands 25 queen seatGoddesslands 27 alice






There were many places we visited that were incredible intimate, special places. These places just called our hearts and when we arrived clearly guided our journey. Once such place, was a sacred cave known as the ‘cave of cats’. If you asked me before hand if I would climb down through a hole no bigger than the average kitchen cupboard, caked in wet, slippery clay like mud, take a group and willingly stay down there for 2 hours, my answer would have been no way. However held in the celtic lineages of warrior queens, we all entered into the sound chamber and womb of the earth. I sensed how we were One, willing to be our primal self, willing to own our majestic self, willing to say YES to who we are and what we bring to the world. All doubt, all fear, gone. Surrender manifest. Soul Power initiated.

post cave Goddesslandspost cave1 GoddesslandsCave entrance and clare Goddesslands






Emerging into the world of light with deep love for the darkness. We proceeded directly to the Cairn of Queen Maeve, the highest physical point of our journey. Queen Maeve is the real and mythic queen of the nation, a maker of 9 kings, a fair and just ruler of the lands and holder of the royal blood lines that connect us to the ancient people of the Tuatha De Dannan. Reaching the top of the carin the majesty of this place is tangible. We are surrounded on 3 sides by water and watch the play of the last golden light of the day on the surrounding valleys and mountains. Spontaneously we dropped into silent meditation, it felt to me as if light were raining down on us. We allowed our own visions, rediscovering the mystic in us who has always been guiding us. As a sisterhood, we anointed, crowned and celebrated each other, reclaiming our sovereign soul of dignity, presence and beauty. Tears, laughter, song, celebration continued with the sunset of all sunset, creating a glorious light over the waters.


Goddesslands 33Goddesslands 29 meabhPatti Yvette dancing ireland Goddesslands






It felt that surely our journey had reached it climatic completion and yet the journey of the sovereign soul was just beginning. Next we visited the Knock Shrine of the Virgin Mary, a pilgrimage site for many from all over the world, honoring the sacred and the miraculous created through strength of love and purity of heart. Here we encountered some resistance to our way of dressing and the language of our prayers for peace. Individually and collectively as a group, our peaceful yet assertive choice of Being further awakened our Soul Power. We exist in a multi-dimensional reality with many layers and aspects acting at one time. At Knock I was aware of how patterns of the past, (be it this life, past lives, ancestral), continue to play, until they are met with peace and love. To respond instead of reacting, (re-act = to re do a past action = Karma) means we create from freedom, (= to be sovereign) gifting our present the seeds of peace and love. The Sisterhood of the Rose landed – and thank you Patti for gifting Rose badges to us that day!

Directly from here we headed to the south west of Cork, Kerry and Limerick where magic is tangible and renowned. We arrived to a recently renovated, beautiful hotel in the countryside. Met by the owner we felt indeed treated like queens as we explored perhaps the best spa I have ever visited! Integration, relaxation, sensuality were the clear messages coming to us.

tour group Goddesslands


All in preparation to meet the fairy circles, the hidden valleys, and waterfalls gateways. This is where the journey deepens again because we had prepared ourselves sufficiently to listen to nature as it is, the landscape now can speak directly. The guardians are physically visible in the rocks and soil, whispers from the spirit of the land are a normal part of conversation with the aliveness of life.

And we simply play our role. Which is to Be Alive. We see and know all is Alive. We experience our existence in a living temple. Natures Temple built and maintained by the aliveness of the land, whether you feel and sense that as universal energy or include a diversity of devic, faerie & elemental consciousness. Like all temples, nature is a place to give blessings, gratitude and appreciation. As we offer our love and blessing to the individual trees, rocks, waterfalls, mountains, valleys, flowers, streams and animals, nature reciprocates with the joyous abundance that she’s known for. The Cygnus Swan maidens manifest themselves as a real, beautiful low flying swan across the centre of a stone circle at the end of our ceremony. Sunsets leave us charged with lifeforce. Cat guardians of sacred waterfalls make themselves visible.


Goddesslands 38Goddesslands 37






With naturalness and humble awakening, our journey into the Goddesslands completes through returning us to our connection with all life in equality and harmony. A return to the Garden of Eden that has always been here. The veils are lifted from our own consciousness, innocence is reinstated and the quiet revolution that returns all to the throne of their Being has begun. 

Thank you to Yvette for envisioning this tour and birthing it into being, thank you to all the beautiful Goddesses who co-created this very special tour with us. 

Goddesslands 7 tour



  • This was an incredible, inspiring trip, with like-minded souls, that has brought a new level of stillness and depth into my life.”
  • I really enjoyed it!! So amazing to experience the crop circles! Very profound, still, sacred spaces! Lovely bunch of people! Clare was an amazing guide! Lovely person! Stunning area, so beautiful.”
  • Mount Shasta experience was life changing. I met wonderful, most amazing people and shared a heavenly love. The visit to the hot bath was quite exhilarating. Living by the lake in the log cabins was the best part of the trip, where you could go for a dip in the lake every morning and watch the sun rise. Totally magical experience, highly recommended. Love”
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